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Truth and Transparency vs Lies and Subterfuge

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

First of all, I especially want to thank all of the great people, many of whom have followed my sites for years, for reassuring me that I am not what Hannah says. I know it, you know it and hopefully one day she will realize it too. Who knows, maybe her words were another intentional lie to hurt me. Either way, the damage is done and nothing will change until amends are made. However, I do not expect that amends will ever be made, especially when her one excuse was to say that she did not even remember what she had said! She is quite skilled at making things worse, not better. At any rate, while I am used to the large number of callous people on the internet these days, it is always nice to hear from the warmhearted people!

Here is a quick summary of what Hannah said and did. For roughly seven years, Hannah's entire interaction with me was a lie. Hannah and I first spoke, back in 2008, when she found my site and contacted me. We spoke infrequently for years, before speaking more regularly, starting in 2013. Whenever I asked if we were cool, or if Hannah would prefer that I did not message her, she was quite adamant that we were cool and that she would not be speaking to me if she did not like me. Fast forward a few years to the end, and Hannah claims that we are friends, but when a problem popped up, the truth came out. Hannah sided with someone who said all kinds of laughably stupid things about me, she compares me to that scamming fraudster Karl, tells me I am vile and that I have been a grief causing burden on her since before we ever even spoke! Now maybe you are so screwed up that you would not have a problem with being deceived like that, but that seriously messed me up. I do not care what Hannah's reasons are, that is very wrong and she has never made amends for it. It is a sad thing to say, but maybe if I had been weak willed enough to kill myself over it, then Hannah would realize what she did! Because it seems that nothing else will ever convince Hannah that she did anything wrong.

Here is the [Proof That Hannah Was Underage] for all of the disbelievers who demanded it. Here is the [Video Dates Proof], which confirms that she was in fact 16 - 17 years old at the time of filming. Here is an easier picture [Combination Of Both]. You can confirm many of the pictures too, using their EXIF data. Still, if you consider Hannah's content to actually be "CP", then you are a moron. However, it is a legal issue and people have the right to know. I provided the uncensored proof to some sites who requested it, but I do not consider personal ID to be public domain. Understandably, many people believed that I was lying, because surely there would be proof if she and I spoke, right? Nope! She refuses to confirm this publicly. She even let me wait around for months believing that she was [Quite Happy To Do] the small favor of a new sign picture. That lie was the straw that broke the camel's back for all of this. I have said ad nauseam how much honesty means to me and people were affecting my daily life over the issue. Apparently, that did not matter. That revelation let me know where I really stood and it led to even more revelations, which completely blew me away. Since I am now left with no simpler alternatives and people still do not believe me, fine, have at it. I will not let it slide to be called a liar when I am not.

To Hannah and her minions: My publishing of this information is basically a [PSA] to me. I am not pissed or playing games. Pissed is what I was when that person, who I still believe was Hannah, said that crap in chat last year (2015). I am not bothering to help with anything anymore, after what has been said about me. This outcome should come as no surprise whatsoever. There are consequences to treating someone that way. It is a foreign concept to some, but I genuinely care about people I do not know, that is, up until the point where I learn that they are not a decent person. It is stating the obvious that, liars, deceivers and manipulators, are not decent people. I learned the hard way, long ago, not to treat those people with any civility. They do not deserve it and letting them walk all over you will teach them nothing. It does not make you the better person to allow it, it just makes you the prey for the predators.

After being compared to a scamming fraudster by Hannah, a so-called friend, it should really be no surprise to anyone why I have reacted [This Way]. I cannot put enough [Emphasis On This]. We are talking about the type of "person" who I hate so much that I figured out a way to hack into his crappy scam site and shared the method with everyone. It really did not take much to get in either, just disabling javascript and meta refresh in the browser settings, lol. I hardly even call it a hack. Karl did fix that at first too, but I again figured it out and shared the method. Shortly after that, Karl finally closed the site. But to this day, Hannah has shown zero remorse for having said it and zero concern for the effect it had on me, which I reluctantly told her about. Instead, it is always insults and judgment from Hannah. Which is why I do not feel bad at all for everything I say on here about Hannah. Which funny enough, Hannah actually tried to claim that I was impersonating and defaming her! That proof is down in the January 23rd, 2017 update. You see, the difference between Hannah and I is, I do not make up crap like that in order to get my way. I do not even have ulterior motives to what I say, even though Hannah constantly assumes that I do. You can see the proof of Hannah thinking that, in some of the screenshots that I have provided.

Alex Jones - The Real Nice Guys


Alex Jones - When Words Matter


The story behind the ID proof is quite the whopper too. The only reason I got it, was due to me strong-arming her for it. Of course, she said that all I had to do was ask. Right, like how I had asked repeatedly five years ago? How I was told publicly "...dont you worry your pretty little head, its coming...". Or, like how I later did ask for the one new picture that I mentioned above? Oh no, never [Prove] [A Woman] [Wrong]! GASP! LOL! The ID proof was also originally part of our agreement in 2008 for me to close the site. When she did not follow through on that part, I put the site back up. Naturally, that was done to enforce the agreement. Hannah never did follow through and later said that she [Understood] why I did it. Then we were all chummy and planning a new paysite in 2009. On top of that, Luke, the guy in the videos, had maintained that Hannah was legal. Luke had plenty of opportunity to tell me too, since we also spoke a few times. So I of course assumed that the age claim was just a lie to get me to close the site, which is a very common tactic. Are you seeing the picture? For five years, neither Hannah, a so-called friend, or Luke, cared to prove that I was hosting underage porn! I have to ask, what kind of friend, or person in general, does not care if your life gets ruined by asinine laws? Eventually, I resigned myself to the fact that I am just screwed either way now, whether I took the content down or not. At least now it cannot be held over anyone's head. Now back to why I finally got the proof. With governments getting more and more authoritarian, I decided to force the issue in late 2013. Unlike some of you reading this, I am not the threatening, forceful type. I am defensive, not offensive, so it took me around a month of debating it with myself to even do it. But again, I am like Karl, right Hannah? No words. I of course felt like total crap having to do it and Hannah had no problem reinforcing that sentiment. Given what I know now, I am glad to have done it, because it forced the entire truth out into the light of day.

Spock Perplexed By Women


Captain Kirk On Women And Logic


I was also never compensated, monetarily or otherwise, for the new [Paysite] that I [Built] for her in 2009. Multiple people, including Luke and her more recent ex, can [Confirm] that it was [Planned]. As you can see from the proof, I was willing to build the site for free. I wish I had been more clear at the time that the content was all the payment I needed, but sadly I was tired and only vaguely mentioned it. In fact, I was tired most of the time, due to the time difference and my own schedule. The old regulars know this well, as they dubbed me "the vampire" for the insanely long hours that I would stay up, in order to be around when Hannah or her BF were online. It should be painfully obvious to anyone though, that I would not have freely built it without that new content incentive. What makes it worse is that she never even bothered to let me know that she no longer wanted to do it, or to offer some private content as compensation for all of my work, or even to just say a bloody "Thank You"! I had let it all slide though, since I was told repeatedly over the [Years] that it might still happen. In fact, the last mention of it still being possible, was in [April 2015]. From what Hannah said, apparently some people cannot even understand this screenshot. Yes, she said she was not interested at the moment, which I was not even asking her about to begin with, but she refused to rule it out entirely by saying "I don't know"! That is the evidence of complete contradiction, because now I am told that it was never going to happen! Open your eyes people, lol! Everything that I had been told, was a lie. As you can see, I had said in April that I would tell everyone that she was done, if she confirmed that she was not going to come back. She did not do that, she left it open! Yet now, I am called a Karl-like deceiver and scammer for supposedly [Leading People On]? Really?! To call me rude, insulting, immature, etc, after having been treated like that, is just rich. In truth, it is just a shaming tactic to get me to not say any of this. That crap never worked on me. I am just not holding back anymore, now that I know that all of it was a lie. The more I think about what was said, the more infuriating all of this is. Custom web design averages $2,000+ on the low end and looking at the dates, I spent the better part of a month tirelessly designing and building it. If that sounds like a lot of money, it is not. Web designers these days who buy tools with cookie cutter scripts, which you custom tailor, will charge $40,000 for their services! I am building it from scratch and it takes me a lot of effort, because I am not a programmer. So let that sink in Hannah, you got a $2k freebie and were not even slightly grateful! So yes, Hannah, you damn well better believe that I am going to share this information with everyone. Saying all of that about me, plus denying the paysite? That is beyond the pale. 2017 Update: Now she does not deny the paysite, but actually said that I am just pissed that a woman can change their mind on something! The shaming tactics were back in full force too. This is the kind of stupidity that does tick me off, since not only did I correct her on that insulting line of thinking before, but I have said right here what the bloody reason is!

Towards the end of the site, after she showed her true [Colors] with the chat that I mentioned above, I made the site private. Given all the crappy, ungrateful people complaining at me around the same time, I decided that I only wanted the true fans to have access. I also believe that the one person who stupidly tried to get psychological on me, in true feminazi fashion, was one of her minions. They desperately wanted me to mention the conversation to her, so I finally did, once I questioned if she might actually be thinking something so incredibly stupid. I got my answer too, by her calling the person her own personal Batman! I retorted by saying that they were more like Bane. That took a while to sink in, because I did not want to believe it. Surely she knew better!? Nope. Anyways, the ungrateful people also failed to realize that I had kept running the site only as a kindness to the fans. I kept paying for it out of my own pocket and kept working on it for free, despite the headaches that other people were causing. That all ended with the above revelations. I had enough! So a small, one time, $5-6 donation towards my personal site, or a fansign from chicks, got the true fans inside. I of course thought the fansign idea was apt, since that was all I had asked Hannah for to get the asshats off my back. Hannah did not have access at this point, but she would have if amends had been made. After the final revelations a while later, emails were sent out to all Members to ask if they wanted a [Refund] for their Donation. Shortly after this, in late February 2016, the site closed permanently.

Crossfade - Colors


I also want to address the people, Hannah included, who think it was immoral of me to finally charge money for site access. For shame. Everyone deserves fair compensation for the work they do. If anything, I have a self-destructive habit of doing things for free, because I personally hate money. I prefer real trade. With fiat currency, one person will work their ass off, destroying their body and life, while barely scraping by, or still ending up destitute. Yet another person can have one singular moment of luck and be set for life. It is also a system that rewards the greedy and punishes the altruistic. That is why I did not charge Hannah for building the new paysite. The new content would have been the fair trade. I do not have a greedy bone in my body. That is why I will cut someone's lawn for $20, even though the going rate is $30-40. Sometimes I even get away with doing it for free, lol. That is why I had sold some of the content for the same price I paid for it. Then after clearing it with those people first, gave it freely to others. I enjoy making people happy. That is why I kept this site going for years, even though it was costing me money that I do not have to spare. That said, Star Trek is pure fantasy! I am a realist. I know that I am in a small minority and that the majority of humans will never stop being driven by greed. But when people take advantage of my generosity, you will see my dark side. No, I do not mean that in a cheesy Star Wars way. As one good friend put it, more like Poe, or Nietzsche. "And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into you." But I digress. After being massively insulted by the only person in this situation whose opinion actually mattered to me, I had enough. You might be thinking, "You know there are ADs, right?", lol. Like most people, I also hate ADs. The file hosts, like Megaupload, used to pay for the work I put in, via their own ADs, but I also recommended using JDownloader, which would save you from ever seeing an AD. I tried making it as win-win as I could. But, if you are questioning the morality of something, direct sales are the MOST moral thing you can do! ADs sell the person's information for profit. You are not getting something for free. Most, if not all, of those companies are out to treat you like a commodity, some even infecting your machines with malicious software. Now, I did have a donation page setup, but after several years, only one person was kind enough to donate. I even tried a nagging overlay, but no dice there either. At that point I felt like shutting the site down. But instead, as I mentioned above, I made it a one time $6 cost to get in to the site and later dropped it to $5 when enough people had joined. I would have made it $5 to start with, but the transaction fees were about a dollar. I would have kept dropping it too if the numbers kept growing. No subscription, no extra cost. That is a drop in the bucket and quite fair. But I know, the view from your high horse must be splendid. In which case, you can kindly kiss my posterior.

It is also not lost on me that saying all of this just provokes my haters. Mostly, they just make me laugh. Like the anon on 4chan, who called me a [Douchebag] and said I [Designed Like It Was 1998]. Lol! If you think that I am the douchebag, then you are no doubt a beta who would take it up the ass, if Hannah asked! FYI, I intentionally design old-school style, because I loathe the "modern" bloated crap that takes an entire page with one image and a sentence, using copious amounts of complex, multi-sourced code, which eats up resources and breaks like an egg after a browser update. It is a freaking webpage! K.I.S.S. principle forever! Anyways, "retro" design still takes plenty of work. In fact, I still do everything by hand, in Notepad, lol. Of course, this site does not take much work anymore. I am not interested in running it anymore, so I stripped it down to some very basic pages. Also, yes, hosting basic pages still costs money, if you actually want it to stay up, doh! Or the Brit who uploaded a [U Wot M8] GIF, thinking he was about to take control of the server with his hacking attempt. Good times, lol! However, some of you will probably be happy to know that this whole thing has negatively affected my view of women. Particularly the millennials, which I am woefully a part of. I do not give a crap at this point. In typical millennial fashion, these women cry victim over their own actions, blaming anyone but themselves, all the while taking advantage of any man who believes them. They view everything a man says or does as some calculated, manipulative attack against them. It is like being extremely jaded, except in this case, it is a product of third wave feminist brainwashing. It is no wonder why so many men are [Giving Up On Women], even as friends. But, as soon as you call them out on their Bravo Sierra, their facade breaks down.

As most of the regulars have plainly seen, I am not the typical porn dude who treats women like nothing but sex toys. I know you would probably laugh too at the idea that I am out to manipulate Hannah into returning. Many of you thought that I was wrong to just wait for her to come back. Some of you said as much and wanted the chance to prove it. Since nice sums of money were involved for Hannah, I did pass those offers along to her and some of you had the chance to prove me wrong. It did not go anywhere. Apparently, she turns me not wanting to rob her of an opportunity, into me trying to manipulate her into returning. WTF? No, there was one guy who thought he should decide what was best for her and told me not to pass along those offers. He actually was manipulative and calculating. Ironically enough, she thought highly of him and considered me to be the bad one, lol. Yes, I just officially torched that bridge too. I have tried getting along with such people, but again, I have had enough. If those types change their ways one day, then great! But until then, I am not wasting my energy on people who treat me like crap and who have such low views. In the end, the [Manipulative Liars] say that I am the bad one! LOL! Some people really do not use their brains, because if I really was that type of person, then I would have also tried blackmailing her into giving me new stuff when I finally got the ID from her. I would not even blackmail Luke for his old stash, even though they both believe that I tried! I am really driven mad by how ignorant people are. Here I was, just sitting back in my usual zen state, hoping she decides to return some day and trying not to bug her about it! Also, since she made the false assumption that I was trying to blackmail people, she deemed my talking to her to be harassment and threatened to report me to the police! I was blown away at this point and really did not know what to think. Since everything turned out to be lies, I really had no idea if she was being serious. It was really worrying to be frank. So do you know what I did? I preemptively contacted the UK detective that she had told me about years ago, who allegedly tried helping her with Karl! I also actually had to ask Hannah to block me if she was serious, because she would not do it, which made me believe even more that she was just screwing with my head again. She finally did block me though and I never received a reply from the detective, so all is to speak. I absolutely hate that it ended like that, but there is nothing I can do about that. Maybe some British person can explain to me why so many Brits think it is a positive personality trait to be two-faced?

Sexodus: Why Are Young Men Giving Up On Women?


Seether - Fake It


Why have I put links to the definitions of some common words? Some people apparently have no understanding of them and I am educating them, lol. If you are a return visitor, you may have noticed that this page keeps growing in length. Every time I come back to read over this, I find more that I should have said, or should have clarified. Curse of being a perfectionist, lol. Thanks again to those who also point out some of the missing information!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Hannah's Real Name (surname)?
A: While Hannah does not seem to care, I have not posted her last name for privacy reasons. People have found and shared it, but it is still not common knowledge. If you cannot find it, then do not expect me to tell you. Here are all the fake names/handles that people have created: Hannah Galore, Hannah Charlotte Galore, Hannah Stuart, Hannah Portman, Hannah Thompson, Hannah Belge, HannahBanks, HoneyBunchesOfHannah and Hannah the Hot Pocket. You also might want to know that HoneyBunchesOfHannah was [Created By Homosexual Pedophiles], who used Hannah's content to solicit young boys.

Q: Does Hannah have a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account?
A: Yes, but they are personal accounts, not porn-friendly accounts for us to interact with her. Although, her IG is an exception. Here's Hannah's old MySpace page: [Profile] | [Blog]

Q: Does Hannah have children?
A: Yes, she has two boys.

Q: Is Hannah married?
A: She was, Hannah got married on April 20th, 2019, then they split up in early September 2020. First we had Hannah Teen porn, then MILF, now maybe Wife? lol

Q: What are Hannah's Tattoos?
A: Hannah has seven tattoos that I know about.
Side of Neck: "Stay Free"
Back of Neck: Unknown
Upper Back: Unknown
Lower Back: Unknown
Right Forearm: A Heart, Sons Names, Rose
Left Forearm: Nymph in a flower garden.
Right Foot: Flower Vine

Q: Who was Karl to Hannah?
A: Allegedly, just a one time shag on a wild night. Luke met him through the [Swinger AD]. Karl later ran his scam site, against Hannah's wishes.

Q: Do you know Hannah personally?
A: No, I live in the USA, so I have only talked to Hannah.

Q: How old is all of this Hannah stuff?
A: 2004-2005 is when Hannah hit the web. The proof pic from 2008 was the most recent, but the new nudes from 2009, 2016 and the regular clothed pics from 2007-2021 are now the most recent!

Q: Why did Hannah stop making content?
A: The split with Luke ended it and she moved on with her life.
Update: Moved on, aka, had kids. Hannah apparently got knocked up in June 2005, three months after the last of the old content with Luke. Granted, getting knocked up does not stop plenty of porn chicks, but it does stop some.

Q: Who released what?
A: Luke released most of it. At first it was just him showing off his hot girlfriend, then some was revenge for the split. Karl and released more that Luke had exclusively given them.
Update: Hannah said the bit about revenge, which I frankly do not believe. She was very much a willing participant, and according to the file dates and posts made by Luke, everything came out before they split up. If he wanted revenge, he has, or had, plenty more material.

Q: Hannah wants this site closed? (Proof pic: [December 23rd, 2008])
A: No, this demand no longer stands. See "The Return of Hannah" for more information. However, she does wish that people would not plaster her all over the net.

Lets not forget my later PhotoShop joke versions: [Get Me Off] and [XXX-Ray 2000], which I made due to my annoyance at not having a replacement for the years after the demand no longer stood. The old picture caused much confusion and sometimes anger, since people did not read this information. Originally, I had used an old nude for the X-Ray picture, which meant that I could not add it back now. It is now updated and shared again, thanks to the newly leaked nudes! Also, just in case you are getting the wrong impression, the "Get me off" picture was originally going to be, "Get off to my pics". I was just trying to throw something silly together, using Hannah's own writing, but that idea required too much effort. This was back when things were different, when I was actually trying to get a rise out of Hannah.

Q: What is Hannah like?
Good question! She comes across as a very likeable, moderate, tolerant, fun girl, who listens and cares. In reality, she is thinking the absolute worst of you and has no problem lying to your face. See [This Section] for more examples. Funny enough, that is also extremely fitting with the fact that she is a typical [Feminazi] and [Flaming] [Liberal]. [Another Older Study] Granted, her methods are different, but the results are the same. Had I known this, I would not have wasted my time trying to reason with her. You cannot reason with those types. For example, whether you are a man or a woman, this is the [Proper Reaction] to catcalling. On the other hand, this is how a [Feminazi Reacts]. Maybe remove the stick from your ass and be flattered that people find you attractive, because one day you will be a dried prune, pining for the days when your tits did not drag on the floor. Or, just accept that other people are not as prudish as you, and tolerate their differences, instead of trying to change them with pitiful Feminazi shaming tactics. For the record, this introvert has never catcalled, but I have had a woman randomly smack my ass. Crude, yes, but nothing to be butthurt over. No one else was upset by it either, but just imagine the Feminazi outrage if that had been a man randomly smacking a woman's ass.

Modern "Liberals" are all about taking other people's freedoms, because "they know better". That is the complete opposite of being liberal! They are Authoritarians, especially if they supported the UK's Remain side. Libertarians are the real modern day Liberals. I took to discovering this about Hannah, because of how shocked I was by her treatment of me. I had to make sense of it and her being a "Liberal", makes absolute sense now! This research is what Hannah has built her invalid "stalking" argument on. Another hilarious thing is, when I thought that Hannah was more moderate and actually reasonable, based on what she said, I had sent her [This Mark Dice Video], knowing she would also get a kick out of the stereotypical "stupid Americans". I later noticed that she even shared it with her one friend, when she [Posted it on Facebook]. What makes this so hilarious, is that neither of them caught on to the fact that myself and Mark Dice, were laughing and hanging our heads in shame over the sheer ignorance of these so-called Liberals! LOL! Mark's videos always highlight the stunning ignorance of your typical California "Liberal"! Knowing now that she is that exact type of "Liberal", just makes this whole thing pretty amusing. Hannah even tried telling me not to call her stupid, because of things that I have said in chat. For the record, it does not make you stupid just because you did something stupid. We all have our brain fart moments. I was not actually saying that Hannah was stupid in those comments. However, often times I will conflate ignorant with stupid, when I am in an insulting, bad mood. That said, I really try to hope that people are in fact just extremely ignorant and not actually stupid. Ignorance can be fixed, which is the point to all of this, but you cannot fix stupid. I guess time will determine which one it is.

Of course, Hannah has her looks, which certain women are not afraid to acknowledge and use to their advantage. Even though it sounds contradictory, I have seen Hannah openly reject that type of thinking as "misogyny" and "objectification", in typical Feminazi fashion. Granted, since Hannah lies a lot, she almost certainly does not actually believe that and is just saying it in an attempt to turn us off. That would be another stupid thing to do and why lies suck. For many guys, no matter what stupidity comes out of her mouth, a chick is still hot. It is a pretty big turn-off to me, but then who knows if it is true. Like those cam chicks, nothing turns me off quicker than when she opens her mouth to spew some Feminazi, or libtard garbage. It is a good way to drive away potential customers though, lol. Like with this site, I know that people come here for porn, not higher thinking, or "politics", but I simply do not care about running this site anymore. If it is enough to drive you away, then I am glad for it. There was one regular who wanted me to add him on facebook to stay in touch, who was a lot of fun to have around on here, but doing that is often a bad idea. His Obama loving and Trump hating posts were pretty annoying, but I tolerated it. The reverse could not be said for him, in typical "Liberal" fashion. Which reminds me of this [Funny Meme]. I do not need to ignore these people, they typically do that on their own once I talk to them enough, haha! But for a cam chick who is apparently hard up for money, you might just want to keep your mouth shut. *gasp* lol. However, from what Hannah has said, she gives you the impression that she is using bad past experiences to somehow negate the possibility of doing more. That is a [Victim Mentality] though, putting yourself in your own prison and demanding that others treat you as less than you were before. Whatever the case is, it is clear that Hannah was a free spirited exhibitionist, girl next door type, which is what made her popular. Now though, Hannah has allowed herself to be jaded and it is blatantly clear that the only time she has any interest now, is if it involves money. Total turn-off.

FAIL - Americans Don't Know Why We Celebrate 4th of July!


Additional Info About this site:
I hope you enjoy your stay. While the adult content is gone, the site still offers a good history record. Thanks again to the original owner of, who was kind enough to offer the domain to me!
Update: I sadly doubt that many fans will be enjoying their stay now, sorry. I know it bursts the fantasy bubble about Hannah to learn all of this, but you deserve to know the truth. She is still a naturally hot beauty, when not caked in makeup, so there is that! :P Seriously though, I am not the only one who cringes when they see those makeup pictures! It is as if she tries to [Look Bad], lol. Oh and yes I am aware now that such jokes are considered "Makeup Shaming". Next up from the mentally challenged feminazis will be "Tan Shaming", "Drunk Shaming", "Tattoo Shaming"...pretty much any criticism now is too much for their delicate little brains. Do you know what a world free of judgment is really like? It has no morals, no responsibility and no accountability for unhealthy, or immoral behavior. I cannot take credit for that joke though, it was from a good friend. Obviously, I do not think that Hannah literally looks THAT bad in caked makeup, but it was still funny. It really is a shame that she hides her naturally beautiful face behind [Mimi-Level] layers of makeup. Yes, she can do what she wants, but it is still a real shame, like covering art in graffiti. Or like taking a cool looking cat and bleaching its fur. Or taking a nice looking natural wood thing and painting over it. Sure, some women are just plain ugly and makeup makes them deceptively attractive, but it actually takes away from good looking women like Hannah. I think it is safe to say that many of us really enjoyed her old pictures because of her natural beauty. I mean, those freckles! Oeeerrrr! Meeeoooow! Yeah, she had a little makeup on in some of those old pictures, but it did not cover her beauty! Ah well, just such a shame all around.

Luke's NeoGAF Q&A

Q: You're not in the Hotel 3some... are you? I really like that one :\
A: Yes! We had many threesomes, only filmed one though. The amount of shit I got off my friends because I let another guy do her- as I've said before - we believed in sharing. *lol emote*

Q: Were you the one posting as "lukeypukey" on web forums soliciting donations to open a webpage with content based on her? If so, who got the money from the donations? If it was you, did you give the money back?
A: That was one messed up scenario, which brings back some bad memories. We were making video requests in the hope to start up a website and get better video equipment - only her school found out in the midst of this, and the police were involved (because the video leaked around her school, and her mum wanted to press charges). No idea what happened to the money, you'd have to ask her (lolz). Quite a few request videos were fulfilled, but the money that was lost wasn't a substantial amount. Then we broke up and there was no way the videos were getting made. It was a bad experience for all involved, sadly.
Note: In the original thread, Luke has managed to memory hole this reply and the replies to it.

Q: Did you make a dime off any of it or did the internet porn moguls make all the money?
A: No, next to nothing. If things hadn't of transpried the way that they did, there was potentially a hell of a lot of money to be made. Oh well!

Q: What school did she go to? Is making porn grounds for suspension at all universities?
A: She was in sixth form, and her dad was a governor at the school. It did not go down well, to say the least.

Q: do you think you'll ever fuck a girl as nice as this again?
A: I have done. In fact, I'd say two of the last three girls I've been with equal her in terms of looks, if not surpass her. Not that it really matters. *big grin emote*

Q: But she did. Amirite? (In reference to: "It did not go down well...")
A: *lol emote* too easy

Q: So did ou ever make up with the guy that posted your shit on the internet?
A: Yes, actually. Don't trust him though, the cheeky bugger.

Q: What's she doing now?
A: Last I heard she was moving to Australia with her fiance (seriously).

Q: I don't think you guys used protection... did you nut inside her? And was she on the pill?
A: She was on the pill.

Q: Has she thought about getting into pro pron?
A: We talked about it, no chance now though.

Q: She ever take it in the ass?
A: Many times brother.

Q: Got any definitive proof that the dude in those vids is you? Like a sign that says GAF on it
A: Ermm ... I suppose I could post some pictures of myself. But it is me, fo real. Believe. (He later posted the proof.)

Q: Have you told future girlfriends about these videos? What was their reaction?
A: Good question. Took me a while to tell my first serious girlfriend after about it, but it was a huge weight off my chest once I had. She was a bit weirded out about it, but she got over it. The girl after loved the idea, and said she'd never have guessed that I was so 'adventurous'. Apparently I came across as boring or something.

Q: So dude, during the one video where she's wearing the pink skirt... halfway through you guys stop and she looks like she's leaning over to answer the phone. What's the story behind that? I've always been curious and I don't normally get the opportunity to ask these things.
A: Ermm, no idea. I don't recall anything of the sort, atleast. You'd have to give me more details than that. oh how i do remember the pink skirt, though (Shame, I think we have all wondered about that one, lol.)

Q: Do you ever stop and think about how lucky a guy you are? Maybe pray to the deity of your choice?
A: haha. I wouldn't say lucky, just young and ... yeah ok, I was kinda lucky. But we faced some harsh consequences!

Q: So Wispy....What's it like to do a search for some amateur porn and find yourself? That's gotta be at least a bit awkward, isn't it?
A: It's weird, especially when it just pops up out of the blue.

Q: How long did you date?
A: About a year and a half

Q: How long did you know her before the first time?
A: She was playing Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ (lol) for a school play. Bumped in to her in the corridor.

Q: How long before you started filming?
A: It was about three or four months I'd say.

Q: Did you lose your virginity to her?
A: Yes.

Q: When did she lose hers?
A: To me.

Q: How did the school find out?
A: Someone who went to her school found the videos online and printed out a load of pictures. He then decided to post them up around the school.

Q: Form 6 = 11th grade...isnt that underage?
A: Second year of sixth form = legal. (Ahem, liar.)

Q: I have to say this girl had quite a wardrobe. Did she buy these hooker style clothes for you guys specifically or did she already have this stuff? I don't think most girls have pink puffy boots nor wear them with just underwear, lol.
A: Yeah, she bought them while we were together. After seeing them in Dodgeball, actually. *lol emote*

Q: So who owns
A: Neither of us. Someone trying to cash in, I guess. Stay clear of it.

Q: Uh, I swore that on the message board where this whole "Hannah" thing began it turned out she was sixteen years old and the guy who shot the films was arrested for child pornography.
A: *lol emote* For some of the earlier pictures she was 17. She was 18 in the videos though, the whole 'age' thing was used as a vice by her parents to clean up her stuff on the net. I regret to inform you though, I was indeed 17 for the majority of the ordeal.
Note: That question/statement sounds like what would have happened. Contradictions about their age is what got me concerned enough to finally press the ID proof.

Q: Oh no, why did you have to say that? (In reference to Luke's age.)
A: Haha, well you don't see me in the solo ones anyway. The ones where I'm actually participating though, I was 18. So it's all good.

Luke even doubled down on the age...

NutJobJim: All those talking about CP and the FBI need to remember that the legal age of consent here in the UK is 16 so even if 'Hannah' was 16 that's perfectly legal on these shores.
Luke: Well it doesn't matter anyway, because she was legal.

Q: Didn't you once say that some of them were of her at late 17?
A: I'm sure I've thrown around all sorts of ages, I get confused trying to keep up with it all. But I've only ever said it if I didn't want the videos posted or whatever.

Note: Having just skimmed this thread at the time, I took that as further confirmation of them being legal, but it is easy to see the worry if you read everything carefully. Since I do not care about the drama, I really did not pay close attention to any of this, until the lies began smacking me in the face. Yet, the people who will lie so boldly like that, will turn around and ask me for favors? What gall!

Q: Question to the OP: Do your parents know about this? What did they say or what would they say?
A: Yeah, my mum kicked seven shades of shit out of me (verbally) and my dad simply did not care. I think he was proud, deep down.

Q: wait so.. is there only one online video that was leaked? or is there a ton of different porn vids you guys had that are out there?
A: One or two were leaked, then we released more as time went on. I had a load which never saw the light of day, sadly.

Q: When was the last time you talked to her?
A: A few weeks ago, she rang (drunk) and wished me luck 'for the future'. *lol emote* She said we should speak atleast once a year, if it's not too much to ask.


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Luke's 2008 NeoGAF Thread: [View Thread]
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2009 - Members Site: Here is the [Members Paysite] that Hannah kept denying was ever planned and built.

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Fakes or Look-alikes

These are either fakes that Karl made for hannah-fans, or random girls that people have mistaken for Hannah.


This [Chick From Mexico] amazingly appears to be the spitting image of Hannah! When I showed Hannah this, she freaked out and hoped that they are photoshopped. As far as I can tell, they are not photoshopped and the face positions do not match any picture of Hannah that I have seen. Maybe someone else can find out more!

This is a recent find that I cannot prove, or disprove. I am going with it not being her, until someone proves otherwise. Someone even used a facial recognition site on it, but the results were mixed. It looks to be unsauceable, even with the almost invisible text on the picture. I finally confirmed that this is definitely not Hannah, but it is Hannah, lol. As I suspected, it is from Maxim UK (September 2008), with an absolutely mental Model named Hannah Shetler. Maybe even Maxim wanted to distance itself from this wacko, because her shoot is hard to find. - Added January 25th, 2021

Thanks to Tallymebanana for this intriguing find! The watermark had been removed, so it took a bit of investigating to find the full set and info. This chick is just a look-a-like named Kayla. For one, the body is not a match and the pics were taken in September of 2006. Another picture, with an open fridge in the background, led me to Canada food brands. That led me to HerSelfPics FAQ which states they are based in Canada and the girls that send these pics to them are also from local areas in Canada. I was able to find the full set from there.

This picture is often found in collections, but it is most definitely not Hannah.

This picture is also often found in collections, but it is beyond me how anyone confuses this chick with Hannah. Are you drunk? Need glasses? LOL!

This picture was user submitted, but again I could tell that it was not Hannah. It is from a set by Doreen and Matze from Hamburg, Germany. [Download Archive]

You can see how this picture could be mistaken for Hannah, but this is Tina and Alex. [Download Archive]

Here is one that has been labeled as "Hannah amateur hostel 2006", which has led to it being mistaken as another Hannah set. Supposedly, this chick was called "Hannah" on, where it was originally posted, but I have yet to find that in the WebArchive. Others have labeled her as Francesca G. [Download Archive]


This was one of the fake Hannah videos that Karl had on his scam site, in order to sucker more people into paying him money.

This was the second fake Hannah video that Karl used. I still cannot believe that Hannah actually compared me to this piece of crap!

This video, or clips of this video, have been falsely labeled as another Hannah video. Her name is Ann and there is also a picture set of her. [Download Archive]

This is also not Hannah, obviously. There is a compilation video of his chick [Here]

Rumors and Lies

This section is mostly information from the old days.

Hannah Was Underage!
Update: This is no longer a rumor. It has been proven as fact. I know, it lacks common sense, but there you have it. The fan-made videos were just to private individuals and the site never did materialize. I also [Found Out] that Luke, Hannah and Karl were all well aware of the age issue at the time, but none of it was meant to hit the open web like it did. Luke even said that they were legal, in the threesome AD on the [Swinging Forum], nearly 8 months before Hannah turned 18. Afterwards, Luke just plain lied about it, with only Hannah telling the truth, back when she found this site in 2008. She failed to prove it at the time though, so I just figured that it was a tactic to get the site shut down. Needless to say, it was a very careless thing to do and none of them had ever taken responsibility by proving it. This also means that Karl was knowingly hosting underage content for years and that the "18 USC 2257 Notice" on his scam site was a complete lie. It also does not make sense that if Hannah went to the police to get his site shut down, like she said she did, then why did she fail? The webhost would have certainly banned him and the police would have arrested him. Either she left the age issue out of it, which would be pretty messed up, but not surprising at this point, or she simply lied yet again.

Old text, for reference:
Basically, enjoy the vids-n-pics and do not worry, her stuff is all over the net, if it were really an issue then it would all be gone. While people have said she was underage in some of her videos, no proof has ever been given. Luke has also said she was 18 at the time. In fact her parents did discover her "on-line fun" and were quite pissed. That in and of itself is enough to wonder if they spread the underage rumor hoping to get her vids taken off-line. She and Luke both had many communications with the people at and from what Hannah said, only Luke was responsible for getting everything on after their breakup. (That was yet another one of Hannah's lies.) They both gave away and sold some of their vids & pics, indicating consent and by common sense, legal age.

There Are Over 20 Vids
Also a no. There is, to date, 18 vids of hannah. The 20+ pack that is floating around has one fake and several smaller, crummier duplicates of the hotel vid. If you get your vids here I can guarantee with 98% certainty that you are getting the best versions of her videos. No site stamps on these vids except for the hotel vid which was released on It looks like the original 90MB version was on before, whether it still is now is anyone's guess.
Update: The 90mb version was not the original, it was an edited version of the original. Audio replaced by music and a few scenes were cut that Karl did not like.

" Is Her Real Site!"
Update 1: Hannah-Fans is pretty much dead now. Safety tip: the fake video page has Malware in it. The site is still partially there if you know the URL, so it still is not completely gone. Update 2: The site is finally gone! No more scamming from Karl!

Old text, for reference:
Sorry to no. That site is a pure rip-off. They charge you for the vids that already exist and there is absolutely no new content. I personally can say it is a scam and many people that have wasted their money have also been kind enough to voice the fact that it is a scam. Also, if it were her site and she did have new vids, then with all of the people that have paid for "her" site, someone would have leaked the new vids. No new vids...hmmm, me thinky it stinky, lol. If that is not enough for you, Hannah herself told us that it is run by Karl, the guy from the hotel threesome video!

If you need further proof, just bypass the membership login and find out! Yes, you can do it and no, it is not all, lol!

"I Know/Am Hannah"
There are SO many of these people out there which is how a lot of rumors have been started. Some people claim to be her, saying the vids were underage, she has aids, is pregnant, blah blah. No proof is ever given of course. Others claim to have seen her, or know her and also claim some of the above stuff. Again, no proof. Some even claim to have slept with her through her alleged involvement with, but again not one shred of proof. BUT, the real Hannah did find this site as you are probably already aware.

Other Sites To Stay Clear Of
Since Hannah found this site and gave us the story of what really happened and what she's been doing, we now know for fact that AND are both fakes.

UK Hotty

History of UK Hotty (aka Hannah's 2005 site)
Text Copied From The Cached Pages Of

May 21st, 2005 - First Problem
Okay kids.... here's the deal. This was going to be Hannah's official website. Maybe it still might be, that all comes down to Hannah getting in touch with me or not.


Who the fuck am I?

You can call me aStro3x... I have a couple sites at and . I pick up girls, photograph them, build websites etc... basically, your typical porn geek.

I met Hannah and Luke through a forum and Luke asked me for help creating Hannah's website. I agreed and this site would have taken form as we said it would in April, except Luke wasn't able to provide me with enough content to go live with.

I heard all sorts of reasons and all could very well be true, I am not calling Luke or Hannah a liar. I just know at first, they lost the camera or something so they were asking for donations for new stuff, outfits etc. Many people from the board I was on donated and for those donations, they got little videos. Great huh? Yeah, well... not so great because a good deal of the people that donated didn't get their promised videos. Did Luke/Hannah rip them off? I don't think so... I'd like to give benefit of the doubt and assume that things just didn't go the way they'd planned.

As many of you know, Hannah recently was caught because some fuck face at her school saw her online, it got back to her parents or something. So then, Luke's computer dies or something and he tells us all that he'll be "back". Well, the time period he quoted has come and gone... but still no Luke.

Now I hear that Hannah dumped him or something because she felt he was holding her back.

I have no fucking idea what is true, what is not true because neither of them have responded to their emails I sent them.

So now what happens? Well, it's simple... I am giving Hannah and Luke to the end of May to contact me. They know how, they both have me on their MSN and they can also go to and click contact and email my ass. It's not that fucking difficult.

If they don't contact me.... well, then I am forced to do something I don't want to do.

See, they sort of took money for videos they never created, so how can those people get their money back? Well, I'll post all the photos here as well as a bulletin board or shout out board or something... so people can voice their concerns, warn others etc.

I have heard many boards had Luke and Hannah posting asking for money.... so if you know of boards that this happened on, email me. (go to, click contact etc).

Obviously I know of one site that I myself post on... so if you're reading this and you know me from your forum... don't email me telling me of that site. heh

I'm not trying to be an asshole, I am trying to get back the money for those that got fucked. We might not get it back, but hey... we'll be a thorn in their side until we do.

later fuckers


May 26th, 2005 - 5 Days Later
Well, it's been five days... and still no word from either Luke or Hannah. I have heard rumors that Hannah is setting up her own site or something, which would be great... we all want to see more of her! Thing is, it's the net and let's face it, we know these will prob. only be rumors.

I have received emails from many people, many forums. Some friends and other photographers that have worked hand in and with them. We all wish the best for both Luke and Hannah, regardless of their situation. No idea if Hannah broke with Luke, why etc but that's their business.

All I and others are trying to do now is recoup the losses from money that was collected for videos that have yet to materialize. Some videos were done, some... not so much. So Luke, if you're reading this, and I am more than certain you are... contact me man. There is still an easy way to fix all of this, but you need to step forward.

Hannah, if you're reading this... what's up? lol. Contact me or whatever, let me know what you wish me to do with your photos that Luke has sent me.

Now... will I be posting photos and videos of Hannah.... ummm... we're going to wait on that one for now. I don't want to hurt her in any way, and as of now, all I am out is the fee to register this domain (who cares).

Feel free to contact me if you wish, I'll be posting some reader email shortly... of course, without email addresses and on first name or initial basis so others can read what's being said, but people are still somewhat anonymous.


June 13th, 2005 - Hannah & Luke Split
Luke contacted us...sort of..... I was away from MSN and he messaged me saying:

I just checked UKhotty

I'm so fucking sorry

I've been a mess

Hannah left me for some chump who she has apparently 'fallen' in love with

So.... what is my response? Well Luke, I feel for ya man, but jesus.... you took money for videos that never happened. So now what happens? You going to refund that cash to the people you stiffed?

June 24th, 2005 - Lost Intentions
Luke contacted us again

This time he's informed me that Hannah has intentions of creating videos for all those that paid anything towards videos, plus possibly something a little extra, but it wasn't elaborated on as to what the 'extra' would or might be.

He also said Hannah wants to develop UKHotty in the near future and she'll be contacting me soon to discuss what we're supposed to do next. I hope this is true, but like all things online... I'll believe it when I see it. It's not personal, but it's easier to assume this won't happen that hold my breathe and hope it does. Hannah doesn't have a computer or digital camera right now I guess. I considered starting a fund to get her one, but truth is, we have no way to know she'll buy one. Sure, I can buy one and send it to her.... but will she use it? See what I mean? No idea as to what will happen. I guess I'll wait and watch, see if she contacts me or not.

Luke has informed me he will have nothing to do with her or the site pretty much from this point on. She's with someone else now, I can understand him wanting to distance himself from this... but hey, until those videos are supplied to those that paid for them, Luke is very much still involved, regardless of whether he wants to or not. Again, it's not personal bro.

August 20th, 2005 - Hannah who?
I have to admit, like you, I am a little disappointed by this whole disappearing thing Hannah has pulled on us. We were told she does want to do a site, and she'd come back... but has she? Nope. So seriously... wtf? Not even an email for her fans to say sorry, I changed my mind or sorry, I'm not ready yet? Seriously, how fucking hard is it?

So I figure fuck it, she was hot.... yes.... but we all know there are others out there as well right? I'll keep updating here and HOPEFULLY she'll come back and want to get naked for us or at least tease us. lol


The story behind the scam site has been randomly peppered across this site for years, but recent events have gotten me to write up a section for it. Why? Because Karl is still at it! These days I see that he has taken to extortion, rather than scamming people with a fraudulent "official" fan site.

As I mentioned on the home page, "Karl was the guy who feverishly laid it into Hannah in the threesome video and later ran the scam site." After the threesome video, he ended up breaking their trust by releasing his own terrible edit of the video, cutting out his dick stabbing performance issues and overlaying the audio with loud rock music. To his credit, at least his taste in music was better, lol! If you have not seen his "Hotel Exploits" edit, it is four songs by Disturbed, [The Game], [Violence Fetish], [Down with the Sickness] and [Numb]. "Lie to me. Is she not right? Is she insane?" Hmmm, this song sounds all too familiar, lol. Was it revenge for something Hannah did? Maybe the blatant lie that Hannah tried to tell me, that they took advantage while she was drunk? It would not surprise me, but he is in no way justified in what he did after that. Not to mention her being underage, which he knew full well about. At which point, TotallyCrap saw no reason not to release their own copy, sadly also overlaid with site stamps, killing the postage stamp quality even further, heh. Bane of collectors existence, those bloody stamps, lol.

Disturbed - The Game - Lyrics Video By: Metal Lyrics United


Disturbed - Violence Fetish (with lyrics) By: FBIMOUS377


Disturbed - Down With The Sickness - Lyrics By: veta8971


Disturbed - Numb - Lyrics By: blackporoh


After that, Karl decided that it would be a fantastic idea to impersonate Hannah and start a monthly subscription scam site. He enlisted the help of some unknown chick, to make some fake "new" Hannah videos, where she remained headless in the shower and so far away in the bedroom, that you could not be certain that it was not in fact Karl in a wig, diddling his butthole.

The scam continued for several years, with very few people coming forward to admit that they had fallen for his scam. Hey, we get it, people make mistakes, especially when they are horny with a raging boner, lol. But taking advantage of horny people, like Karl and Andrew Tate have done, is just bottom of the barrel level of scumbag. Same goes for all those chicks who charge exorbitant amounts of money for 5 seconds of them slapping their beef taco, or worse yet, non-nude! To quote Hannah talking about me, "You are vile", truly, honestly, completely.

As I have mentioned on here already, Karl finally had to drop this scam, after Hannah showed up in the old cbox chat on here and told us about how much money he had made off of her. The rest of that story, is already mentioned on here. I remember Hannah saying that she still spoke to him occasionally and that he had changed his ways now. Welp, he has certainly not changed!

For the record, full transparency, here is the chain of events that led to me stumbling on Karl again. I was checking the 4chan archives, found another nostalgia thread were someone posted Hannah, but the thread was also full of actual pedos. They were posting about some infamous CP model that was grown up now, who was even exploiting herself still, posting edited versions of the CP material. And I am not talking "CP" like Hannah, I mean little kids, REAL CP. I looked her up, because that is just so wildly jacked up that you hope it is not true, found her youtube channel and there it was... her exposing a "stalker", KARL! Sure enough, they are having a he-said she-said fight, over his new website, where he lists newly registered sites as... now you will just love this... SCAMS and extorts money out of the site owners to get their site de-listed as a scam site!

Karl still ripping people off is bad enough, but what is very troubling, is that Hannah and this sick woman were both being posted in the same thread, with pedos involved and who both have direct ties to Karl! It is bad enough to think that Hannah banged a scamming, extortionist, fraudster like Karl, but a pedo too? Hell's bells! Now, maybe this is just coincidence, two different despicable people coming to blows over each other's reprehensible behavior, but that sure is one heck of a coincidence! It makes me think that Karl is the one who was posting both of them in the 4chan thread, but so far that is just speculation. You can bet that I will expand on this section in the future though!

Hannah-Amateur's Origin Story

February 2006
As of early 2022, this site is now 16 years old! I guess you can say that I am committed, or should be committed, according to some people, lol! Here is a bit of history as to how this site began. Somewhere, lost in the sea of my scattered files, should be the email where I was informed about who this random brunette chick was, within my shared collection of supposed "MSN Webcam" videos. You can find a couple of sites that are still sharing my old collection, if you search for "Hot Brunette On Bed Dances Poses And Shows Of Her Nice Tits", for example. Most of those "webcam" Hannah videos are dated February 12th, 2006 and my original "Hannah's Vids" page is dated February 27th, 2006. The first web archive was saved on March 17th, 2006.

I ran the site myself, in true amateur fashion, from my ISP and originally without even a domain name! There was no real server involved either. The site ran from an even older Pentium, which funny enough, was a donated Police computer from High School, with a 2 Gigabyte Hard Drive, that magically somehow ran Windows XP, with 84MB of RAM, if memory serves! Har har. There was also a laptop hard drive on there for added storage, which was probably the original 6GB drive from my Nomad Jukebox. I will get the exact specifications some day, because I still have that PC stashed away. In order to save space, in my [Mess Of A Setup], I removed the motherboard from the case and [Screwed It Onto The Wall], lol! Enjoy this amusing, nostalgic, blast from the past!

The Return of Hannah

December 10th, 2008 - First Contact
I received an email from someone claiming to be Hannah. As many of you probably already know, a lot of people claim to be Hannah, so of course I was not believing it was her. To my amazement, it actually was her! She said that she was searching for any sites with her on them. Now she says that her boyfriend found it. Now she says that Luke told her about it. Who knows what the hell is actually true, lol. The sad thing for all the Hannah fans was that she wanted all of her videos and pictures taken offline, from as many places as possible. I agreed to take my site down if she would do two things for us. One, take a picture of herself holding a hand written sign that I could show everyone as proof it was in fact her. Second, was photo ID to prove her age (with personal information blocked out of course), since that has always been a topic of disagreement with many people. She agreed and in order to get the site shut down sooner, she showed me some regular pictures that she had on hand. The date was now the 11th. Based on those pictures and as a show of good faith on my part, I shut the site down.
December 22th, 2008 - First Problem
Having not heard back yet, I emailed her again. With still no response, I decided to put the site back up. Ironically, I then received the [First Picture] that day. The site came back down and she said she had to wait two weeks to get the ID. So, we wished each other a Merry Christmas and went on Holiday.
January 14th, 2009 - Second Problem
Two weeks passed, I sent an email, but she must have been busy was ignoring it as usual. I waited 9 more days, now the 23rd of January, before sending a second email, but sadly, nothing. I decided to give her ample time since she had come through on the first part of our agreement.
February 22nd, 2009 - Two Months Later...
It had now been over 2 months since the site came down the second time, but I guess life must have been really busy for her she had gotten what she wanted and could not be bothered now. I was being polite by saying that she was just busy, giving her the benefit of the doubt, since that was her excuse. This is when my instincts were telling me not to get involved with her. By this time I had found a lot more content to add to the site. So, after much sorting of duplicates and better quality versions of pictures, I decided to put the site back up. Six days later, she responded! Woo-Hoo! Total coincidence, I am sure, lol. Initially she was upset, but later said she understood why I put the site back up and that it was ok that it would not come back down until she came through with the rest of the proof. Since then it has been fairly relaxed as we wait, even with some casual joking from her and several other regular visitors.
September 13th, 2009 - The 2nd Return!
Hannah and her boyfriend, known in chat as HB, came back with great news! They were going to share some new pics and mentioned the possibility of a new site! Much to the frustration of everyone, things were delayed for two days since I was not on-line at the time all of this was happening in the chatbox. Do not get too excited though, after they shared three new pictures, two guys came on the chat and ruined everything by publicly pointing out how to get around the image protection I had set up. Hannah and HB did not want the pictures being saved, but as some of you may be aware, that is pretty hard to achieve. Fortunately, a while back I had come up with a way to share a picture that prevented many of the methods to save the picture. I even had it tested on a forum I was with to make sure that I had considered everything that could be done. I also went searching again to see if there was anything I could add or update, then I showed it to them and said that it was as secure as possible. But unknown to us, thanks to newer changes in the only browser that I had allowed to access the pictures, one of those blocks could be bypassed. So the two guys told EVERYONE in chat how to get around it! Not only did they do that, but they started calling me a deceiving liar for saying they were secure! Ummm...I said "secure as possible"...ARG! The whole thing got tense and unfriendly fast as you can imagine. So, Hannah and HB wanted them removed and understandably, they decided not to share any more pictures. After all of that happened, they were still chatting and having a good time, especially after a generous contribution by maxflii to get the premium chatbox for better moderation against people like those two. But, they have not been around much as of late. Just stopping by every once in a while to let us know they are still around, but just busy, busy. While this comeback was not a success, there is always hope for the future. The lesson learned here was that people will ignorantly ruin a good thing, so next time, regulate access!

I know some people find examples to be torture, because I am one of those people. So to those fellow people, do not click the link! lol
EXAMPLE: Only Click Here If You Really Want To See An Example! (These pics have been shared now.)
The poses in these 3 porn pictures are the closest matches I could find.

January 1st, 2011 - The End...For Now.
Updated October 28th, 2013 in order to correct some false assumptions. :)

I had been avoiding writing up this whole situation since, well, why relive it? But, it may answer some of your questions. It all started after Hannah came into chat and said that she and HB broke up. Specific details are not required there, so I will leave it at that. From my perspective, normally when that happens between couples, that means the other person is not involved anymore. So since this site was made for Hannah, it made perfect sense to me that HB was not a part of it anymore, or the private chat that I had set up for them to contact me more directly. I also did not want the site interfering with their personal lives, which it definitely could have if they both showed up in the private chat after splitting. Everyone knows that is just asking for a fight.

Unfortunately, it all had the opposite effect. No good deed goes unpunished, right? I am not sure what all happened, but according to HB, he and Hannah had gotten back together. So he was quite upset with me, thinking I was trying to cut him out, "going behind his back" and whatnot. Apparently, this was due to me and a trusted associate having made some private offers to them in the past for new pics/vids. So it somehow turned into this elaborate conspiracy that I was plotting and scheming, trying to manipulate the situation to get new pics/vids! ARG! I managed to stay calm throughout his scandalous chat, which is a miracle for me, lol. Normally, I really have a short fuse when it comes to people accusing me of things like that. For me, what I say and do, that is all there is to it. There are no hidden agendas and/or ulterior motives. I guess I am quite old fashioned that way, lol. Hannah seemed fairly cool about it though and left on a positive note. However, HB has been in a foul, taunting mood with the few comments he has posted since then. I think he really hates me now, lol. No skin off my back!

I am also very aware that almost no one believes anyone's word anymore and that everything must have some hidden meaning or agenda. Especially if they say otherwise! Gasp! lol So I am sure some people will believe what they wish to. But, that is the truth of it, whether anyone believes it or not.

I had thought that the whole thing had put Hannah off of visiting the site, but that was not the case. :)

June 14th, 2013
This day marks the first email I sent to HB. As you are probably already aware, I was looking to get proof of Hannah's age. It had always been nagging at me, even though Luke insisted that she was 18 at the time. I finally decided to pursue it though, since it was just a totally unnecessary risk to take. Especially these days! Plus, I found that yet another site where Luke had originally posted (NTFU/snappher), was also claiming that she was in fact under 18 at the time. On the other hand, Hannah had already told us the truth in chat, back in 2008. Sadly, I must admit that I believed Luke over Hannah. She wanted the site shut down at the time, so I took that as a motive to play on the rumor and lie about it. Unfortunately, I was jaded and had come to expect that kind of thing from women. Also, as you may have already read, part of the original shutdown deal had included proof of age. Since that part never happened, I also mistakenly took that as confirmation. See how dangerous assumptions are? lol. Of course, HB never got back to me. It turns out that he could not care less, since he and Hannah were not together anymore. Plus, I am pretty sure that he hates me, lol. (see Jan '11 for reference)
July 21st, 2013
Follow up email sent to HB. Again, no response. Unknown to me, HB had recently split with Hannah and could not care less about what happened with her, or responding to my emails. He had previously admitted to receiving and not responding to emails, so this lack of reply on an important issue was totally unacceptable to me. More on that, later.
September 17th, 2013
By this point, I was fed up. Having regular emails ignored is one thing, but ignoring an issue which could really screw me over? I was not going to tolerate that. I do not believe in letting people walk all over you. I prefer to give back what I receive from people. Good people get my nice side, but abusers get my "do not fuck with me" side. It is the only way they will learn and it keeps you from getting used by assholes. For the record, I had put up with HB's very bad attitude, for everyone's sake. Maybe it would not have mattered, but people would rightly have cause to flame me if I had told him off for being a dick and caused them to leave. Allegedly, he was the one pushing the new stuff. Which apparently is why he got so pissed at me for talking directly with Hannah about new stuff, during the last time they had split up. Well sorry dude, she is the star! Anyways, at that point, I sent the ultimatum email to HB. Either he got back to me, or the three new pictures would be released. I decided to do it in stages, revealing each picture a little more each day. That way they would still have time to reply back, while also knowing that I was not bluffing. I had made it clear that the pictures should not be shared everywhere though, unless people wanted to guarantee that there would never be anything new again. Sadly, people either missed that, or just did not care. Sidenote: Unfortunately, I took too long to write this up and it looks like chatango's history only goes back about a year now. I miss the chat archiving from cbox! If anyone knows a way to get the history, let me know.
September 26th, 2013
I emailed Hannah one more time, letting her know that the time was almost up. Of course, that email was pointless. Hannah did not have access to that email anymore. Doh! Since the chat history is gone now, I cannot be sure on the timeline between now and October, but basically... Time ran out and each of the three pictures were released. After that, I started with the pictures that I had previously saved from her profile. At this point,everything was on the table, including a collection of unreleased pictures that someone had sold to me. Some people do not understand the need to keep these things off of the wide open web though and things went to hell pretty quick. It is pretty simple though, if you want any chance of seeing anything new from Hannah, then you do not go sharing the stuff with the world. Especially when that is exactly what she does not want to happen. Again, that was the whole problem with the new pictures before. There was going to be a lot more than those three pictures, but people ruined it by telling everyone how to bypass the restrictions on saving the pictures. (see Sep '09 for reference) Even if you do not care about respecting her wishes, the lost chance of any future material should be enough to stop you. Granted, at some point that will not be the case anymore. Eventually, she will be too old. Niche Granny Hannah? lol
October 22nd, 2013
I finally messaged Hannah more directly, via her private, personal online profile. In hindsight, I should have done that from the beginning, but I considered it to be far too intrusive, lol. I also do not use social networking sites and I am not used to people being so lax with email. My timing really sucks though, as she was on vacation and was greeted by the message on the 25th, right after she got back from her trip. Doh! Sorry about that Hannah! For the record, in spite of my HB inspired bad behavior, she was happy to help and is very forgiving. I frankly beat myself up more over it, lol. I promptly took the new pictures down that I had shared and told her not to worry about rushing to get me the ID proof.
November 19th, 2013
Hannah sent me the ID picture, a copy of her passport, confirming that she was in fact only 16 to 17 years old in the videos and pictures. I sadly proceeded to compare the dates in the files and started removing the content. I tend to have some dark humor though, so I did have some fun slapping Pedobear on everything, lol. As it turned out, everything, including the famous hotel video, was taken when she was under 18. You might be asking, "Why did they do underage porn then!". That is simple actually, she did not start out intending to do internet porn. At first, it was all just between her and Luke, boyfriend and girlfriend recording their sexy time, lol. This explains why the first official site was going to be non-nude, even though all of the other nude content had already been leaked across various sites by Luke. At any rate, it was not intentional and frankly, Luke probably did not know about the overbearing (mostly international) laws, until they started getting really popular. Thanks to newfound information, I can confirm that Luke, Hannah and Karl all knew about the age being an issue, but they carried on anyways. The first official site was going to be non-nude because she was still underage. Obviously though, no one in their right mind should call her stuff CP. The laws are honestly downright retarded to be classifying a physically mature, very sexually active young woman like Hannah, with the likes of some innocent little kid. To make that comparison is just asinine. I think most people would agree too, so why do we still have these dumbass, poorly written laws?
April 28th, 2015
It is April 14th, 2020 as I am finally starting to write about this. Nearly 5 years later, that is how long it has taken for me to want to come back to it. First, I want to mention something about the chats. It seemed like for every time that I needed to mention something, Hannah would tell me about some bad or stressful events going on. It happened so often, that it was not long before I chalked it up to manipulation and did not allow it to detract me.

The 28th is when I decided to request a favor from Hannah, you know, like she claimed I could have done with the ID proof of age in 2013. I wrote up a nice email, titled "Hope you can help", explaining the current situation and I included a screenshot, in case she doubted my intentions, as usual. After all, everything I do is some scheme to get new nudes, apparently. To quote the email, Blackhats were "causing me grief consistently, killing my internet, losing me sleep, money on the Bitcoin, trying to hack my emails, hours of cursing the heavens lol, etc, ever since taking the stuff down on the site. Reason being, most just think I'm a lying douchebag, since all anyone sees is a nearly 6.5 year old pic of you telling me to take the stuff down.". Now I should note again, that none of those attacks could get me to quit, all it does is encourage me to fight back. But, Hannah could have easily put a stop to it, which is where the favor came in.

As I have mentioned, I simply wanted a new sign picture from Hannah, to put up on the site and let everyone see that I was telling the truth. Hannah could have declined, and that would have told me right then where we really stood, but it would not have resulted in the damage that she caused by accepting. Declining such a simple favor would have confirmed what I thought all along and I simply would have stopped speaking to Hannah, aside from replying back to her. Instead, Hannah chose to accept, then do her usual of blowing me off. I posted the proof of Hannah's reply, in the "Age Proof" section that I wrote up years ago, but here it is again for quick reference. [Favor Reply]

Reading through the chat history again, I waited for Hannah to follow through on the picture for 11 days before mentioning it again on May 9th. Hannah finally got around to replying about it on the 11th, no longer "quite happy" to do it, saying she had to psych herself up for it first. Naturally I wanted Hannah to be comfortable doing it, so I let it go for a good long while, which I hate to say, is probably what she was counting on. It was August 1st when it finally got brought up again, when she talked more about past stuff being so bad, which got me feeling like I should drop it, even though that would leave me out to dry, as usual. Some of you are probably shaking your heads at this point, since it all sounds so typical, right? The classic kind of thing that these chicks do. Sadly true. Her response was that she was going to dig out all of the supposed old police reports and even a case number from the FBI, instead of taking a picture. Ok? I think this was meant to sound ominous and scary? I would be glad to see all of that, but it never materialized and I doubt it even exists.

Not long after that conversation, an idiot from London shows up in chat, thinking they know all about me, acting like a psychologist. They said that they would be back in a month to see if I followed their advice, not to message her again and see if I ever heard back, but they never came back. I laughed it off, but they also really wanted me to mention it to her for some reason. That is when I wondered if she really thought that kind of crap and was actually behind this person saying it, so I finally brought it up on May 18th. Hannah ends up saying "I feel like I have internet batman looking after me", which I have mentioned before, in the summary of events, so I do not need to rehash that bit. I think that they knew her to some extent, but clearly they misread her too. I have clearly upset Hannah enough that she cannot even bring herself to speak directly to me anymore, but she still shows up around here every so often, without any prompting from me.

Things started to spiral even more after that, when Hannah compared me to Karl. It just turned into the typical guy/girl argument after that, her making excuses for the things that had gotten me upset and saying that she never asked for the site to begin with, so it was not her problem. Sorry, but Hannah intentionally made porn for the internet, "So this is what boys want then?", just to cite one example from one of her videos for WhatBoysWant. So you are certainly asking for attention and fan sites to get made when you do that. I was not the first to make one either, but I might be the last, lol. Anyways, once I had a chance to let the entire conversation sink in, I got massively depressed. I told her as much, when she messaged back a few days later on the 23rd, but she was still adamant about her side of things, which quite frankly meant that my problems did not matter. Hannah said that I was putting words in her mouth by saying that, but it is what it is. Hannah did not reply again after I explained how dangerous it would be to not keep the age proof up there, letting it fade off into oblivion, how that information can be used to ruin lives when it is not known.

Now in hindsight, taking into account all of the things that have been said since then, it is clear that Hannah never would have done the picture, entirely because it would have publicly confirmed that she and I spoke since the takedown picture! Why else try to come in chat later, calling me insane, saying that we had not been speaking? I called her out publicly, which is exactly the attention that she was trying to avoid from friends and family. Doh! Too bad that she did not just explain the actual situation, instead of deciding to wound me. I know, because people came around here, trying to explain that to me. That is not even slightly acceptable and is why amends need to be made.

November 5th, 2015
This is the day that the site went Members only. As the saying goes, I gave and I gave until I could not give anymore. I had a donation option added to the site for quite some time, but almost no one took advantage of it. As I mentioned earlier, some people were also causing me grief with keeping the site up and running, DoS attacks and such, so I had enough. Not to mention Hannah having really, really let me down on the sign picture, proving to me that she did not appreciate everything that I have done for her. That revelation would not have hurt so much if we had not gotten to know each other over the last couple of years. The archived Chatango chat has more of what happened, but here is a summary.

I was quite down from learning that she was not appreciative and was doing some much needed venting in the chat. This must have made Hannah mad, because she then shows up in the chat, for the first time in freakin' years, pretending to be some random guy and proceeds to put me down even more! There is yet another let down. She has also told me several times that she was going to come on chat, never to do it. But, now she comes on, just to kick me while I am down?! What the hell is wrong with you woman? I have a short fuse and she knows this, so it really should not have been a shock when I temporarily banned her. It was either that, or I end up blowing up on her. Now despite personally wanting to just nuke the site into oblivion at this point, I still wanted Hannah's fans to be able to have the history. I now also really wanted some compensation for everything I have done. Enter the Members Only site! Granted, money will never truly compensate, but it will at least make up for the money I have lost in running this site. And no, Hannah has not been given access yet. In fact, she will not speak to me at all these days. I hope she will someday, because I do not want to leave things like that with her. I could have continued ignoring the problem and kept the relationship as it was, but I just could not handle it anymore. I am not happy with how it played out, but them's the breaks, as they say.

I assume she is also mad that I have even mentioned this stuff to the public. I guess I should just internalize everything until I explode, drink myself to death, [Or Something]. Let me explain my [Massive Disappointment] here and to hell with [The Judgmental People].

I go by actions, not words, just as the great quote said on the main page. "Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts." - Henri-Frédéric Amiel. If I feel that someone is not grateful, or appreciative for the things I do for them, or even worse, I feel like I am being used, then they are not going to get my nice side. Period. I am not going to even care about the excuses they give me, because they are not caring about me either. With how jaded I have gotten, pretty much everyone starts in the negative with me and has to work their way into the positive by their actions. I would say women were my exception, except for a period of time after my [Ex Fiancée]. I just love women, they are my blind spot, my achilles heel. I tend to let the good ones, [Not These Kind], start out on a positive note still, but after this, no more!

Now with Hannah, most guys want me to push and push for her to make a come back. That is not my way though. I also know that she and I are too much alike that way. If she does not want to do something, then no amount of pleading or money is going to get you anywhere. It actually just makes us resist that much more! Tell me I am wrong, Hannah! I think she assumes that means I do not have the same interest though. Well to hell with that thinking! lol I most certainly do! I would absolutely love to see more! Even after everything, especially after everything!

So ok, fair enough on not wanting to do new stuff now, but what about me personally? I could not even get a [Damn Picture] for the site, even though she said, most sincerely, that she would. Not even after all the things I have done, like building her a new site for free. The only compensation I desired was to see the new stuff! We discussed it plenty in private, sometimes just between her and I, no BF around. Then they back out without a word to me about it. That is very wrong. Not even an, "Ok, we do not want to do it, but here is something for your time and effort."? Nope! Now there was an excuse given when I [Mentioned This Later], which I am not going to repeat, since for one it was said in private, but two, it was utter crap and we both know it! Well that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to lack of gratitude. I am glad I did not buy them the nice HD camera that another inner circle fan did, in the hopes of seeing new stuff. Nope, all we got was the [Massive Tease] that they shot a ton of stuff on it! Tease after tease, let down after let down, and she wonders why I have had enough? I could write paragraphs more on all the other let downs, but I am not going to. It just upsets me more. Now, my cares are in the trash. I would rather things not be that way, but that is where she has chosen to leave them.

There is another reason for my getting so upset too. I suspected from the very beginning that Hannah viewed me poorly for some reason. It became pretty clear to me, when Hannah treated a guy from the site chat quite differently. When Hannah and I finally did get to talking later, I confronted her about it directly. I even asked Hannah if I should just quit bothering, due to her lack of replying back to messages. Obviously, it is not fun to talk to someone who you feel is being very fake with you. Hannah's very friendly, personal talk was in contradiction with her actions. Hannah had the opportunity right there to be honest, confirm my instincts and for us to part ways. Instead, Hannah made the effort to convince me otherwise and even encouraged me to keep messaging her until she replied! So when Hannah tells me later that she has indeed viewed me horribly all along, then I do not think that I need to explain why that level of deception was incredibly hurtful. But, apparently Hannah still does not get it and grinds salt into the wound even more by laying the blame elsewhere.

Now I can foresee one excuse too, that I was not given anything, because I would just end up sharing it like I have done a couple of times recently. Right? No. All of those let downs, teases and excuses are precisely why I have given up caring and am sharing stuff internally now. Also, I know her real fans can be trusted not to share it publicly. News flash, I have already tested that theory secretly for over two years with a private site! I wanted to be ready to go the next time, since according to her, the idea was never off the table! Guess that was a pointless exercise, huh? "What private site?" you ask. Well, do not bother asking, because at this point, I do not foresee letting any new people in it is closed now.

December 26th - 29th, 2016
Oh the absolutely awesome Christmas and New Year that this was, lol! An [Anonymous User] showed up in chat on the 26th and made a nice little build up over the next few days to their dump of new Hannah nudes! As you can see from the chat, I was quite happy and just as willing to work with the leaker as I had been with Hannah in the past. They did not care what happened with the nudes, so online they went! On a side note, given my off-the-cuff comment about her and animals, I think it is only fair to point out that I often feel just as misanthropic. The difference is, it is because of people like her. Now obviously, at this point I do not care what Hannah wants. She screwed herself over as is usual. The general public only has these nudes because she screwed people over on a personal level. While no leak could ever make things up to me on that personal level, this was quite a welcomed surprise! Late 2009 to late 2016, I did not dub her the "Queen of Blue Balls" for nothing, lol! Of course, the rest of you were not teased by her during the majority of that time! While that is obviously not the reason for my upset with her, it certainly did add to it. I mean, how cruel and screwed up do you have to be to lead someone on for years? Especially when you admit to having had no intention of ever following through. Anyways...yea nudes!

The leaker's original chat uploads are still online too, however the quality is not as good as their later site uploads. [1 - Bra And Panties] | [2 - Slutty Black Dress 1] | [3 - Slutty Black Dress 2] | [4 - Handbra In The Bath] | [5 - Instagram Facepaint] | [6 - Blowjob Handlebars] | [7 - Naughty Nighty 1] | [8 - Naughty Nighty 2] | [9 - Squeezed Melons]

Here is my stance on sharing content. Most people understand that when you post something publicly, at that point it has become a part of the public domain and people are going to share it. Hence, Fansites and Share buttons. In the past, I respected Hannah's wish to not share the new public content that I had of her. However, since she completely disrespected me, and the fans, that respect evaporated. Before that disrespect, I obviously would not have publicly posted the new content. True, the new content had been private, but it crossed into public as soon as the leaker posted it. That was their decision, allegedly based on more of her disrespect. I also follow the wishes of the people giving me content, since otherwise you are just burning yourself, destroying any hope of those people sharing more with you. I also understand Hannah's opinion that if she commands you not to share something, then you do not, or else! The problem is, bossing people around like you own them is Queen level arrogance, to put it nicely. It massively puts people off and gets them to do exactly what you do not want them to do. It is obviously far better to make it a matter of mutual agreement and not a threatening demand. Simply put, respect is earned. Earn respect, get respect, but disrespect and no one will care what you want. That said, any new leaks that are sent to me, will only be shared privately. I think it is a bit much to hit her again with another public leak. The point has already been made with the first and with everything on this site.

[ I always wonder if the leaker/Hannah realize that I see what they are attempting to do, but that I still ignore it, lol. Just like with the emails from [Hannah The Fake Buyer], there are tells. I suspected that the 2016 nudes were a test to see what I would do with them, from the "Do what you want with them" and the weak "I did not know who she was." paraphrased lines. I confirmed my suspicion when I managed to draw them out again the next year. So why did I ignore their little test? Because they uploaded the nudes on a public site. They already made the decision as to what to do with them. Expecting me to hold their views, that is their problem. Public is public, private is private. I am not the one who tried playing manipulative games, lied my ass off and posted nudes in public, lol. ] - Added February 26th, 2019

This update is also a good time to explain some things. I hear complaints from feminists that "Revenge Porn" is a matter of enforcing consent. This is another logic fail. If you want to make it about consent, then let us not be hypocrites. Every single feminist who publicly shares private sexting screenshots without the man's consent, is now also a criminal. Every single person who shares a funny, embarrassing, shocking, etc, screenshot of a private conversation without that person's consent, is now a criminal. is now an illegal site! Not to mention how has backed up anything online for decades, without consent. Every single thing captured in public is now also illegal, since people are already crying "You do not have my consent!" when they have been caught on camera doing something that someone else deems noteworthy. Most memes are now illegal too. Are you seeing the idiocy here yet? Most rational people understand that when you interact with a digital medium, that is where your control of consent ends. That information is no longer a part of you and anything can and will happen with it, regardless of any law. Decades later, the Entertainment Industry has still not learned this! Even your own Government does not give a rats ass about your consent and spies on every intimate, digitally accessible detail of your life!

[ For people trying to respond to the "Just do not share nudes and this will not happen" with, never go outside then, or drive, or ride a roller coaster, etc, please do not be an idiot. This is about personal responsibility and unnecessary risk. People have survived for thousands of years without transmitting images of their naked body across the globe. Because make no mistake, that is exactly what you are doing. Not only is there the aforementioned Government spying, but anytime you upload anything to the internet, it is stored and copied on servers across the planet. With the right tools and knowledge, anyone can access that! So something as intimate as your naked body, is absolutely an unnecessary risk to ever store in the stupid cloud. Why people trust the cloud at all, is beyond me. Hacking is far easier for a lot more people, than coming to your home, breaking in and stealing your stuff. It is a lot easier to get away with too. Online transmission of intimate data is a completely unnecessary risk. I also cringe at the fact that "minors sending nudes" is even a problem. Man I miss the days when most kids did not even have such powerful tools, until they were adults who earned their own money! Oh the poor darling needs to be like the Joneses, with a smartphone and free access to the entire world of degeneracy! Oh but you block their access, right? You are a "good parent". That is why most kids these days are totally stripped of any innocence and are sending nudes of themselves by the time they hit 12-13. Bravo! When you allow these things, you get what you deserve. I have no sympathy for you and your irresponsible life choices. Sure, you are free to do them, but we are also free to call you a moron. ] - Added February 17th, 2021

So no, the root of this is all about respect. I will not get into all of the problems in today's society that have led to this complete lack of respect, as that would take several more lengthy paragraphs. But in this case, when a person completely disrespects, or lies to, manipulates, tries to control, brutally shames either privately or publicly, or is maliciously hurting another person, then that person will lose all respect for the offender and they will justifiably retaliate. If you expect respect after having done any of those things, then you are mental! Information spreads when you treat people like garbage. To also further attack and punish that [Victimized] person, is just absurd and even more wrong! I say "person", because even [Women] are [Leaking] nudes! Even some leftists were [Surprised To Learn] that their beloved minority group is highly likely to release "Revenge Porn".

Korn - Victimized


Revenge Porn - More Common Than You'd Think


Now let's address the term "Revenge Porn". Revenge: "the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands.". Notice the part in bold? By calling it "Revenge", you are in fact admitting that you initiated a wrongdoing on said individual and that they are simply getting retribution for your actions! Again, your answer is to further inflict harm on the individual, leaving them even further victimized? If that is not the case though, if you did nothing wrong to begin with, then guess what? It is not revenge!

[ Speaking of revenge, when Hannah and I argued again in 2017, she actually said that I shared my ex's nudes because "she annoyed you as well". Trivializing it that much...seriously, go to hell. Let us play that out, shall we? You are in a relationship going on six years. You are engaged to be Married. One day, out of the blue, your significant other just does not come home, does not call, does not return your calls. How do you feel? Just annoyed? Then you are psychotic. After what feels like an eternity, they finally call you back, and over the phone, give you the classic ridiculous line that they still love you, but are not in love with you anymore. In a few more weeks time, they are wanting you back, which of course you agree to, since they are holding your heart in their hands. In a couple of months, they are wanting to be engaged again. Feeling incredibly vulnerable, you ask them repeatedly if they are sure, that you just cannot handle another repeat of last time. They assure you that they are certain. Several more months go by and guess what? They do the exact same thing again! Except this time, after leaving you hanging for a bit again, they inform you via email that it is over and that they have been cheating on you. Are you still just annoyed, like a good little psychopath? Or completely destroyed, like a normal person?

Now, we all know how some women react to having their heart crushed. Your clothes and things are in the street/yard, your car probably needs a paintjob and new windows, she makes up tons of lies about you, belittles your manhood, makes falsified police reports, etc. Most of those things generally go unpunished too. If by the same token, a guy gets a bit of revenge by sharing her nudes, then that is worthy of a prison sentence? As usual, the law is heavily slanted towards women. But my dishing out that well deserved retribution means that Hannah "couldn't possibly beat that immaturity on any level"? Equating Revenge to Maturity is downright laughable. In other words, justice is immature. What my ex did was unforgivable and horrendous and I will never wish her well. Sharing my ex's nudes, is the very least that I could have done. I never included a nice doxing with it, as some people do. I never had my friends harass her, rubbing salt in the wound, as she did to me. But just letting it go, without any revenge whatsoever? Now that truly would be pathetic.

Understandably, I had not trusted a single woman since then, not even as a friend. I already knew what a lot of women are like these days, that many of them are nothing like my Mother's or Grandmother's generation. They are self-serving, backstabbing, traitorous cunts. Weeding through them to find the good ones, is just not worth the hassle to me and to many other guys.

Then, after the mess of me trying to get the ID proof from Hannah, I guess she thought that it would be a good idea to befriend me. That would have gone fine, had she been honest to begin with, but no, she had to wait until I was finally feeling comfortable with trusting a woman again, to knife me in the back with all of her judgments and attempts to change my views to match her own. Maybe now you can understand why I will never be made to feel bad about treating people as they deserve. And yes, I am quite patient with all of this, letting the years tick by. "Revenge is a dish best served cold". ] - Added May 4th, 2019

Since I mentioned the feminists whining about men sexting, aka sending "unsolicited dick pics", let's address that! Role reversal time! No straight man on this planet is going to bemoan receiving unsolicited pussy or tit pics from random women! In fact, that is laughable! We would be like, "Oh yeah man, you have it soooo rough seeing all of those titties and pussies all day, are you even straight?", LOL! So as usual, feminists are actually advocating for forcing men to accept a woman's view. In other words, men's view is wrong, women's view is right and should be socially, or lawfully enforced. Typical, brain-damaged feminist thinking that the sexes are in fact equal in every way and that anything they disagree with, is just more "vile misogyny". On the other hand, women who have their head on straight, just accept men for being men. But sure, continue your feminist idiocy, trying to force men to think and behave like women! It is doing wonders for destroying the species, what with men giving up on women entirely, relationships and marriages going down the toilet and the birthrates spiraling downwards! Bravo! The [Elitist Social Engineers] are so proud of you for accepting their conditioning without question! [Georgia Guidestones], here we come! Woo-hoo!!! HA! Even more funny, is the feminist hypocrisy that I mentioned above. I have seen feminazis advocating for making it a crime to send dick pics and many saying to shame the men by sending the pics to their Mothers! Not only is that breaching the consent that they cheerlead for, but they are actually so brain-damaged as to say that if you would not send or say something to your Mom, then it should not be sent to others, lol! I hope their private sexting conversations and nudes get sent to their Mothers too. Oh wait, some guys actually do that and the same feminazis cry bloody murder, LOL!

All of this is summed up in the dystopian B-movie comedy, [Cherry 2000]. In a world that requires consent contracts and lawyers for having sex, that movie sums up the end result of feminism quite nicely. And yes, while its intent was to show radical feminism versus feminism versus male chauvinism, you can say that it is really feminism aka female chauvinism versus basic human rights versus male chauvinism, because basic human rights is what the original women's rights activists were aiming for, before they became an established chauvinist/misandrist ideology called Feminism. So it is an educational movie for both feminists and MGTOWs.

Lastly, if you think that there are not very easy ways around those silly laws, then you are very dense. I can think of several right off the top of my head! It can only work when the people are ignorant of the law. I also crack up when reading the bad analogies that these people make when trying to defend their illogical position. [Personal Responsibility] is apparently an incomprehensible thing to them. We should all just ignore common sense and do whatever we feel like, lol. If you feel like walking in the street, then just do it. It is totally the responsibility of the person in the car to stop on a dime and not kill you, LOL! After all, it is offensive to suggest that it is your fault for doing something so obviously careless to begin with! Oh right! The entitled generation! I forgot, silly me. A funny one was comparing it to being robbed by someone you trust to look after your place while you are gone. There is so much wrong with that analogy, but clearly the trust is past tense in the case of this porn, FAIL! This generation has clearly never learned any critical thinking skills, lol.

January 23rd, 2017
This is the day that Hannah finally contacted me again, in regards to the release of the new nudes. I know that she knew about it well before then though. Now, did she have some kind of realization that what she had said and done had led to this happening? That, "Wow, I must have actually really hurt and offended him for him to not care about doing this!" Nope! Instead, she went with furthering the stupidity and aggravating me some more with an invalid [Copyright Notice] filled with extra flavors of blatant nonsense! Not only did she do that, but she contacted me yet again on an account that I have quit using for email, which I had informed her about the last time she hurled accusations on that email. I had even setup some filters on it, to send auto-replies and auto-delete the emails, but unfortunately the auto-reply was not working. I did happen to see the email in the trash anyways though, when I went to check the account for missing chat messages. I mention this, since on one of her email attempts, I got to see another couple of accusatory replies that she had sent around my Birthday! I am glad that I had not seen those! Anyways, even if I gave a damn about copyrights, which I do not in the least, it was absolutely the wrong approach. Being that formally cold, and throwing in all that nonsense, will only get you a fighting response from me. I even ignored it completely, which is extremely rare for me to do, until a couple of days later when she finally used the right email. Funny enough, part of the ridiculous crap was removed from the [Second Attempt]. I flat out told her that we both have stubborn, strong wills and that if we kept playing chicken like this to see who swerves first, then we would both end in a bloody wreck of carnage. That statement of logic fell on deaf ears though.

On a funny, related note, I had also previously blocked Hannah on my new email, since I was quite tired of her hostility and the stress it was causing. That explains why Hannah later started only replying back to me on some other bogus email she made, even though I was replying back to the one that I had blocked. I simply forgot that I had blocked it about a year ago, doh! I even asked Hannah about it, but she apparently could not bother to tell me that her replies were being rejected, lol. I am pretty sure that Hannah thinks that I am always screwing with her when that kind of stuff happens, which says more about her than me.

The 23rd is also the day that I was contacted by someone who claimed to know Hannah and who gave me some proof in the form of a facebook Friends screenshot and a few private facebook pictures. I still figure that they were Hannah though, for several reasons. I mentioned to them that I thought it was odd that Hannah had not contacted me yet about taking down the new nudes. Then Hannah does, that very same day. Sure, you could say that they simply told Hannah, but that does not fit with their narrative that they did not want her to know and risk being defriended. Plus, I know that Hannah already knew about them being on the site for nearly a month. Also, they had the same tells as Hannah. There are certain things that Hannah says that are quite unique. I have never heard them from anyone else. They also contacted me directly and asked if that email was still good. Hannah would not have known this, but virtually no one contacts me directly on that email, unless they already know it. It is much easier to use the contact form. Another telling thing, is that there was a lot of lying going on. According to Hannah, they told her that I already had the private pictures and had described the pictures to them before they sent them as confirmation. Now that sounds like something that someone would say to cover their own ass, but why even bother when they were supposedly contacting Hannah anonymously to begin with? Completely unnecessary lying is certainly a Hannah trait though! They asked me for her email too, but all I was comfortable giving them was the public Google+ profile for that email. Normally, I will not even give that out, but they clearly already knew Hannah somehow. I just do not give out people's email addresses without their permission. The next thing I know, they are supposedly emailing Hannah. I do not see how that was possible at all. I found out that Google had added the ability to email someone in Gmail by typing their name and picking their Google+ profile, but I also confirmed that Google removed that intrusive feature in Oct/Nov of 2016. Supposedly, Hannah asks them if I gave them her email and uses my first name. They said that Hannah never used my username when trying to figure out who it was. That is quite odd, since practically no one even knows my first name! Oh and yes, my knee-jerk reaction to Hannah asking that, was to suggest that they lie, so she did not flip out. However, I then suggested to just say that they did not know who that was, which was true. Sometimes you just have to ask me the right question, otherwise I might get tricky like that, lol. If you never think about lying, then you are not human. When I was growing up, my problem was lying to protect myself. I try very hard not to do that anymore and it is largely why I hate lying so much now. Anyways, Hannah also tells me that according to them, I told them that she was an escort! (I will get a screenshot up of that email at some point too. Not fond of reading through them again.) That is a total lie and as usual, I was happy to prove it with [Screenshots] of the conversation. Hannah claimed that they provided screenshots to the contrary, which can only be fakes if they really did. Hannah never wanted to see mine, even though I repeatedly offered. Hannah knows very well about me providing her proof and she has asked for it before, so the entire thing felt like her just screwing with me. Also, I documented how they were often on and off of xhamster around the same time. They both have also not been back online since. They both were asking the same questions about who the leaker was, etc. Also, when people contact me, nothing is ever vague. One of my tip offs that the person is probably Hannah, is that they remain completely mysterious and vague. Like when I was adding people to the old, hidden section of the site, I never had any problem being able to verify them in one way or another. But, these few people with Hannah-tells? Nothing is verifiable. So I do mess with them a bit, in order to expose them, lol. Also like Hannah, they could not manage anything even remotely technical, like downloading the new archive from the multiup site. However, they somehow managed to find that email of mine and know something pretty obscure about Gmail that even I did not know? Uh-huh, sure. They were both also trying to tie me and ironhide78 together as the same person, lol. That is something that Hannah has asked me before too, under another documented fake account. I really enjoy leaving her twisting in the wind on that one though, given the proven fake nonsense that she has pulled on me, but still refused to admit. Another thing was how I had mentioned a detail about a couple of private pictures and they tried to pass that off as something that instagram does when you upload pictures, lol. That is another cringeworthy excuse that I would expect from Hannah. They exposed themselves good with that one! Just because I do not use a website, that does not mean that I do not know about technological limitations. No site can just seamlessly photoshop a picture in that way! It was NOT some random filter editing thing, lol! It takes the type of skilled guys that you will see on 4chan to edit a picture in that way and even then, people can tell. So why would they make up such a reason? Probably because they were embarrassed at the mistake and did not want to lend credence to what I had said about it. Now that could still be a friend of Hannah's who is just as technologically clueless, but that sure would be a crazy amount of coincidences! I think it is more absurd to think that Hannah's friends are all carbon copies of her, lol. Anyways, there is probably more that I am forgetting about this, but this has gotten long enough already!

Speaking of people screwing around, Hannah also claimed that 50+ people have told her that I gave them her information. I can only assume that she is lying yet again, or that someone is impersonating me. Although, no one has ever contacted me to thank me, or carry on some conversation that they thought they had with me, so I can only assume that this is a lie. I have never seen any proof of this and I doubt I ever will. Hannah also tried laying on the guilt really thick by saying that I am trying to ruin her life, cause her stress, etc by putting all of this information on the site and spreading the new nudes around. For one thing, I simply do not believe Hannah anymore, but that is not my intention at all. If Hannah constantly did not deny that she did anything wrong, then I would not be exposing all of this. If Hannah stopped making up reasons for me being upset, then I would not feel the need to lay all of this out. In truth, I really have no idea how saying any of this has actually affected Hannah, but I have not seen any indication that any of it has affected her at all. Words by themselves do not mean squat. When someone is truly affected by something, they take action. Clearly everyone can tell that Hannah has affected me with all of it, because I took action by spilling all of this. But the only time that I have seen any actual action from Hannah, is when she tried getting the new nudes taken down. So apparently that is the only thing that has actually affected Hannah. If Hannah has been honest though, then she must think me to be horrible for dismissing what she says. That is the problem though with liars. You cannot take anything they say as being true. Hannah could tell me that she tried slitting her wrists over it and I would not even blink. Hannah is the [Boy Who Cried Wolf].

That complete inability to believe anything Hannah says, is largely why I requested new nudes. Hannah can tell me that she has changed now, blah blah, but I am not going to believe it. Yes, Hannah changed so much, that now we have new nudes, lol! Plus as I have said, I knew it would be a big deal for Hannah to share them with me, so I could not think of anything better that would prove her sincerity. It would prove 100% that Hannah was sorry and did not mean the things she said before, about how she "really" felt for all of this time. I also did not really expect Hannah to do it, because I think that truly is how she feels now. If Hannah did not feel that way, then she would have been open to doing it, even if it would mean making an exception for me. If Hannah actually regretted leading me on for years, when she had no intention of ever doing it, then she would feel obligated to send me something now. It is the least that Hannah could do, especially after the paysite. At least, that is how good hearted people work when they realize how badly they screwed up. As I told Hannah, that was the test all along, to which she scoffed at. Hannah also repeatedly said that my request for nudes was blackmail. Hannah kept assigning threats to it that did not exist. Simply put, if Hannah told me that she would do it, but only because she felt like she had to, then I would turn her down. However, it is true that under UK laws on blackmail, I could demand it from Hannah since I deem it to be restitution. That is not considered blackmail. I even told Hannah that, since she was stuck on it like a broken record. However, that is not what I want at all. As I have stated multiple times, it was about Hannah taking a real action that I can actually believe, showing that she was actually sorry. And of course I want them too, given all of Hannah's teasing over the years. Win win. At that point I would believe Hannah that she was sorry and I would close this all down. In Hannah's mind though, no matter what I said, it was basically "I do that and you take it down?", aka blackmail. Heh... Oddly enough though, Hannah said that she was willing to pay me for the paysite to make amends that way. Somehow that did not equal blackmail to Hannah, lol. I turned that down, because it is cold and impersonal, completely meaningless to me. Which is funny that Hannah would do that, since she was also completely put off by guys just throwing money at her, as if she was a piece of meat to be bought. Another example of Hannah assigning threats to what I say, was her wanting confirmation that if she did not do it, then would I keep spreading the new nudes around. Will I keep posting them around? Who knows. When the mood strikes me, sure. Why? It is not because I am trying to force Hannah to do anything, but as she did rightly say, I just do not care what hassle it causes her. After what Hannah has said and done, without remorse, why the hell would I care? I used to care, that much should be quite obvious. That is what Hannah does not comprehend. I have learned to switch off and not care about people who have proven to me that they do not care about me either. As I have said many times, I will treat you the same as you treat me. Now, you could say, "Yeah you are just being clever and if Hannah lied to you, saying that she wanted to do it now, then you would go for it, because you got your way.". No, do you really think that I could not tell if Hannah was not being sincere? That is the kind of thing that Hannah would think about me though, which is why I mention it.

May 1st, 2017
This site will very likely never completely close, since Hannah has an incredibly warped view of me and she will never make up for the things that she has said about me. In fact, Hannah just keeps adding to the list of horrible things that she has said! It also does not help to hate on someone one minute, then turn around and pretend to be all nice again the next minute. It just shows how [Fake And Manipulative] you are. Hannah even offered to add me to her social media, if I would just sellout the one guy who shared some private pictures with me! Wow! I guess that would appeal to the beta cucks out there, but I find that to be quite offensive, despicable and pathetic. After I blew off Hannah's fake nice attempt, she claimed that she was trying to find common ground to build on. I am sorry girl, but that ship sailed after everything you have said and done. Making amends with me is about proving to me that you are actually sorry and did not mean all of it. However, since Hannah clearly has no remorse for all of it, I never want to be her friend. Contrary to what Hannah thinks are the possible reasons for me to be doing all of this, I do not fancy her, nor do I hate her. After everything, the only thing I have left now is the physical attraction to Hannah. Hannah blew the rest, the admiration, respect and so-called friendship. If I hated Hannah, then I would not keep giving her chances to make up, or have kept tolerating her berating me. It is true that we share a few things in common, that is what drew me to Hannah over our years of talking, but that means nothing to me when someone does as she did. I am sure we have things in common with serial killers too, but that does not mean we can get along, lol. The best that Hannah can hope for is to make amends with me, then we both part ways. I do not keep superficial friends. I will talk to people on a superficial level, out of politeness and tolerance, but never mistake that for friendship.

Korn - Fear Is A Place To Live


As I said before though, I do not expect Hannah to ever make amends with me. Hannah's response was, "What is in it for me?". That might shock you, but it is exactly what I have come to expect from Hannah, pure self interest with no regard for the other person. News flash! Making up to someone is about THEM, not YOU. Hannah also constantly tries to attach her own meaning to things. I have laid all of this out on here for Hannah and everyone to read and understand, yet she will still pull some very stupid and insulting crap, like saying that I am only this upset with her for not sending me nudes and that I should get help! If that is your take away from all of this, then I cannot help you to understand and I am done trying.

December 1st, 2017
I wanted to mention the person who chatted with me for a bit on here. I would not be surprised if they are one of Hannah's friends too, since they were subtlety defending her. They implied that I am being narcissistic to tell someone the truth when it is hurtful. I think they meant self-centered, but it disgusts me how people will actually try to apply something negative to being honest. Wait, who is known as the "Father of lies" again? There is a reason that lying is associated with evil. It is actually far more self-centered to lie. The truth might hurt now, but a lie will compound the offense and will usually destroy someone when they find out. Maybe you are very lucky and get away with lying, but it is like one of those random old land mines that was placed during a war. You never know when someone might step on it. There are reasons that these words of wisdom exist: "The truth will not stay buried forever.", "The truth will set you free." and the most important, "No one believes a liar, even when he tells the truth". As I have said, that last one is where I am with Hannah now. By the way, Hannah has also called me a narcissist, which is quite hilarious coming from her. I know myself well, but [This Test Result], from [Here], pretty well re-affirmed what I already knew. Echoism: Yep, I have a bad habit of putting others first and dropping anything that I am doing to help them. I have actually been trying to lessen this, since it causes me to not get things done that need to be done. Healthy Narcissism: This result actually would have been a little too high in the past, but I have improved here and it is why I am not afraid to voice my opinion anymore. Extreme Narcissism: This is the one that I am being accused of and as I expected, it is quite low. A little less outgoing? Try total hermit who has to be forced to socialize, lol! Hannah does not get it that the things she said about me, are why I am forcing myself out of my comfort zone to say all of this. I would much rather not be here explaining any of this, but I just cannot stand for having those things said about me and to be be treated that way. Anyways, back to lying. This person also seemed to be conflating lying with secrets. A secret does not involve lying, unless you end up confronted by someone finding out, or being suspicious and they are asking you for confirmation. That said, secrets are quite problematic too and only some are morally acceptable. It was also said that someone might be lying because they are afraid of what the other person will do with that information. Yep, self-centered. You are more concerned with yourself, than with how your lie will affect the other person. I think that Hannah justified it by deeming me to be a "vile" person. Also, blatant, habitual lying is what immature children do. Mature people try very hard not to lie, because they understand the harm that it causes to themselves and others.
December 17th, 2017
After some talk in chat about wondering if there would be a new leak this December, the [Leaker Showed] back up in chat. Yes, this time I was actually trying to get a reaction, but no, not from Hannah. I intentionally left "leak" ambiguous for that very reason. As I have now mentioned on the main page, there was never going to be another public leak, since that would be too much. Allegedly, the leaker hates both of us now, lol. After some PMs, he mentioned the anonib thread of Hannah, where I noticed someone flaming me. Yep, it was him. At least I was assuming that the leaker is a dude, but the [Crying Laughter Emote] makes me wonder, lol. Sorry, but that emote is overused to death by women and is so very annoying. I just imagine all of the people constantly crying with laughter, since emotes are supposed to reflect your actual mood! Anyways, at that point they proceeded to flame me directly with some very laughable judgments. As I have explained on here, I am not your typical porn dude. Apparently, they thought that I was. No, I am just here to share what I like, for the enjoyment of others. I have never been and will never be, the typical porn dude who goes around recruiting women for porn and sleeping around with tons of women. I am not here to "romance" these type of women, as the leaker said, because they are not my type. I have zero interest in that. To me, sharing is caring, whether it is public or private and regardless of whatever type of person that you are. I am thankful to the leaker for sharing what they did, but I am certainly not the "beg" type, like they said. That is hilariously wrong. At any rate, I got the info update that I was looking for to begin with, leak or no leak, so thanks for that! :P

Upon further thought, I have decided to stick with not assuming the leaker's gender, because it still would not surprise me to learn that it was actually Hannah all along. Thanks to my provocateuring with the leak talk, it is clear that the two are, at the very least, personally connected. Plus Hannah showed up not long after the leaker. Here is what we know: The leaker privately trash talked Hannah to me, while publicly defending her and claimed to regret their leak. Yet, they also made no requests for me to take the stuff down, repeatedly saying that it was up to me to do with it what I like. Now we have probably all seen regretful leaker guys. They always try their hardest to get the stuff taken down, with pleas, begging and reporting. This thing is an obvious farce, the motives are all wrong. They also said, "I never distributed it online so its not my problem.", which is quite odd. They shared some on a public chat and uploaded the rest to a public site, so that is quite obviously distributing them online and certainly falls under the crazy "Revenge Porn" laws in the UK. The leaker even said as much in private. The legal blame clearly lays on them and not the subsequent people who share it around. Since Hannah put effort into getting them taken down, then you can bet that the leaker would have felt the full brunt of that, but as I said, they do not act like it at all.

Like I mentioned before, you could assume that the leaker just despises us both, but personally I think it makes more sense that it is all an act to see if I agree with the trash talking. The indirect probing is classic here and also totally pointless with me. For one thing, I recognize it and will immediately screw with you by putting things in just the right ambiguous way that you will conclude that I agree, lol. If you keep that in mind and re-read my replies to certain things, then it will become obvious. Sorry, I kind of twistedly enjoy screwing with people that try to screw with me, lol. Anyways, the leaker clearly sides with Hannah and mentioned things from the start that showed their connection. The leaker trashed talked me too, with information gotten only from Hannah. That makes even less sense if you believe that the leaker is a betrayer to Hannah. And why would a betrayer be coming and going at the same time as Hannah? It all smells fishy. To me, the entire thing was and is a test, one which I intentionally fail, lol. The leaker pretended not to know the backstory, but they clearly did by the way they spoke. Then they also made the same plea to me that others have done in chat, who I also suspect of being personally tied to Hannah, because it is something that she has mentioned a few times before too. I really do not get your tactic though guys/gals. I get what you are saying and I would have no problem agreeing, but all of your actions are giving me no reason to care. Plenty of people have ended up down that road and their life is not over, so I am not really concerned. Plus, the constant put downs are not the way to win me over. Anyways, the nudes appear to be meant as an appeal to me, something that could be plausibly denied, but that was entirely the wrong way to do it.

There is also the leaker getting noticeably upset when I pointed out their contradictions. Why would you lie from the start, claim to be truthful, then get all pissy when I point out the obvious lies? Sounds so much like a girly, Hannah reaction, lol. I feel that people think that if they openly talk with me, then I will make a public spectacle of it, even if things gets resolved. That is honestly not it at all. I only make this stuff public when you maliciously screw with me. If people actually started acting appropriately, then of course I am not going to speak about it.

It also makes no sense that the leaker would openly call Hannah a "sneaky piece of trash", knowing full well that she will read that, when the leaker and Hannah are supposedly still speaking in confidence with each other. It makes far more sense to me, that calling her that, was the leaker's/Hannah's way of pretending to take my side, to diffuse their next statement of letting her "get on with her life now". In other words, it was the typical manipulative ploy that I would expect from Hannah, or someone siding with her, but certainly not from a leaker that supposedly betrayed her. You know that you are dealing with that type of person too, when as I said, they trash talk you on one hand and play nice on the other.

There is one theory that I could easily see as being what happened. We know that these nudes came from the period of time that Hannah was single again, but the sharing of them did not happen until long after she got back together with the same guy. So it is possible that Hannah had shared these nudes while single, then later was looking for a way to get me to go away with all of this, and asked that trusted person to share them on here. That way, even if the nudes/news did get around, Hannah could pass it off as "just some asshole who betrayed my trust!" and "prove" whether or not I was trustworthy, etc. That would explain why it all seemed so scripted to begin with and why they are so ticked with me now, since it did not work. You would think that it would be obvious that this plan would not work on me, but then it is also very, very clear that Hannah does not get me at all. I might as well be some alien from another galaxy, lol. Which by the way, is because I am a natural contrarian. I was not molded by pop culture like Hannah clearly was, so we do not think even remotely the same way about practically everything. I do not know a single person who has a clear picture of who I am, which can be quite frustrating. They typically jump on stereotypes, as Hannah has done, and miss the mark entirely. Anyways, this theory is exactly the type of thing that I would expect from Hannah.

Here are some more things to keep in mind. For whatever reason, Hannah likes December for her porn. The leak was in December and Hannah knew about it, but she did not contact me until almost a month later. I think this time was intentionally being used to "prove" things that Hannah wanted to know. So whatever the case may be, I do not believe that the leak was genuine.

December 24th, 2017
Ah Christmas Eve, a fuzzy-warm, happy time to spend with your family and...visit porn sites, create fake accounts and post bald-faced lies! LOL! As mentioned below in the Dec 28th update, that is what Hannah did when she [Posted These Messages] in chat. I simply saved and deleted them from chat, then banned her completely for a little while, but she was still active even on Christmas Day! Why did I react that way? For all of the reasons that I have mentioned on here, plus Hannah's stupid fake account habit and the fact that the only time she could actually bother to show up in chat to address anything, is the time when she was apparently pissed, aka self-serving. The messages themselves were just laughable. Why? What did Hannah mean? It was a threat that dates back about a year to the 2016 leaks, when a supposed journalist (most likely Hannah) showed up in chat offering to interview me for an article that they were supposedly going to do on the whole Hannah saga. That is when Hannah claimed the same thing, that she was working with sites to put out articles about me, from her lying side of things. Hannah even claimed that it would include my personal information, hers too, which was just insanely asinine and funny enough, an actual doxing threat, lol. So not only was it a year old threat that had not happened, it has now (2019) also been another year since this one! I think that is really all that needs to be said about that.
December 28th - 31st, 2017
After about 7 years, Hannah finally officially [Came Back On The Chat]. Now all of you can see the vitriolic conversation that we have had repeatedly since 2015, when I stopped tolerating the lies. With the insane level of ridiculous statements that Hannah made, I really hope that she was just stupidly messing with me. Otherwise, Hannah is truly mental. And yes, it is stupid to intentionally say ridiculous stuff to mess with someone, because it only serves to validate what I have said and makes you sound like you should be in a padded room, lol. I will update this later with references and more proof, so you can see more clearly what I mean.

This conversation also spilled over into an anon-ib thread, when I replied to someone saying the same nonsense. Hannah also showed up there, so here are the [Relevant Screenshots] from there. I assume that Hannah was completely clueless as to the kind of site that she was posting on. The thread was deleted not long after my posts, probably because of my derailing the thread and my exposing the [Type Of People] that were supposedly siding with Hannah. If there were relevant replies after my last few, then I do not know about them. I left the thread after that and was told later about it being deleted. Funny how they have turned off the user IDs now.

Fake cum joke picture: [See Here]. [ Old chat link has died. Updated November 2nd, 2020 with a local copy. ] Hannah sees this and says, "You've cum over a picture of me that you've cropped children out of either side..... That is the single worst thing I have ever seen". Not only did Hannah apparently not know that it was a fake, but naturally she assumes the worst possible motive, as she has always done with me. You do not get around much if that is the worst thing you have seen, which is obvious to me, given what I have seen Hannah say about tribute pictures and guys getting off to pictures. [Check Here] and browse around too, if you want to see some truly disturbing, real examples of some sickos. (Update: Thankfully that site has closed again, but after reading about the owner, I doubt that it will stay closed. It was a thread in which scumbags were asking others to tribute pictures of Moms with their kids/babies and pictures of children! That kind of sick pedo filth was rampant on that site. There was a Hannah thread on there too, which is how I learned about it.) (Update 2: Yep, that site is back up again.) You might remember that I had mentioned the sick leftist "humor" that pales in comparison. Exhibit A: [James Gunn], director of Guardians of the Galaxy. As usual, "Liberals" are actually defending him and brushing it off as "past mistakes". Wow. If I need to "see a doctor" for my joke pic, then this guy needs electroshock, lol. I cannot even imagine thinking, let alone saying, the things he did. Exhibit B: [Dan Harmon], Rick and Morty co-creator. I do not even know what to say to that, other than the world would be a better place without Dan in it. I cannot say that I am surprised, given his degenerate show. Exhibit C: [Sarah Silverman], degenerate "Comedian". Sarah is the classic example of depraved leftist "humor". For me to compare with these sick freaks, I would have had to leave Hannah's kids in the picture and put fake cum on them too, *pukes*. On top of that, mine is not even a tribute picture, fake or otherwise. It is a fake facial picture! As I explained, it was a joke in response to the user who said, "You Know How to make us smile jajajajajaj. It's a pity that there isn't a picture of her tasting the dessert's cream, that would have been a complete menu.". So I went looking through the collection for a picture with Hannah making the standard cumshot facial expression of having her tongue out, etc. I kept looking when I saw that cropped one, but unfortunately it was the only match. Since it is cropped, fake and only a joke, I went ahead and used it. If you actually have a problem with that, then again, you can kindly kiss my ass.

Rick & Morty Has A Pedo Problem


[ Hannah also has no room to talk about that picture, when she posts all kinds of very adult stuff, like joking about flashing her tits for bottles of wine, on platforms full of kids. [Hannah is not alone either]. There are quite a few, far worse, degenerate whores on there, who are intentionally showing tits and sex to small children. That usually earns you a prison sentence and rightfully so. Hannah supposedly got offended, when she thought that I called her disgraceful, well that is absolutely disgraceful! Not to mention years ago, Hannah had her young kid on her lap, while visiting this porn site and trying to talk to me, with him hitting keys. I was polite and did not say anything about that [Mom Of The Year] level of messed up, but she totally has it coming at this point. My joke picture cannot even compare to those levels of jacked up. What you people say and post around kids is revolting. I would never let mine get anywhere near people like you and I feel sorry for yours.] - Added May 28th/June 2nd, 2020 - Addemdum August 3rd, 2021

"What's saddest about this is that youll just be excited im on here for some drama." Is Hannah on crack or something? lol No, aside from an ever shrinking hope that Hannah will actually make amends, she actually knows full well that I dread hearing from her these days. Back in the beginning, I never even thought about Hannah lurking on here, not until she asked everyone to chat as if she was still there. Sure, I realized that my joke would likely offend Hannah, but as I said, I do not care. I know how reactionary Hannah is, and how she always twists what I do or say into some sinister meaning, but really, I was not expecting, or trying, to get a response. I even hesitated for a second when I thought that Hannah might say something, but I figured that it was highly unlikely, given the history. And me wanting drama? Really!? I thought that I have mentioned this before, but I loathe drama! Drama is one of the biggest reasons that I will not watch TV anymore! These days, even scifi is driven by the drama and the scifi is barely there in the background! I prefer the old days, where it was completely reversed, where it takes you years to learn even small details about a character's life outside of the story. I watch for the story, not for some stupid crap about how Billy knocked up Sue, or whatever. Leave that for the cringeworthy Soap Operas and Reality TV shows. Basically, only insert minor drama to advance the story. If you can cut it and it not affect the story, then please cut that crap. If you think that I write all of this for the drama, then you are sadly mistaken. Anyways, this just further proves how little Hannah knows me, or how much she makes stuff up in order to "win". I am not sure how it is winning to say something so ridiculously false, but ok then. Maybe Hannah actually enjoys getting me to explain everything, since she somewhat likes to read, lol.

"Amends for what. The fact you haven't got what you wanted?" You know what, I am not going to be even remotely polite about this one anymore. Everyone with a functional brain knows what for, but Hannah continues dismissing it, which is just ripping the wound back open to pour more salt in it. So if you truly do not know by now, then you are retarded. Go on and keep making it about nudes, it just makes you look like an idiot. If something gets you depressed and you want, get and eat an entire quart of ice cream, does that mean that the lack of ice cream is what made you depressed? ID Ten T Error!

[ There is another ridiculous thing about her reason too. In the nearly seven years of us speaking, off and on, I never once asked her for nudes! Even when she tried and failed to send me some pics from her Blackberry, I did not pursue it. In fact, I actually regret the fact that I did not ask her the next day about resending them. It made me appear to be totally disinterested! I did want them, but I did not pursue it, because she had said that she broke up with her boyfriend. I could have taken advantage of the situation, as a typical porn dude would do, but that is not me! If nudes were something that I wanted so badly, then why did I never even pursue it?! The idea that I would "throw a tantrum" over not getting nudes from any chick, is just absurd to me.

So why did I finally ask, after everything went to hell? I have explained that on here, but there are multiple reasons, like it being that proverbial ice cream to a very depressing situation. Also, Hannah obliterated the entire alleged "friendship" that she claimed to be trying to build, so what is left to even ask for? I knew it had a very slim chance of happening, but Hannah never caught onto the fact that I was mainly trying to prove a point. Hannah was clearly still sending out nudes, proving to me that she lied and had not changed one bit. So why not ask, just to get Hannah to prove that she meant all of things that she said about me. It never got her to admit that she lied and just said those things to be hurtful, so she must have meant them, right? Why allow all of this to continue on for years, if Hannah did not mean the hurtful things that she has said? There was never a moment of truth from Hannah, where she could have said something like, "Ok look, I am sorry about saying that I have not shown interest since 2008, clearly we have talked about it. I am sorry for lying and hurting you so badly with the things that I said. I was too scared about it coming out to people who I did not want to know about it. Hurting you was easier than trusting you. It was wrong and I will try to make it up to you somehow." Instead, I proved that she never cared to begin with, so why should I care about putting this all out there? Clearly, none of it actually matters. "Tits or GTFO!", as they say, right? ] - Added August 7th, 2019

"I DON'T SPEAK TO YOU YOU FRUIT CAKE LOL" Liar. Is that why I have over 300 replies from her in 2017? Have more proof! Emails: | [001-100] | [101-200] | [201-300] | If you are wondering why Hannah switched to using Stuart, it was a joke after I mentioned that people still [Did Not Know Her Surname]. Yes, that Bruce Wayne is also Hannah, which there are more of. I have not written up the story on that one yet, but it is another case of her using fake accounts. It is now added in the Maturity Hypocrisy section. Which brings me to the next quote.

"I don't use fake accounts because I have a life." To which I said: "You just used another one on here the other day." Hannah's reply: "Yeah and you blocked me". Welp, there you have it folks, Hannah just admitted to lying and not having a life! LOL! Sorry, but that is quite the hilarious statement to make, when Hannah knows full well that I have proof of her using fake accounts. Hannah even admitted it again, when she gave out the fake email on the anonib thread. So yet another lie, but Hannah expects you to believe what she says? Only if you are a brain dead moron, lol.

Another gem is Hannah saying, "Yeah you're a right wing narcassist lol". I am not sure Hannah even knows what "narcissist" means at this point, because I am not even remotely close to being one. Not only did I post accurate test results in the above December 1st update, but Hannah makes the stereotypical mistake of calling me "right wing", lol. I bet Hannah thinks that Trump is right wing too, ha! I align with Libertarian, which is neither right or left wing. Those test results are also posted on the main page, which I have now moved up to the top, since people cannot seem to scroll down. For example, I believe in the human right to self-defense, which is predominantly a right wing trait that the left mostly loathes to no end. But, I am also a true environmentalist who cares about destructive GMOs, Geoengineering, Nuclear Waste, also Recycling and generally not carelessly polluting the planet. That is a typical left wing trait, which the right wing generally calls "tree huggers". Trump has always been an independent too, which is why the right and left political parties hate him. I hate the Bushes, the Clitons, the Obamas, etc. I cringed very hard when I saw that we had another Bush and Clinton running again. Enough with those Elitist, Globalist families! The Bushes are [Skull and Bones] members and the Clintons have a nice body count in their wake, known as [Arkancide]. That is not even getting into how the Clintons have treated victims of [Rape] and sexual abuse, to which there are many examples! And no, those are not Conspiracy Theories (a [CIA Created Term] to discredit people questioning the JFK assassination), those are facts. I cannot stand Obama because he is an anti-American Communist/Socialist. Sanders is also an anti-American Socialist. That is not "right wing", it is simply pro-freedom. You want to take the money that I earned and give it to others? FUCK YOU!!! I legally refuse to pay taxes for that very reason! I am not paying for your abortions, your sex changes, your prophylactics, your wars, or your multi-million dollar sexual misconduct legal settlements. Hannah goes on to say that, "No you are the insane ones lol" "Just need to read your page articles to see that", which is typical of ignorant people. Hannah also said, "You need to go and see a doctor", when I know that she is the one who thinks it is perfectly acceptable for children to reject their own biological sex! No, that is severe mental illness that actually does need a doctor! But sure, lets just normalize these sick fucks: [Transsexual Strippers Dance For Kids In Austin]. [This Article] had me laughing really good! Not because it is funny what happened, but because we now live in a world so mentally insane, that this can even happen! Yeah, I am totally the crazy one who needs to see a doctor, LOL! [Degenerates Everywhere]

"Good lord you're just insane honestly." "You're crazy. Youre legit crazy." I have actually been holding back on saying some things that I worry could be too hurtful. I really should not hold back though, given Hannah repeatedly calling me a psychopath, insane, crazy, etc. First of all, it is not considered medically valid to diagnose someone remotely, but lets go there too anyways. If you look up the traits of a sociopath, Hannah really fits the bill. Dishonesty? Absolutely! Charm? Heck yeah! Manipulation? Duh! Narcissism? Lol, quite obviously. Lack of remorse and shame? Self-evident. Lack of impulse control? Do I even need to ask that one? lol Callousness? Massively! Do I really need to go on? So it is probably not a good idea to call me insane, when you are the one who shares most of the traits of a sociopath. It is also funny how I was not considered insane for the nearly seven years that we interacted, off and on, before this falling out. No doubt I would be "sane" again, if I only just quit all of this and told her that she was right, lol.

Now, am I sometimes cold and calculating, like a psychopath? Yep. That does not mean I am one though and that kind of judgment is why remote diagnoses is considered invalid. Due to my past, I had learned to completely shut down emotionally. I was essentially a Vulcan. For personal reasons, and with no help from anyone, I managed to tear down that mental wall over a decade ago. While I am back to being the chaotic HSP that I was born as, I am also still able to switch off when hurt, threatened, etc. I am able to internalize it and hit you back so coldly that you will probably think me a monster. It is why I am often able to counterpunch your arguments like a cold rock in the midst of your emotional tidal wave. If you are seeing that side of me, then that means you did something that hurt me. I am glad for that ability, because HSPs are too soft when it comes to being attacked by bad people. They are more like libtard SJWs who need a "Safe Space", due to the emotional overload. That would be me, if I had not learned how to shut down when overloaded. As the Nietzsche quote goes, "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.".

Next is, "If they want to see pictures I can just add them!". Hannah called my reply to that a "tantrum", which is also nothing new for these type of women. Again, just a shaming tactic to get their way. I was already thinking about adding a "Maturity Hypocrisy" section too, since Hannah keeps on with that ridiculous attempt at an insult. Anyways, in case you missed the point that I was getting at... I was saying that you have a snowballs chance in hell of Hannah adding you. If you have seen Hannah's facebook, she even added "Don't message me", because she wants nothing to do with her fans. Since I was replying to two things at once, that got a bit lost in translation. Funny how it is a "tantrum" for me to not care about, or to do what Hannah asks, yet it is perfectly fine for her to do the same, lol. No, Hannah is the one who actually throws tantrums! I am not the one whose reaction to things is to want to throw their phone, lol. I clearly remain pretty calm and composed about this, even though it is stressful dealing with Hannah's outrageous statements. Like her compounding it by saying, "You don't get what you want and have a tantrum for 10 years...and I thought the terrible twos were bad.". Back to that ridiculous statement again, which I have debunked ad nauseam, but this time with the maturity insult on top. I love Hannah's "It has been xx years..." statements though. Just make stuff up to give it the dramatic outrage that you want, lol. Even if you took Hannah's absurd "tantrum" side, we are only talking about since things went south in 2015. Unless I time traveled without knowing it, this is not 2025, lol! It is impossible for me to cave to such irrational conversations for the sake of not fighting anymore. Dudes do that all of the time these days and it is pathetic. You have allowed the complete reversal of the inequality of old, where now the men bow to the women to avoid angering them. Grow a pair! Countering them and not tolerating their shitty treatment, is not throwing a tantrum, it is standing up for yourself. Oh boo-hoo, you will not get sex for a bit! Frankly, I would rather just get off than get sex from a manipulative bitch who has just proven that she owns your ass through sex. The only reason that I keep writing all of this stuff up, is because Hannah keeps attacking and insulting, instead of trying to make things right.

Also, Hannah must have already forgotten that she had offered to Friend me and for us to go back to how things were. As I have already mentioned, I respectfully declined and told her that it might be possible, if we truly made amends first. As things stood and still stand, I have no interest in being added and going back, aside from my collector interest in Hannah. Personal interest was destroyed with the things that Hannah has said and she has done nothing so far to make up for that. So it is quite silly to suggest that I would be upset over not being added!

I indirectly covered this one already in chat, "Why keep bugging me though", but I want to clarify it. Firstly, Hannah really does not have to come on the site at all to see anything that I have said or posted. Celebrities just ignore it, because otherwise they would destroy themselves by reading all of the things that are said about them. I only go on what Hannah has directly said and done though, so if any of this is not true about her, then it is because she lied. Maybe Hannah is not truly a feminazi, but she sure as hell talks like one! Like actually [Getting Offended] by someone asking you to smile. I find it a bit odd, but only a feminazi would get offended by someone wanting to see you happy. It is basically the equivalent of "cheer up". How dare you! (In that hilarious Greta tone.) Also, I have not messaged Hannah since we last spoke, back in April 2017, about trying to resolve things. Maybe someone is pretending to be me, which I assume is where this, "Stop emailing me weird messages about how great i am" comes from, because that definitely is not me. Funny how I never see proof of any of those claims. If it is true though, then those people are beyond pathetic. It is easy enough to spoof an email too, which can be easily proven by comparing the message headers. Hannah put the question the right way when she asked, "Why bother at all.". Simple. I have to believe that Hannah can become a better person. A person that is like who Hannah pretended to be. Without amends, there is no "moving on" for me. Being a HSP means that it will never go away. It all comes back to hit me again, every time something reminds me. Since Hannah does not care to make amends, death will be the only release. Of course the intensity becomes less over time, going from a tsunami in the beginning, to a rip tide later on. It does not look like much, but it has a nasty surprise habit of pulling you out again. So of course I carry on with this site, because I really need to see Hannah make amends in some genuinely sincere, meaningful way. I thought the nudes would be apt, since I know it would be a big deal to Hannah and would cover every base for perfect closure, but I am open to suggestions. That is why the leaker nudes did not satisfy me, because they did not offically come from Hannah and thus had no meaning, other than fap material.

People think this is all because I am obsessed, or in love with Hannah, lol! No, this is why I choose friends very carefully. Myself and my relatives do not recover well from betrayal and deception from anyone that we risked opening up to. It is true that I have few friends, but mocking me for that simply does not affect me, because it is entirely by choice. I learned the hard way that too many people are heartless backstabbers. Since I handle isolation amazingly well, why abuse myself with the likes of them? True hermits have always been around, but these days, society is incredibly intolerant of us. Libtards go on about "diversity", but then they would be Libertarian, if they were truly tolerant about real diversity. The people that Hannah has gotten to attack me, if they are not actually her, have proven to me how intolerant and judgmental they are. Apparently, they are the kind of people that Hannah wants to share nudes with. That speaks volumes to me. Sorry, but I will not be turning into an intolerant, judgmental, manipulative, lying piece of shit, in order to get in her good graces. I thought that all of this must be easily understood from everything that I have written on here, but clearly not. This is why I wish that I had never gotten involved with Hannah, because I really do not need another unrepentant betrayal to live with. This is the kind of open disclosure that I write up, then just delete, lol.

Side note on Hermits/Introverts: These days I see people claiming to be Introverts, who absolutely are not. It does not make you an Introvert, if you are just a misanthropic, anti-social asshole. Having social anxiety, does not make you an Introvert! It is down right insulting to real Introverts to conflate the two. It is amusing and frustrating to see some women making that claim, who also flaunt it all out there, while also posting/taking a megaton of selfies, lol. They have no clue what Introversion is like. A buttoned up Librarian is your classic example of a female Introvert. You do not become an Introvert, you are born one. You do not perform in school plays (unless you were forced and hated it, lol), make superficial friends left and right, or seek attention from countless men on the internet by making porn! That is all very, very Extroverted! Introverts hate attention and do everything they can to avoid it. We love isolation, because it is who we are, not because we hate people. Contrary to Extroverts, isolation is not painful, it is peaceful. HSPs are mostly Introverts, because dealing with people is constant stress and is physically exhausting. Even spending time with just your best friend is so draining, that if you see them daily, you end up feeling hostile towards them, because you need that alone recharge time. We are dialed to 11 on sensory input, so isolation is not a forced state of mind, it is a necessity. Which reminds me... Some people like to talk of acceptance, but "lone wolves" like me are not accepted at all, we are in fact vilified. Even Hannah, or her minions, attacked me for it, which is intolerance. Unlike other abnormal people who demand acceptance, otherwise you must be some sort of phobic, I do not want or need acceptance, only tolerance. You cannot, and should not, try to normalize the abnormal. It is not healthy for society. If you are abnormal, then get over the desire to be accepted. You are fighting the Natural Order and are only making yourself miserable. [I Am Who I Am] and who [I Choose To Be], the acceptance of others is [Irrelevant].

Revis - Straight Jacket Labels


Tantric - Frequency


Scott Stapp - Justify


"I have no issue with my pictures." Really? Is that why Hannah repeatedly reported the galleries on multiple sites, which there is proof of, and finally contacted me again to see if we could work something out? Hannah also wishes that all of her old stuff was not online. Even when Hannah wanted to do the new site, she was wanting to remove some of the old pictures, because she did not like them. The truth is, Hannah only gave up trying because they had spread around and she knows that it is pointless. Hannah even said as much in email.

"My fb has gone as of today anyway with a new account so you'll be dried up for pictures I'm afraid" Another blatant lie, which everyone who knows it can clearly see. I do not know what the point is to lying so obviously, except for Hannah thinking that I would "throw a tantrum" over it, like she thought she was getting me to do with her comment about adding people. At any rate, this is why I do not believe a single thing that Hannah says.

"The problem is, bossing people around like you own them is Queen level arrogance. That is my favourite line anyone has eve said about me" You might find that hilarious Hannah, but then you went on to prove it yet again when you said, "Fucking leave me alone or I will make you." which is solely in regards to my sharing public pictures. Demanding that people stop sharing pictures that you post publicly to the internet, or else, is indeed "Queen level arrogance". Apparently, there are a number of [Millennial Women] who think like that, which is just bizarre and truly laughable to most of us. I already have a section which addresses this strange view, so I refer you all to the "December 26th - 29th, 2016" update.

February 28th, 2019 Update: [ Here is part of one of her [2017 Emails] which further proves my point. Who on earth demands that a person does not save and share their pictures?! WOW! It is also proof of her admitting that we were "friends" and her offering to add me, if only I obeyed her royal highness. Shall I be Groom of the Stool as well? I was not going to publish this bit, but to hell with it, Hannah is constantly lying and offensive. Sure, "not a horrible person even slightly". Is that why Hannah always calls me "insane" and lies her ass off? Yeah, such a wonderful person. Maybe actually be truthfully nice, otherwise honest and also not controlling, before making that claim. ]

"You don't follow me." Obviously I do, lol. I did not mean Follow, as in some stupid button. You do not need a button in order to follow something/someone. FYI, I actually never use them, because I hate the tracking, spying and just plain do not like it. When you put yourself on the internet, anyone can and will follow you, whether you like them or not.

"I've blocked you on everything because you scare me with your obsession level" Nope, also not true. I already mentioned the facebook part earlier, but after my asking Hannah to do so, the only thing she blocked was messages. I temporarily [Unblocked Her] here for proof that I am not blocked from her profile. [ Going on 4 years later, I am [Still Not Blocked]. ] - Added September 20th, 2021 By the way, that is the fake name I use since I do not like social media. And yes, it is the same account that I was using during those other proof screenshots. I however, do have Hannah blocked on facebook and on my email, yet here she was talking to me again on the site. Hypocrite much? If Hannah actually wanted to make amends, then I would still welcome that conversation, but As I said, my only obsession here is the truth and not allowing Hannah to get away with what she has said and done. I am obsessive about it like I am with reading the electric meter every day for over a year now, lol. Somehow, one time the meter read way more usage than was ever possible, but I had no way to prove it and got stuck with the exorbitant bill. Screw me once and I will never quit, unless you make up for it. That is just how I work and that will never change. True, I had grown to like Hannah, but guess what, that person was not real. Hannah has more than proven that now.

"Oh I'm pregnant. Ok do pregnant porn LOL" Not that it would even matter if that was one of my fetishes, which it is not, but [Here Is The Proof] of what a huge lie this comment was. Unlike Hannah though, I will not make fun of you for having a Preggo Fetish. Typical intolerant "liberal". Oh and yes, I know how sensitive women are about their sexual attractiveness during pregnancy, but I will also not hold back when you are trying to mock me. Some women will do that as some stupid way to get you to flatter them, but that will also fail epically with me, lol. Oh and Hannah, why not ask the guy, who you think that I am jealous of, about his actual fetish. He did not want you to know about it either. And no, I did not have an intolerant problem with it either.

"You appear to know more about me and my life than I do myself" versus "You don't know me" "You don't know shit" If Hannah is trying to prove my point about her constant lying, then she is doing a fantastic job, lol. But hey, maybe Hannah will claim some word play. "I said, 'appear to', which means it was not necessarily the case." Yes and I appear to be male, lol. I think we can recognize the difference between a figure of speech and a literal meaning. As I said, I obviously do know Hannah pretty well. Well enough to not even be slightly surprised if I were to find out that the new nudes were a test to see what I would do with them. You think I do not notice how odd the entire thing was? How these people who are supposed to be strangers, were all trying to tie the same things together? Which was even further confirmed by my prodding the leaker back out. They pretty much lost their mind with contradictions, lol. Then saying some silly stuff about steroids, to see if I would believe it. This entire thing reeks of some manipulative plot, as usual. The odd email from Luke that seemed to come directly from the mind of Hannah. You might be finding that it is really hard to manipulate someone who will just be themselves, no matter what. Especially someone who, in their immature youth, was a great manipulator and can recognize it much more easily than others can. All of the insults, games and lies will get you absolutely nowhere with me.

"According to you I am a feminest housewife who is upset by everything" What? I just skipped over the details of that, because it did not make sense. I never said that Hannah was a housewife, or that she is upset by everything. No, just that Hannah is your typical intolerant, extreme leftist feminist. Like Hannah saying that UKIP is a bunch of racists and she makes fun of MRAs. And no, Hannah mostly just laughs at everything that should be serious, until she is actually challenged on her views by someone outside of her bubble. Then Hannah gets into tantrum-throw-phone mode, lol. Also, maybe that is Hannah's way of trying to say that she is a housewife, but she definitely is a working feminist. Hannah is not a housewife, not by a long shot. Doing some house chores and being married, does not make you a housewife. For one thing, housewives live for their role, it is not a burden that they complain about constantly, ahem. You cannot be both a feminist and a housewife, those two are diametrically opposed! If Hannah was actually a housewife, aka a Tradwife, then we would actually get along! But no, like a typical feminist, she has to constantly fight, to dominate, which leads to nothing but hostility. And people wonder why so many relationships and marriages fail these days! Gee, I wonder. Funny how that does not happen with the Amish. The men know their role and so do the women. Unsurprisingly, it works beautifully to this day.

You might then ask me, "Ok, but she did porn, you are surprised that she is a lefty feminist?" Yes. The Hannah we saw, "So this is what boys want then?", was aiming to please. She followed instruction, let Luke lead. That is the total opposite of a lefty feminist pornstar, who is just there to exploit men for money and be completely off-putting, with their total inability to be desirable and pleasing. That is Hannah now. She does not aim to please anymore, making you rock hard in 5 seconds, no, she just wants your money. The Hannah that most people were crazy about, simply does not exist anymore. That Hannah could exist again, but that would require her to change, something that leftists are largely incapable of doing. That old Hannah is still in there too, desperate to get out, as evidenced by her liking the awful extreme of things like 365 Days and 50 Shades of Grey. When you deny what is natural, your mind has a habit of craving those radical extremes. Seriously, just look up how common it is for feminists to have rape and kidnapping fantasies. They have gone insane by rejecting the natural male dominance. Funny enough, she even ends up unwittingly following people like me, before later realizing it and unfollowing, lol. I have seen her follow a Tradwife and right now she is following a couple who rejected leftist California's control freak mandates and moved to a rural area. Edit: And now she unfollowed them a few days after I said this, lol!

I will even agree that other women could sometimes have a rape fantasy too, which no doubt means that the hubby is not being dominant enough and needs to spring some surprise sex on her, in the kitchen and whatnot. As any good housewife will tell you, if he wants it, let him have it. You keep your man satisfied and your desires in check.

Expanding on the pleasing mindset, the 2016 nudes were done how it should be done. I guarantee that if I had been able to start accepting money for Hannah, after that drop, then she would have been making a lot from it. It is the same deal with a strip club, which FYI, I have only been to one time and only because a friend wanted to go, lol. Anyways, you do not go to a strip club and give a stripper a bunch of money up front! That would understandably kill their business. That is a huge turnoff to most men. No, you tip them when you are satisfied and because you want to. Granted, there is the back room lap dance option, that you pay for up front, but I imagine that every guy is still doing that because he saw something he liked and wanted to pay for.

Even most prostitutes get paid after sex, but of course there will always be a small niche of incredibly desperate guys who pay up front for such things. However, unless you are a bombshell 9 or 10, who has no moral problem taking advantage of lonely, desperate guys (yuck), then you are going to be very hard-pressed to make good money that way. And let us be honest, Hannah was never a 9 or 10, she was a solid 8. Which is a good thing in my book! That is largely why she was so popular, having that attainable girl next door appeal. The kind of chick that most guys would like to wife and grow old with. Then, Hannah decided to buy into the feminist misandry and that was that.

Also, that would be like Mardi Gras chicks getting their beads, before flashing their tits. Or the old Girls Gone Wild chicks getting their t-shirt first. It is just absurd. Notice a pattern here? Being an exhibitionist, freely showing off, giving guys what they want, ends up getting you tons of attention and prizes. It is weird to me that I am explaining this, since women have taken advantage of this simple fact for thousands of years, but then that was before feminazis turned women into mental basket cases. - Response amended March 17th, 2022 and April 2nd, 2022

"No one else has a picture I put up within minutes" "You're obsessed and it's very scary" "You literally stalk me" I am going to fully address this one directly. Congrats on creating fraudulent statistics from one instance to prove your case. "One time I saw you at the same store as me...stalker!" lol! Going from a rough guess, I would say that I see the newly downloaded picture within minutes of it being posted, maybe 20% of the time. As I said, sometimes I am on the PC at the exact same time, imagine that! Maybe you are stalking me then, knowing when I am online and posting the picture! :O lmao! I mean, let me get this straight. You or your friends actually lurk on the site consistently to see what I say or post, and you were even on the site on Christmas!, but I am the obsessed stalker? Now I am not saying that you are one. I know better. It is all about you. Again, if you actually ignored me, then you would not even know that I was saying or posting anything. You bother yourself, by coming to see what I am doing. When we last spoke in April 2017, I very much meant my "Goodbye!". I often say things on here to make you think, knowing you, or your little possy are lurking, but I do not want a reaction from you. In fact, unless it is to finally make amends, then I never want to speak to you again. It makes me queasy and spikes my blood pressure when I hear from you, with your constant berating. You are intolerant of people being different, unless they are part of some leftist social cause, then you just adore them. Guess what, there are people from those minority groups who also cannot stand leftists, or the groups that supposedly represent them. You refuse to try to understand my differences and just constantly belittle me with your false judgments. Which brings me to the next quote...

"I've not said anything bad apart from asking you to leave me alone and when you wouldn't swearing at you." This is either fantastic gaslighting, or actual insanity. Putting aside all of the examples that I have already gone over on here, lets just quote the ones from this conversation. "You're actually vile." "You sad sad man" "You're crazy. Youre legit crazy." "You stalk me..." "...because you're insane" "YOU FRUIT CAKE" "You're just obsessed..." "'re just insane honestly" "You're so narcissistic it's unreal" "Yeah you're a right wing narcassist lol" "I'm just not a prick that thinks I'm right about everything and everyone should do things my way. You however" "You're obsessed..." Not to mention all the mocking. "Oh yes I'm sure you're chopping trees (crying laughter)" "Are they to burn in your hannah shrine?" Sure Hannah, you have not said anything bad. Unbelievable.

[ Speaking of Hannah's comment: "I'm just not a prick that thinks I'm right about everything and everyone should do things my way. You however". I have addressed that elsewhere on this page, but there is something else that I would like to add. No, it is not about everyone doing things MY way. It is about wishing that everyone would try to do things the RIGHT way. The right way is not my way, it is THE way. It is a universal truth that some people just have to learn the hard way. It is no surprise to me, to be called a prick, goody two-shoes, or any other defensive insult, by someone who constantly runs from the wrong they have done and refuses to face it. That is not even telling Hannah anything new, because I have seen her admit as much, yet she still does it. As I have said to some, my worst wrong in life was driving on a temp license without an adult present and getting in an accident. No one was hurt, just a vehicle that was not road legal to begin with, and I knew it was a mistake from the start, but...women. Like Eve with the forbidden fruit, lol. "No means no", yeah try telling that to a woman, haha. We are polar opposites, because I strive to always do things the right way and not treat it as some subjective belief that only squares do. ] - Added March 18th, 2022

"Yes I may have said in 2008 that I might be interested. It's 2017!!!!" Seriously, how in the world does Hannah think that she can get away with such a ridiculous lie, when I have the screenshot proof on here from 2013 and 2015, stating that she was either still interested, or still considering it a possibility! The proof of both of those is closer to the top of the page, in the paragraph about the paysite. Hannah just calls those "my lies". Ask Google if they are lies then. On the same email account, we discussed Hannah's two snakes and gecko, Leonardo, Megatron and Bowzer. Apparently, Bowzer was "pretty evil". Still want to say that I am lying, Hannah? How about saying, "Porn sites and kitten rescue" "Havana", which was a funny autocorrect mistake that was supposed to be "Ha". Maybe I should say what you said next about kittens and the people on porn sites? Hmmm? I thought that was just a bit of a rude joke, in typical Brit fashion, but now I see that you were quite serious. Or maybe the personal bit about clingfilm? I mean, none of that was you, right? From an email you sent me on your facebook? So it should not matter if I tell everyone, right? Enough with the ridiculous lies already. Oh and the first time was in late 2009, almost 2010, not 2008! Then the second time was in late 2010, after she split with the boyfriend from the 2009 pictures.

"I'm sorry I don't want to be stalked by someone online who speaks about me every single day of their life for the last 13 years" Do you know why nothing changes after Hannah says things like this? It is laughably ridiculous to me, not to mention more hurtful. I already covered the "stalking" nonsense, so lets skip that. For one thing, I do not speak about Hannah every day, not even close, nor has it been 13 years. More dramatic bull. Who cares if it was that long though? There is vintage porn everywhere that is way older than Hannah's porn, and plenty of people, who had it since day one, still talk about it. So big deal, who cares?! Oh right, little miss intolerant. More importantly, Hannah just described her fans too! LOL! Hannah gets talked about just as much, for the past 13 years, by fans across many tube sites and forums! So by trying to shame me with bull, Hannah just offended all of her fans, which is no surprise to me. Funny enough, it is Hannah's talking to me like this, that ensures that I will never "fuck off". It is just fuel for my fire. How Hannah still does not get this, I have no idea. I will be here for as long as Hannah continues to fuel the pain with her repeated attacks. Enjoy! You Grinch-hearted woman! Maybe if you give it long enough, it will fester into actual hate and I will feel like telling you to burn in hell. One can only hope, because hating you would be so much easier.

"You have software that picks up what I post" "But you're not obsessed. Ok matey" to which I said: "Gee, I can't imagine why I would do such a thing, it must only be explained by obsession. It couldn't possibly be because I'm happy to do it, given what was said and done.". Hannah did not get what I meant, but I hope she eventually did. In case people still do not get it though, I was simply saying that I was doing it solely because it does bother Hannah, as continual payback for her not caring about the things that she has said and done. Vindictive? Yep. Obsessed with Hannah? Not a chance. Make no mistake though, Hannah is plenty vindictive too. As I have said many times, I do all of this because of Hannah's lack of remorse. If you read the "About Me" section, you will understand how it absolutely has nothing to do with me being obsessed with Hannah. Obsessed with being vindictive? Sure, I will absolutely give you that one.

[ I should point out though, that posting the pictures to be vindictive, is only part of the reason. That part fades, once Hannah actually gets used to it, which is the underlying goal. People save and share pictures all of the time and it is ridiculous for that to actually bother someone. Talk about narcissistic! Who else but a huge narcissist would be bothered by someone saving and sharing pictures that they put online to begin with?! It cracks me up that Hannah would talk about narcissism negatively, when she, and women in general, are huge narcissists. Taking selfies is usually narcissistic by nature, unless it is required to prove something about you. However, taking hundreds or thousands of selfies, like Hannah does, is extremely narcissistic. You really should not throw stones in glass houses. I have seen the claim that women do not take or post them because of narcissism, but because of low self-esteem. Sure, low self-esteem is a reason, but where does that come from? Right, being so obsessively concerned with your appearance, aka narcissism! You cannot separate those two! Back to the pictures...For example, I was actually not going to publicly post the Hen Party pictures that Hannah must have drunkenly made public, but then she just had to go back and make them private. Good grief, you dun goofed, it is too late. But public, or private does not matter, if you post it on the internet, then people are going to save and share it. Especially when you behave like a narcissistic control freak.

Speaking of those Hen Party pictures, how many of you did Hannah tell that she was already married? Now you see what I mean about her being a habitual liar. Like her lying to me about being pregnant again. I figured it was another lie, which is why I asked for proof. Like her pro-abortion man is going to let that happen! Not that Hannah would do it, but it would serve him right if she tricked him after marriage by purposefully getting pregnant. Anyways, those lies are as pointless as those women who give men fake phone numbers. Have some guts and do not be a cunt, just tell them no. Just because some of them will act like dicks over it, that does not mean that you should be a lying cunt yourself and hurt regular folks. Imagine how defeating that must be for guys who thought that they finally met a nice woman, only to learn that she is just another lying cunt when they tried calling. No wonder men are giving up on women in droves! I am glad that I do not bother, if that is what women think is acceptable behavior! Oh but again, Hannah is not even slightly horrible, right? Sure, liars are such wonderful people, lol. I would pay good money to see [Liar Liar] happen to Hannah. ] - Added March 6th, 2019

[ From her 2019 chat: "She has all your private Facebook pics you have coz the guy who sends them is in the master plan. Thanks for all your help" I never responded to this one, because it made no sense to me at the time. I got hung up on her poor wording, with the "your private Facebook pics", since I do not have any, lol. Hannah was trying to do a "gotcha!" by revealing that she was working with badger. Um, well no duh, lol! As I have already said, I assumed that they were either actually Hannah or a trusted friend. They played games and clearly were trying to see what I had. It was obvious that sharing was not their actual goal. To further prove that point, I would ask them things that I already knew, as I have done with Hannah. I give you the rope to hang yourself with, lol. It was quite clear that they could not be trusted, so I only shared with them what Hannah should have already known about. When it ran its course, it came down to me telling them that I was not going to share all I had with someone I did not know. That made them storm off in a fit, reacting like a woman. Gee, I wonder why? lol ] -Added December 7th, 2021

January 5th, 2018
Protip: If you are going to [PM Me] a bunch of very stupid stuff and threaten me, then expect me to block you. I bet this one lone person (Hannah) thought that their stereotypical insults actually got to me, lol. I will gladly debate most people, but you are not even worth my time when you act like that. Like saying, "You're just some pathetic obese American cunt", "I know the type". Just...LOL! For the record, I am just a hair shy of 6ft/182cm tall, weigh around 170pd/77kg and have never been obese. Also, you have already lost, if personal insults is all you have to lob at me, lol. I also know that this person was either actually Hannah messing with me, or one of her minions, but I would bet on it being her. For one thing, they talk like a woman! EX: "How does your libertarianism square with turning off anonymous posting on your sick stalker site as soon as anyone disagrees with you?". The ignorance and language in that sentence, and others, just screams Hannah and "I am a woman". At first, I did not think it could be Hannah, but it really does fit her pattern. For your information, Libertarian is not Anarchist, so there is no conflict with me turning off the chat when I feel like it. Sounds like it accomplished what I wanted it to though, lol. I am an Anarchist at heart though, so I would be one, if I thought it was realistic. The problem is, it is a small minority of people who are capable of governing themselves. Anyways, they also made completely baseless legal threats, which is another classic Hannah tactic. It makes you wonder if Hannah ever actually went after Karl, like she claimed. They also tried some phone harassment, calling repeatedly on more than one day, and Hannah is the only person in this situation who has my unlisted number. So maybe we could have actually spoken, but that is the dumbest way to try to speak with me, unless that is not your actual goal. Either way, I do not answer numbers that I do not recognize and I especially never answer blocked numbers. Then when you repeatedly call me, without leaving a message, I simply auto-block you. You are no more bothersome than a typical telemarketer. When Hannah called me a "keyboard warrior" and I lol'd, that is when she should have told me that she would call. I would have answered that blocked number, even though that is unfair. See what I get for trusting Hannah with my number?

Also, I mainly change the chat based on threat level, not people disagreeing with me, lol! Generally, I can leave the chat open and unmoderated with minimal risk of people posting things that they should not be posting, like Hannah's personal info. The chat filters can usually do a good enough job with that kind of stuff when I am not around. However, in times like this, it is not worth the risk. Especially when people actually threaten to show up at your door and such. I of course told them that they would be met with my AR-15 if they did, to which they said that I was "too cool for school". They must not even know what that phrase means, because neither usage is accurate. Old usage: Being radically counter culture, rejecting the norms. False: [Over 40% Of American Households Own A Gun] and [30% Of Americans Own A Gun, With Another 36% Seeing The Possibility]. Being anti-gun is in fact counter culture in America. Modern Usage: Sarcasm towards someone who tries to act cool to impress others. False: Being independent and exercising your right to self-defense, has nothing to do with trying to be cool. If you want to be dependent and rely on the State to save you, then that is your very ignorant choice. As the saying goes, "When seconds count, the police are minutes away.".

I could further pick apart the things that they said, like the hilarious notion that I have never even spoken to Hannah, but why bother? Based on this and other inquisitive emails, one thing is clear to me. In order to close another information gap, I need to write an introduction about myself. Blech, lol. Update: I have added the "About Me" section now.

To be clear, Hannah had better not just show up at my place. If I just showed up at Hannah's place, then she would rightfully have me arrested. That is real stalker behavior, totally unacceptable and I would force you to leave. Anyone else would get much more unfriendly treatment, lol. If that is a serious consideration and not just more silly dramatic hype, then it should be planned with a neutral meeting place.

[ Speaking of [Disabling Comments], you have to love that hypocrisy, lol. I am not the one who cannot handle negative comments! Funny how so-called Liberals are all about disabling comments and banning people for so-called hate speech. Yeah, real Liberal of you, lol. ] - Added May 27th, 2020

[ Speaking of the phone harassment, I had forgotten to save my call logs for it and finally got around to doing it the other day. To my pleasant surprise, a glitch happened and some of the "Private Number" calls actually listed the number underneath! I called today for confirmation, but apparently Hannah has changed her number, which is not surprising to me. Here is a censored [Screenshot Of The Calls] and for those of you who know Hannah personally, you should recognize the last 4 digits of her old number. Granted, I cannot say for certain it was Hannah, but logic says it was her and you all would know. ] - Added January 19th, 2019

[ Now that I have had some fun with it, you should know that I now control the main chatango account that Hannah used on here last year. Oh and it was obtained legally, so do not get any ideas there. That is what happens when you let it slip into inactivity. Aside from two people this past December, no one else has messaged her in all of the months that I have had it, lol.

I used it to throw the "blocked" phone number back at Hannah that she called with. Her fake, hate spewing account had not been back online since last year, but now there it was back online, lol! Since Hannah has not changed one bit, [Here Is The Chat], minus the last part that she has not read yet. April 17th, 2019 Update: [ Hannah has logged back in, so I have included the rest of the text. There was a photoshopped picture that I sent later too, but I cannot include that, since it is not one of the public pictures. ] It had the effect that I was going for though. Notice that I made no connection to them being Hannah, she did that on her own, lol.

[ A little while back, I finally saw who the sdst username was taken from. One of Hannah's on-again/off-again Followers uses that name. Now you could say that it was not Hannah after all, but no, that does not fit the facts. The most likely senario is that Hannah was friends with this person and they sat down one day to screw with me. She dug my number out of our old chats and he called from his phone. That would fit her claim that she did not call from her own phone (the wuss). Another less likely senario, is that she just impersonated them with that username, which she has done before. ] - Added December 7th, 2021

I also find it ridiculous that I have been more nasty, as if anything that I have said has not just been a retort to the nasty things that she has said. Somehow, I doubt that anything that I have said has messed her up as badly as the crap that she said to me when we were allegedly "friends". Apparently, we have totally different definitions of what constitutes "nasty". Nearly all of what I say is my blunt force trauma approach to get Hannah to improve herself, because I do still care about people. You just have to separate my delivery from the message. Painful truths might be ugly, but they are not nasty. Hannah, on the other hand, just enjoys trying to beat me down into submission. There is no good intentioned nature in her insults. Unlike her, I try very hard not to hurl pointless, untrue personal attacks.

Also, why even ask about "what I want" again? It sure was not the point of my contact and the answer will always remain the same. I still repeated the honest answer to the question, but I am done expecting Hannah to ever care and to show any regret for the things that she has said. The tired "insane" insult also just further validates everything that I have said. Talk about insanity, who on earth has to ask someone how to make amends with them? Yeah I know, Hannah just wanted me to say "nudes" again, because that is her "truth" of the situation, also known as being wrong. I have gone through a similar situation with someone close to me, and you know what, after we talked, they had no trouble at all in showing me that they cared and were sorry. Without asking, completely unprompted. While it can never undo what they did, it most certainly gives me some peace of mind and puts us on better terms. But not Hannah, no, she has gone on for about 3.5 years now, without having shown any regret or remorse. That is why I say... [Happy Valentines Day!] ] - Added February 14th, 2019

[ In regards to the harassing chat, it is quite clear now, that she was the one that was so very pissed off. While that was not my intent, it is a bit of nice payback. Maybe now Hannah at least somewhat knows how I felt, after what she said about me. I actually got quite pissed when she said that crap in 2015, and I now have a nice dent in my door, from where I punched it. So in that respect, I am glad that I actually managed to really piss her off, it serves her right! ] - Added August 8th, 2019

March 28th-30th, 2018
I am archiving [This Troll Chat] here, because it is another one that is really not worth leaving in chat. It is just different flavors of the same crap that has been said before. This topic has now been beaten to death and I am done entertaining it. If anyone continues trolling with it, in an attempt to pull me into another pointless, repeat, annoying conversation, then I will simply delete it.

The same rule goes for anyone who continues to repeat the other crap that I have already addressed at length on this page. If you cannot bother to read this page before lecturing me, then you are not worth my time. I am done having the same conversation over and over again.

I would like to clarify one thing though from that chat. I pointed out how their "taking pictures of women in public" example was wrong, but I did not really address the issue that they were raising. Am I treating Hannah differently than I would in person? No. However, am I treating Hannah as less than a person? Yes, have you not read this page? I know that this is repeating a bit, but I want to drive the point home in as many ways as I can. Again, Hannah has consistently shown that she treats all of us as less, because "this is not real life". Yes, everyone, not just me. So as I have said multiple times, I will treat you the same as you treat me. Of course I know that some of the things that Hannah says could be true, but I am intentionally disregarding them, because she does the same thing to me. I simply stop caring about people who do not care about others. Depending on how bad you are about it, that lack of caring will range from this type of situation, all the way to seeing someone dead in a ditch and not having any sympathy for them, because they showed none in life. No sympathy for the Devil, as the saying goes. That might sound cold hearted to some, but it just brought me constant misery to care about people who do not care about you. I am done with you, the moment you prove to me that you could not care less. As I have said before, caring just enables them to stay the same. They see you as weak, as someone they can take advantage of, which Hannah absolutely did. Then they have the nerve to expect you to care about how things affect them? Wow! Reflect it back at them though and that might just be enough to shock them back to life. I also know how Hannah ended up that way and I can relate, but I made the choice to not be like that. I would love for Hannah to make the same choice. That is the most important point of all of this, which should be obvious if you have actually bothered to read this page. If you chose a path of darkness, then do not expect the light.

[ Allow me to also clarify my response to their bogus "make up sex" reply. I know quite well what it involves, having been quite upset with my ex on two occasions, and upon feeling sorry, she went for the goods to initiate make up sex. The first time it worked, but the second time I rejected it, and she then tried harder, before finally having to give up. Feminazis call this coersion or rape, when a man does it. That happens quite often though, unlike what this troll was saying. ] - Added April 2nd, 2022

June 7th, 2018
I am putting this in an update, since I do not want it getting lost in this long page! In another conversation, I was reminded of Hannah saying that I seem to think that she is basically the worst person alive. Obviously that is an extreme over exaggeration, but I just wanted to mention that, no, I know that Hannah has a good heart under all the twisted, jaded crap. That is why I got screwed over to begin with, because I saw that and gave Hannah a chance, despite my better judgment.

In fact, it was someone else, who Hannah liked talking to, who initially told me never to get involved personally with her. To never give Hannah my information, because one day it would bite me in the ass, due to how her type is. I considered that to be overly judgmental, but it is slowly turning out to be true with the most recent things that happened this year. With typical porn chicks, I totally agree with that sentiment, but then Hannah never seemed like a typical porn chick to me.

So keep that in mind if you read all of this stuff. I know full well that there are much more miserable, horrible women out there than Hannah, but none of that excuses what was done. Again, I would not even have said half of the stuff on here, if Hannah had ever shown one ounce of remorse. For those that side with Hannah, make no mistake that she does not care about most of what I say on here. People who care, will take the initiative to try to make things right in some way. Hannah has never tried. All Hannah has tried to do, after much arguing, was offer to pay me off to go away. That is not caring, that is serving her own interests. Hannah had even went as far as to say that she would not be made to feel guilty, as if it is some kind of manipulation to feel guilty for some wrong crap you did.

[ I have learned something recently that requires a correction. There are not "much more miserable" women than Hannah, there are just more miserable women. Hannah might remember me telling her that now I even questioned if she told the truth about a big thing that she told me. Now I know that she lied about it too. Unless this person was also lying, which I very highly doubt, since it would affect them too. At this point, Hannah cannot sink much lower. Hannah plays a fake victim card, which is one of the lowest things that a person can do. Like trying to paint me as a stalker, for example. Opposition Research is not stalking. Or like Jussie Smollett did, lying about a hate crime. I consider this to be worse than if she was a man hating, hardcore feminazi. Now I understand where all of the bogus threats come from. It takes that type of person to makes such threats to begin with. ] - Added March 31st, 2019

So how can I say that Hannah has a good heart? Because I know. Hannah loves animals, wants to think the best of people, wants to make friends with everyone, etc. Typical "bleeding heart liberal". I think in some twisted way, Hannah thought that she was giving me a chance to prove people wrong about me just being "that porn guy you avoid". Even now, Hannah got really pissed at me over something I said/did, but then she still leaves me be. That is not the actions of a cold hearted bitch. People in chat have obviously tried to justify Hannah's reasons for lying, etc, but that is the worst thing you can try to do with me. You will get a lot further with me by just owning up to the fact that you royally screwed up and finding some way, on your own, without any need of input from me, to make up for it. It might not get you everything you want, but again, it is not about that. I really should not even need to be explaining that. The entire fact that you approached the situation as an, "If I do this, then you will do that?", is the problem. You should not even be asking what I will or will not do!

January 4th, 2019
I am not sure this update will help, but now three people connected to Hannah have contacted me asking for favors. Let me try to save you the trouble, by stating that I will never do favors for any of you, unless I get something in return. That is the "Hannah Way" after all. Care not about the people, what is my benefit? So shall it be. Sorry about any friendly fire on your part. I can also say that after checking you guys out, none of you have been innocent anyways. It would not even slightly shock me to learn that you only asked for Hannah's benefit and are just trying to manipulate me further with emotional pleas. You guys know that I used to do those favors, but no matter the reasons, I will not allow anyone connected to Hannah to manipulate me to her advantage again. As always, I will continue to reflect back what I have been given. [ Not surprisingly, I see the proof now that my suspicions were correct. You all play in the same litterbox. ] - Added May 18th, 2020
December 16th, 2019
Gee, I wonder who that November anon was in chat. Let me see if I can make this crystal clear. As a direct result of Hannah's actions, and inactions, I am not going anywhere. I took a break, because I am in this for the long haul. Hannah chooses to not make amends with someone that she quite clearly, deeply hurt with verbal abuse. That is why you are seeing me getting even harsher with time. It seems Hannah thinks that just "allowing" me to vent on her, will eventually resolve things on its own, somehow. In fact, as it does with many people, it does the complete opposite. It shows me that you do not give a rats ass, that you would actually rather allow things to continue on for years, in the hopes that I just give up, rather than make amends with someone that you severely wronged. Sure, you do not have to do a thing, but that shows me precisely who you are, under that mask of nicety. That absolutely disgusts me, enrages me, how anyone could do that. Not only that, but lurk around quietly waiting for years, and every so often, try to get another jab in when you see an opening. That attitude is sadly all too common though, for you big city people, but I will not abide it. So make no mistake, Hannah's actions perpetually fuel my desire to keep smacking her venomous ass back down, with my own venom. Hannah keeps the cycle going. Hannah can virtue signal all day on social media, but the truth is plain to see. Show some humility and remorse and naturally you will see that nice old side of me again. Or, continue this path you have chosen and you will see nothing but venom, because it is what you deserve. Sit on it and twist.
December 26th, 2019
Exactly three years after the release of new nudes, Hannah confirmed that she was that November anon, by [Showing Up In Chat] again and filling a [Picture Request] by [A User]. More lies were posted, as usual. Hannah also tried another stunt in chat, which is what eventually led me to close the chat. How audacious do you have to be, to think that I will allow that in chat, after how I have been treated. People suggested that I let her carry on, but I am sorry, my wellbeing comes first. I will not bend over and take it up the ass.
January 8th, 2020
I am sure that certain people have been waiting with bated breath for this update, but I hope it disappoints. It is wild, Hannah supposedly wanted to resolve things the last time that we had talked at length, but as I have mentioned, she never actually genuinely tried. All Hannah tried to do, was to negotiate a settlement, like it was some empty thing to be haggled over. And how does it help matters now, to keep coming on here at Christmas time, using unverified accounts, telling more lies and trolling everyone pulling some unbelievable crap? It is like Hannah tries to keep this going, because doing those things is precisely what keeps me going, repeatedly proving me right. I have been excessively tolerant with letting Hannah pull that crap in chat, year after year, giving her chance after chance to change, but I am simply not going to entertain it anymore. Hannah will remain banned in chat from now on, until she acts properly. No more lies. No more trolling games. No more audacity. No more coming at me sideways. Why that is so hard to do, I have no idea. Anyone else who posts that crap, will also get deleted and banned. Allegedly, I really got her blood boiling this time. I guess by just still being here and not tolerating toxic behavior. Never expect me to be nice, when that is always how you act now. The instigator is the one who must come hat in hand, not the person who retaliates. Hannah's excuse in 2017 was that she "flipped out" from me basically "carrying on" about the stuff. Do you even realize how that sounds? That is like, "This dude annoyed me too much, so I shot him.". Hannah upset me plenty of times with lies, etc, but not once had I taken it out on her over it. I am not the one who completely lied about how I truly felt, then saw fit to be very hurtful when upset. I was simply trying to handle current problems and explain myself, and for that, I got run through. I was not the instigator of that harm and if you are incapable of submitting to someone that you intentionally hurt, just because they hurt you back, or simply out of pride, then that is a real problem. It is what is normally expected by most people. I am not "insane" for expecting something so basic. You certainly should not expect that person to ever give up either. That would feel like being kicked while already down. Which is where I refer you back to my more impassioned update from December 16th.

[Apparently, Hannah was serious and not trolling, which is even more ridiculous. It does not matter if you are a fan or not, there is some behavior that you should never encourage, or tolerate. Prime example: Scott Stapp, back in his Creed days. People did not put up with that crap and he lost a lot of fans. Despite losing my respect for a while, I still liked the music. Then, despite falling flat on his face, quite hard, he kept getting back up, trying to do better and humbly owned up to his mistakes. That earned my respect back. Some people have to learn things the hard way, but they never will, when you just enable them at every turn!] - Added January 26-29th, 2020

April 10th, 2020
Months later and I still cannot believe that it has taken over 4 years for people to get the message, but only through means other than all of this writing! That seems to be due to a fundamental difference between Brits and many others, but predominantly, Americans like me. As I have tried to explain, I do not see this page as "slagging Hannah off", aka trash talking, something that only has one goal, which is to be spitefully insulting. That is quite different from "calling Hannah out", which is about publicly shining a light on someone's unacceptable behavior, so that they might change for the better. Being Victorian-style Proper, just allows people to never have their wrong views challenged. Plus, as I have said, that is quite two-faced, to be all nice and friendly with someone you cannot stand. But that difference explains why Hannah thought that things would sort themselves out in time. From her view, I am just venting at her expense, a common British practice that is "properly" done privately, like she did to me. That is why Hannah said that I was just "throwing a tantrum about not getting nudes". Finally, she should know better.

By the way, that is not to say that Americans do everything publicly. We do try to resolve things privately, to give you a chance to correct a mistake, but if you prove that to be your actual nature, then that is when we will call you out. Only the immature Americans will treat such hurtful words to a "friend", as some trivial venting exercise that blows over. To most of us, adults bashing on each other for "fun", is called being an asshole.

Which brings me to something that I feel I should say. My excited reaction to the 2016 nudes was mostly artificially induced. I was really pretty numb by that point, and honestly I still am, so I had to psych myself up by thinking of how I used to feel years ago. I did that simply because I did not want to be a wet blanket, spoiling an opportunity for others, but it no doubt has confused people. That is not to say that my interest has been snuffed out, but it has become completely overridden by the disgust I have for Hannah's actions. The more that Hannah blatantly does wrong, the stronger that override becomes and it is slowly suffocating that old interest. I feel like Trip in that Season 4 episode of Enterprise, where he was unfazed by the Orion women, lol.

This revelation clearly caused a lot of upset, but at least it is finally a step in the right direction. Now back to your forcefully induced Coronavirus hermitization. Next, take away the Netflix, social media, video calls, etc, to where you are actually alone with your thoughts 24/7. Welcome to my world, where most of you would go insane, lol.

[ I was going to ignore the Hannah thread that was made on her 1 year marriage anniversary, lol, but this one [Mental Post] is just too good to pass on. It sounds like some whacky thing that Hannah would say, lol. Let us pass over the incel remark, since I have already addressed that here and instead focus on their weird butthurt over me adding some of the 2004 pictures back. It reminded me of when Hannah said that my adding the 2007 pictures was just for attention. What the...? I do not know how that works, it is beyond bizarre. It must be some woman thing that most men will never understand, lol. As for the 2004 pictures, I do not dwell on the whole process, so sometimes things just hit me, like...oh yeah, duh! Just like my adding all of the social media pictures after the 2016 nudes release, it just made logical sense to add the regular old pictures back. The fans and collectors like having as many pictures as possible, and there is nothing wrong with those, so why not? But attaching some "salty" meaning to it and clearly being bothered by it? Amusingly weird, lol. Also, how can I be salty about something that never happened? Oh and to the other Anon, thanks for that, but I am still here 5 years later, lol. "The thing about smart people is that they seem like crazy people to dumb people." - Stephen Hawking ] - Added May 30th, 2020

June 20th, 2020
I have decided to put the paywall up again and it will not be coming back down. It just was not enough to make a separate section with exclusive content and the paywall worked well the last time. We will see how long it takes this time to meet the hosting cost goal. Still, I was hesitant to do it, but I guess it was long enough to have it all public for over 3.5 years. I had been mulling it over lately, but what tipped the scales for me, was being totally disgusted by people's actions. My tolerance limit for horrible behavior has officially been reached. I do find it funny though that Hannah posted [This Quote] on social media. I guess she finally agrees with me, since that is exactly what I have done since 2015!

The public Chat is not going to come back either. I had it there for the Fans, but it is just not worth the hassle anymore. Hannah and others just used it to keep making the situation worse, so why bother. I had left it up to the Fans to bring it back, by donating for a better chatbox, but I got my answer. If the donation goal is ever met, then I might get the better one for the Outer Circle. The Inner Circle already has the free version.

February 25th, 2021
I really wanted to ignore [This IG Post] that Hannah made the other day, but I just cannot do it. This time, my response is on the picture. Brutally blunt, as always. Good day, broken little world.

[ Speaking of posts, imagine thinking that this despicable one is a valid counter. So I [Fixed it] for you too. ] - Added May 26th, 2021

Expanding on that same topic from a newer post, here is another one that I added below, in the Morality Hypocrisy section. [Slaughter The Innocent]

[ And here is some [Indigestion] for you. ] - Added August 16th, 2021

[ For those lacking [Critical Thinking Skills]. ] - Added October 3rd, 2021

[ More like [Self-Aggrandizement Day], ha! ] - Added March 15th, 2024

May 15th, 2021
And...the thread died. To whom it concerns, of course I was lurking, but I am not going to give you people the satisfaction. Now in response to [This Comment]: Lol, so much butthurt! I knew full well that some people would react that way, thinking that I blew the opportunity, which is why I compromised with jerks in the past, trying to please everyone. I do not care now. There is a sucker born every minute, and if you think that person was going to share more, then I have a bridge to sell you, lol. Did you ever wonder why this site was the only place that they posted the nudes? Odd, right? So most likely, you would not even have the newer stuff, if it was not for this site. That must really chap your butt, lol. That "leaker" lied about plenty of stuff, the whole thing was a game for them, they were screwing with us. I will not tolerate that crap. That would be pathetic. Just like how I would not give up all my sources to some anonymous "friend" of Hannah, who would play games with sharing her private pictures with me. I do not care what you have, or claim to have. Do not screw with me, or I will brush you aside, while letting you know that you can come back, if you ever decide to behave like a decent human. Shoot, I even brushed Hannah aside, because of the way she has acted. Guys around her are clearly incapable of doing that, being driven solely by their dicks, enabling her behavior to the point that she actually thought that she could come back on here like normal. Surely, even after every horrible thing she has said and done, I would just follow my dick, right? Outrageous. Absurd. Pathetic. Mercy, have some respect for yourself!

July 15th, 2021
Thanks to a generous donation recently, I have finally reached the hosting cost goal for this year! As thanks, I have added a new chat for both the Inner and Outer Circle. It is still a work in progress, but it is certainly better than the one I was using for the Inner Circle, or the old, public, hosted chat. The public chat is still not coming back though, due to previously mentioned reasons. Now if we can make up the lost BTC from past years and actually get into the green, I can finally pay for more improvements! I could pay for all of it myself, as I did for years, but those days are over. No more free rides. It was allowing certain despicable people to have free access.
October 11th, 2021
I was going to memory hole [These Comments], but I cannot pass up another teachable moment! People who call you an autist, are just admitting that they are simple. Common sense, critical thinking and deduction are beyond their capabilities and they fully admit it with what they say. As I pointed out, they do not even see the hypocrisy in making their own diagnosis, while slamming you for doing the same, lol! Or worse, they intentionally make themselves look like an idiot, just to troll you.

As I have already covered, Hannah said that I think that I am right about everything, but let us expand on that. Where is the proof that I am wrong on all of the stuff that I have laid out? Insults are not proof. As I said, I am perfectly open to being proven wrong, but it is just not happening.

So where exactly am I coming from with all of this? Well, it helps to understand that I am a "Jack of all trades, master of none.". I can break down and understand most anything, if I set my mind to it. Master it though? Maybe if it held my interest, but it never does. Naturally, some things are much more difficult than others. The point being, I simply cannot comprehend the inability to analyze, understand and come to a logical conclusion on any topic. It seems like such a basic thing to me. Or to really hit the point home for some, I never had difficulty assembling furniture out of a box, obviously knew that the contents of an ice pack were not safe to use as ice in a drink and that the Emergency Number is strictly for real emergencies, because every second that they waste on some "worried" idiot, someone else is dying on hold! I mean, seriously?!!!

People who rely on the "experts" would have been the same people in olden times who trusted that the Earth was flat and threw rotten food at you for saying otherwise. "Trust the science" is an idiotic statement, since science is constantly evolving, proving itself wrong, and at the top, is heavily influenced by the politics or religions of that time. Thankfully, there are plenty of people like me, who have discernment.

October 17th, 2022
I figure that [This Person] was talking about me, since the other webmasters do not talk about it. No, that person sounds nothing like me, lol. I do not accuse people of being Luke, because as far as I know, he has tried hard to distance himself from the whole thing. Plus, Luke always talked to me directly, unlike Hannah and her games, so I have no reason to expect that nonsense from him. Also, I rarely catch those 4chan threads when they are live. About the only time that I am on 4chan, is when I search the archive, notice that a thread is recent and think that it might still be active. Even then, I usually just lurk. I am also not as active on this stuff anymore, since I have plenty to keep me busy, not to mention my lack of interest in such a hurtful woman. Funny how it usually turns into bickering, once she gets posted in there.

Morality Hypocrisy

I thought I would add this section since Hannah has repeatedly tried to claim the moral high ground and shame me into submission for being so "vile". So for trying that on me, I am going to expose Hannah's rampant hypocrisy. The first, most obvious, and already extensively covered example, is Hannah being a manipulative, habitual liar. Those type of people are on the bottom rungs of morality. If you are that type of person, and you try to put me down, then depending on my mood, I am either going to look at you with a shocked "What the hell?" look, or simply start laughing. You might as well tell me something like, "Hey, I am a murderer, but at least I do not steal!" LOL!

Next, in our early 2017 talks, Hannah asked me what I wanted. Naturally, I told Hannah that I wanted to see more of her. I mean, after what she did, what else was I supposed to say to that preposterous question? Not only did Hannah strangely tell me that I had more than enough new stuff, as if that were even possible, but she also told me to get a life. Hannah's ex has done the same. What they are actually saying here, is for me to get a woman, because that means I will not want nudes of Hannah. Yes, given Hannah's reaction, she apparently finds you disgusting if you are wanting porn of her, when either of you are in a relationship! I know that many of Hannah's fans are in relationships, plus that completely contradicts her past, so she must really loathe her old self then. Wanting that stuff, is apparently only for "single losers who need to get a life". Quoted for being a false statement, not a direct quote. Now Hannah clearly still has no issue with porn, so this attitude about it is quite hypocritical! Not to mention, quite insulting for all of you fans who are in relationships! I would expect this view from say, a morality-minded, prudish type of Christian, but certainly not from Hannah! As I told Hannah, I did not realize that I was talking to a Nun now, lol. Now do not misunderstand, I do have my own views on porn that are pretty conservative, but I am also not here to tell you how to live and pass judgment on you, like Hannah clearly does. I would be a total hypocrite if I did do that! I am perfectly open to telling you my views if you ask me about them, but otherwise I just do not mention them, since people get so defensive and think that I am trying to tell them how to live. Anyways, you could say that maybe this was another one of Hannah's lies, knowing that I am more conservative, hoping to manipulate me by making me feel ashamed and to get me to give up, but she seemed very, very sincere and adamant about that being how she felt now. [ Given Hannah's latest stunt, it is safe to say that this was just another one of her manipulative lies. ] - Added March 30th, 2020

I know this next one might offend plenty of people, but that is life. Claiming moral superiority is very hypocritical when you love tons of morally bankrupt things like, Eminem, Breaking Bad, [Game] [Of] [Thrones], 50 Shades of Grey and American Horror Story. See first paragraph for my reaction to that. Then Hannah has compared me to a rapist several times, while adoring Eminem, a man who has actually rapped about [Raping And Abusing Women]. He represents everything that a leftist claims to hate, but I am the vile one? I AM VILE?!?! Gotta love it! It is funny how people will care about the quality of food that they put into their body, but not the quality of content that they put into their mind. You are what you eat and you are what you watch. [ I am not sure that I could possibly be more repulsed than I am by these women who actually watched and like this new "365 days" movie. It puts Harvey Weinstein to shame. How does this sick garbage, like "The Purge", even get made. To actually glorify kidnapping, abuse and Stockholm Syndrome, is just unimaginably abhorrent. No one with one ounce of decency will find this acceptable. Indeed us men are taking note of your attraction to this and we are adding you to a list to stay clear of at all costs! Calling me an obsessed stalker, who probably excuses rape, that was actually a hopeful wet dream for you, was it not? Were you women mentally destroyed by your Dads raping you as a kid or something? This world needs to burn. Let it burn. I am done. ] - Added June 22nd, 2020

[ I have wondered who on earth is still watching pro porn, with how violent, degrading and rapey it has become. I may have stopped watching pro porn for roughly 20 years now, but I still see how they keep moving the goal posts every year, to be more and more extreme. I guess these depraved movies show how some women have been easily influenced by watching that filth. I doubt they even know how to make love anymore, when they consider that horrible crap to be "good sex". Now I better understand why Hannah keeps making the wrong moves with me. Being "vanilla" like I am, is a totally alien concept to her. Yikes! Life is too short to royally screw it up and to not consider the advice of others. ] - Added August 4th, 2020

Speaking of food, how about the added hypocrisy of being anti-hunting and eating meat, while still eating meat. I also love how those same people will profess how nice and wonderful they are, while at the same time having such a disdain for the majority of people who do not, and will never, agree with them. [ Well it took several years, but Hannah finally ended this bit of hypocrisy, by becoming vegetarian. ] - Added May 30th, 2021 [ That was short lived, Hannah made some meaty "Taco Bell crunch wraps", which is certainly better than eating actual Taco Hell, lol. Seriously, only eat Taco Bell in the USA if you want to die from cancer and whatnot. 100% pure garbage. I am not sure about the UK TB, but I still would not support evil Corps. ] - Added July 8th, 2021

Before I get into the other things that I will unabashedly judge you to be a disgusting degenerate for believing, let me mention the one thing that too many people are guilty of doing. Hannah has also said the typical dehumanizing thing about people online not mattering, because it is not "real life". Now do not misunderstand, that mentality does not shock me at all, but I also have no problem telling you what a twisted human being you are for thinking that way. You have been desensitized from having any compassion. It is sad and pathetic. If you think that way, or even just lie to me that you think that way, then do not expect me to care about you anymore. My dark side hopes that people like you will suffer some horrible agonizing fate for being such utter pieces of trash. My good side hopes that you reform your ways and make amends to the people you have seriously hurt. Basically, like a recovering alcoholic will go around making amends. Not apologizing. Making amends. No matter how many of you do not give a rip, beat me down, or laugh at me for saying so, [I Will Never Let You Win] by bringing me down to your pathetic level. Again, you are broken in the head if you think that way, then try to lecture me about morals. Check out the March 2018 troll chat screenshot, where I exposed another hypocritical fool over this very subject. I could be giving them too much credit by saying that they are a troll though. They could just be that incredibly ignorant, lol.

Korn - Thoughtless


Speaking of which, why do you think that this page is so long? It is my defense argument! I might have to tear apart some new things that someone comes up with, but as you can see from this person's chat, I had already addressed pretty much all of their nonsense already on this page. While it is pretty thorough in countering people like this, I doubt that I will ever legally need this defense, seeing as how these people are just so completely full of crap. I mean think about her argument for a second, "I knowingly made underage porn and distributed it online, but this man has..." blah blah with the typical bunch of nonsense that I have already refuted, with proof. Sure, that will go over really well! LOL! We can be prison pen pals then, if justice fails, lol!

As I mentioned earlier, another hypocritical moral shaming thing that feminazis love to do, is to bring your Mother into it. Yes, Hannah actually [Said This To Me], trying to make me feel ashamed. First of all, what craziness is it for the chick who knowingly made and shared underage porn, who likes older men, to try to shame someone for that very thing! If Hannah is serious, then can you just imagine the disgust she must have for her fans? I get it when people say that even if they look old enough, it is still wrong because their minds are immature. However, the problem is that I see 30 year old women who are just as immature! If we base sexual desire on mental maturity, then that is going to rule out a ton of men and women, lol! Anyways, if you base your life on what your Mother finds acceptable, then you are one sad, immature individual. As I told Hannah, my Mother, and much of my family, is ultra conservative. If I lived by their views, then I would not even be watching porn, or even be speaking to someone like Hannah. Hannah, if you spoke to my Mother, then she would look at you with disgust and wonder why the hell I even got involved with a "piece of trash" like you. Would you prefer that I agree with her? Simply put, you are not even your own person if you let your family dictate what you do.

[ By the way, Hannah found it funny that I called her a feminazi, but when you espouse many of their views, that is what people are going to think of you. Obviously, Hannah is still plenty girly and not the dyke-type of feminazi, but there are many different flavors. Just like being Libertarian, where you find a very wide spectrum of people, it is the views you hold, not your personal tastes. ] - Added March 30th, 2020

Also, how stupid are the laws when they say that 16 is the age of consent for sex, but if you flip on a camera and share it, then that is criminal, lol! That would be like saying that you can drink alcohol at 18 in the USA, but if you film and share it before 21, then you are going to jail, lol! Now you could say that professional porn is different, since it involves signing contracts, but it should not be a problem even then, as long as it is done with parental consent, or if they are emancipated. But apparently to her, if it is law, then you are immoral for breaking it. Tell that to the people in the several states where anal sex was/is illegal, lmao! No, as MLK once said, "One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.". It should be obvious to anyone, that law does not equal morality. Example: [Since Feeding the Homeless is Now Illegal, A Group Carried AR-15s to Give Out Food] Hannah, you should really get that "Stay free" tattoo lasered off, because it is a joke at this point.

Now would I say that I am morally superior? No, when you believe that you are superior, you go around doing exactly what Hannah has done, by berating people with insults and judgmental condescension. It is downright laughable for Hannah to even attempt to claim moral superiority, when she has no room whatsoever to talk about it. We all judge things and that is perfectly acceptable, but it becomes a problem when you look down on others as being inferior. Especially when the moral hypocrisy is so very obvious. As Hannah wrote me off for being so "vile", I very much felt her looking down on me from her little throne. Obviously, I have judged Hannah to be quite immoral, but unlike her, many of those aforementioned things did not prevent me from getting along with her. That is the Libertarian in me. I do not have to agree with your views to get along with you. But, I do have my moral limits. Once you drop too low, we are just done. So I steer clear of people as extreme as Hannah, because all they inevitably do is bring you down with them. Moderates? We can hang. Extremists? Get bent. Some people say that this whole political left vs right divide is an engineered manipulation that we can simply overcome and unite. Sorry, you are only half right. What has been engineered is to turn the left into radical extremists. The natural result of that is division, because conservatives and classical liberals both hate socialism/communism/marxism. Read the old [Communist Goals], which are derived from research on Communism, and see how much of it reflects your modern, so-called liberalism. There will be no unity with people whose views are the antithesis to our entire way of life! Anyways, now obviously, some people are far more moral than others, but I also know that we all have our faults and that we can all improve.

As for those things that "I will unabashedly judge you to be a disgusting degenerate for believing"... I have already mentioned one of them in the December 28th, 2017 update and that is the belief that you can be whatever gender you choose to be and that children are no exception. I know for a fact that she defends this depraved thinking. Even Camille Paglia, who so-called liberals would adore for her minority status, believes this thinking is downright [Child Abuse], is! The science is very clear, no matter what superficial alterations you make to your body, you are the gender that your chromosomes say that you are. Men cannot have children, despite what leftist media has claimed recently, with the "First man to give birth" utter stupidity. Hannah and her minions want to claim that I need help, yet they defend these clearly mentally ill people as just being "who they are". Then guess what, if I enjoy murdering people, then you have to accept me as just being who I am and offer me people to murder, who want to die anyways, lol. Pedos must be accepted too...oh wait, the leftists are already working on that one! Bestiality is fine too then. Oh and necrophilia. Stop judging their choices! Morality clearly has no place in your sick world. You people are just about the most sick, depraved and anti-science people that I have ever seen in my life and you want to judge me?! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh that is rich! Oh and yes, I saw the cucks on reddit saying the same thing about me, lol. If you happen to be wondering why I did not respond, it is because I am done defending myself against people who are clearly mentally ill themselves. It is like debating people in an insane asylum, it just makes you equal parts crazy. Leftists claim that this is hurtful "hate speech" to point out the facts of life, aka [Hate Facts]. No, what is hurtful is endorsing extreme mental illness as something to be celebrated and accepted. As Camille rightfully points out, this type of thinking is quite common before the fall of civilization, where everything resets for a new cycle. We are Rome 2.0. Now, if you want to believe in the Tooth Fairy, then that is your problem, but society should never encourage your belief as correct. I hear leftists say, "Who does it hurt?". Acceptance of mental illness hurts yourself and society as a whole. It leads to the decline that we are absolutely experiencing, where leftist publications actually started to defend pedos! That is, until Trump got elected and now it is an all out war on hunting down pedos and saving kids! Woo-hoo! Viva Morality! This is why I am an not a misanthrope, despite you depraved people, because good always wins in the end, no matter how many innocents suffer in the interim. Oh and of course it is not just leftists who are pushing this depravity, but they are the biggest cheerleaders.

Camille Paglia: 'Transgender Mania' is a Symptom of Cultural Collapse


Do you know why so-called liberals fought to get rid of insane asylums in the US? Because they needed more voters, lol. Now, we all live in the nuthouse, where the severely mentally ill are free to go on mass shooting sprees. Notice how "liberals" will champion for making mental illness acceptable, or denying it completely as just someone's choice to be "happy"? I will not candy coat the truth, "liberals" have blood on their hands for their policies. People who are a danger to society should be separate from society. We already accept this with criminals being in prison, but somehow someone that is mentally unhinged should walk freely among us and we should all lose our inalienable right to self-defense because of it? Go to hell. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

I fondly remember the not-so-old TV/Movies that showed the horror on the man's face when he learned that his date was actually a man. It was a joke based in truth. These transsexuals often lie, or hide what they are. That is very wrong. I have heard that bartenders often know who is who and will warn people that the [Dude Looks Like A Lady], lol. Now "liberals" want it to be a protected thing that you do not even need to know, or question, that they just are what they claim! Sorry, I am not a homosexual, I need to know. I cannot imagine the violation of being deceived by one of these young men, who have undergone health damaging hormone alteration before puberty, where they totally look like a woman. People should start demanding birth certificates before a date! This is some sick crap! Real men want women, who can bear children. Not some mental case who denies the scientific fact of their own biology!

Aerosmith - Dude Looks Like A Lady


No doctor should carry out the mutilation of the human body. That is treating the symptom, not the cause, which is so typical of modern thinking and medicine. Oh here, let us "Race for the cure" for cancer, instead of addressing the harmful crap we are doing to ourselves that causes it in the first place! I mean, we are so far gone these days that we literally have people getting doctors to blind them and hack off limbs because they are so mentally ill that they reject their own body! Of course, that is just straight up insane to most people, but chopping off your dick? No, that is fine and normal. But wait, getting your child circumcised? That is genital mutilation! Ban it NOW! LOL! People being this mind numbingly stupid is actually terrifying. "But you hurt their feelings!". Funny how these very same people turn right around and slam me, calling me crazy and in need of a doctor, lol! Your "truth" does not seem to mind stomping on my feelings, now does it?! "But your harshness could make them kill themselves!" Again, you did not care about that with me either, now did you? I enjoy pointing out hypocrisy.

This should be obvious, but I do not hate the severely mentally ill. They need some serious help, not us embracing their delusion! Could people like me be nicer about it? Sure, but we are not, because you people clearly need a severe shock to the system to break you free of that incredible stupidity that you have been brainwashed with and are trying to force on us. "Suck it up, buttercup!" is a great saying. Speaking from ample experience, if you cannot handle hurt feelings without killing yourself, then you will not survive in this world anyways. Harsh to say, but nature is a savage beast. Speaking of which...

I love how "liberals" are all about not killing anything at all, when nature itself is a mass murderer, lol! You cannot override the Natural Order of the world! For example, if you stop enough deer from being hunted, then people die in auto accidents from all of the deer running in the road! Hmm, deer on the dinner table, or your family member dead. That should be a no brainer. I recently had three deer die in front of my home within a month! One was a baby, rotting in a distant part of the yard, full of maggots and missing limbs, face, etc, which I had to clean up. Two words. Fire. Pit. Another was a young female that I saw get hit, fly through the air and die painfully near the neighbors driveway. Sadly, I did not have my rifle handy. The other was a fawn that got killed during the night and landed square in the entrance of the driveway, car parts strewn everywhere. Life is vicious, do not be a baby about it! Does that mean that I do not value life? Hell no! I absolutely love the [Deer Scene From Powder] and would love to do that to every person who hunts for pleasure. Granted, they likely meant it in full anti-hunting libtard fashion, but you do not have to take it that limited way. By the way, I love these kind of outsider scifi movies for obvious reasons, but sadly I am sure the homo pedo writer-director made it with his own intentions. No doubt that explains the uncomfortable locker room scene, which is just supposed to be about envying having hair and being normal. And yeah, I do not need to see disgusting trophy hunting pictures, posing with a gutted pregnant deer, that I cannot unsee, to not like that particular minority of hunters.

Powder - Deer Scene


Or another one I hear, "Do not smash that spider! It has the right to live!" Sure, ok. If you get head lice, just let them thrive, because killing them would be wrong! Fleas too, and ticks, mosquitoes, intestinal worms, etc etc. Give be a bloody break! Sorry, we are much higher up on the food chain and that biting little prick is going down! And this is coming from someone who wanted to be an Entomologist when I was a kid, until I learned that they spend a lot of timing actually killing insects for study, lol. So yeah, I will rescue some caterpillars and such from danger, but screw the nasty buggers.

Speaking of caterpillars, yes, most moths suck. Butterflies are beneficial, but moths are mostly destructive pests. It is really weird when people do not get this. Everything is NOT equal! Like a Monarch caterpillar will eat a weed, awesome. But even the cool looking Luna Moth? They eat tree leaves, bad! Now as long as some predator, like a human for example, kills off enough moths or caterpillars, then things do not get too bad. Like the tent caterpillars killing off tons of trees. But if the world lost some weeds? Oh. What. A. Travesty. Lol! Losing the Monarch would be the real loss there. So yes, it is perfectly natural and acceptable for people to swat that moth dead, who managed to come into their home. Guess what, when you deprive nature of a pest's natural predator, YOU must pick up the mantle.

Oh and when you get an invasion of mice, just let them crap and piss all over everything, as they also destroy the place. Sure, they are cute, until they cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damage. Then when you manage to catch one under your shoe, you enjoy crunching it just a little too much. *evil laugh* "How horrible!" Yeah, I know, it only would have been your cats dinner anyways and died in terror after being played with for a bit. Two of my cats are great mouse hunters and I gladly cheer on their sometimes bloody victories over the filthy vermin. Speaking of which, I always have to question someone's love for their cat, when they let it out to roam. Or dog owners who do not use leashes. I guess I just care too much to not see my cats dead in the street, or the victim of some animal torturing monster. Sorry if that offends, but I am equally offended when I see or hear it, so now we are both offended, lol.

Nature is trying to teach you something here. When you let destructive things flourish, out of a sense of "preserving all life", you actually cause the exact opposite to happen, the total destruction of all life. Since so-called Liberals are the ones always refusing to learn this lesson, guess what happens when we let them take charge? Yeah, funny how that works!

I also love how "Liberals" complain about there being too many people in the world, but then they want to "save every life", are against capital punishment, but then are for abortion. Why not let nature take its course instead and let the weak perish? You should like that, it means less people. Yeah, I know, it is only ok if you are murdering millions of babies. Forget the deer picture, if you want some real emotional outrage, watch the abortion crap. "Oh look, severed baby parts! Awesome! *pukes*" But hey, Ireland is cheering for the victory of baby murder now. The world is so progressive! cancer!

[ Here is an absolutely horrendous, huge one, that really motivated me to dig this all out! Hannah is so much against killing anything, even destructive pests like moths or mice, but she gets really outraged and defensive about people not being allowed to [Murder Babies]. FYI, I have easily countered this lame argument elsewhere. In short, babies get adopted quick, high demand. I also cannot imagine how awful it must be, to know that you own mother is fine with the idea of having murdered you, if she had found you to be too much of an inconvenience.

For some additional, related hypocrisy, Hannah mocked people's "make believe man in the sky" in that post, when she [Believes In The Afterlife], superstitious stuff about putting [Pennies on Window Sills] to keep spirits away, made these [God/Flood Comments] with me and attends a [Spiritualist Church]. Those flood comments were partly in regards to the horrible abortion news, about the hacked up baby parts at Planned Parenthood. And yes, obviously I am a Believer, but not Religious. So just imagine believing all of that, then mocking there being a Creator of us creators. Boggles the mind, but it sure does explain her blasphemous language, jokes and all other manner of pissing on Religious Holidays. Yeah, such a lovely person. Slipping further into the abyss, more like it. So much for a nearly life-ending event having any kind of life changing reformation. ] - Added May 23rd, 2022

In conclusion, if you believe that this depraved crap is acceptable, then speak to me of your "morality", or my supposed lack of it, then I will simply delete and ban you. I am through wasting my time on sick degenerates. Like you ignorantly claim for me, I hope that this makes you take a very hard look at yourself and reform to the side of good. As I know very well, no matter how dark and immoral your thoughts might be, you have control of who you are, the choices you make, the words you speak and the actions you take. Choose good and it will choose you.

Maturity Hypocrisy

I decided to add this section, since Hannah keeps trying to insult me by saying that I am immature, act like a child, throw tantrums, etc. It is amazing how so-called liberals will take traits about themselves and cast them at others, as if it will not come right back on them. The Clinton family is a fantastic example of that! "Trump is a sexist/misogynist! (Who clearly loves and hires plenty of women, lol!) ... Oh nevermind that my husband has abused multiple women, settled court cases that the media buries and that I covered for him by attacking the victims." LOL! Anyways...

What finally got me to start this section, is the whole "In real life" phrase that certain people keep telling me. I have always been annoyed by that phrase, but never gave it much thought as to why. Think about it, who generally uses that phrase? Fake, immature people. It became popular and pretty much replaced "In person", even though it means something quite different. I even started to use it in place of "in person", but no more! Many people who use "In real life", are actually admitting that when they are online, they are always fake. You can pretty easily tell the difference between which way the person is using it. Someone like me will still treat you like a person, but someone fake like them will dehumanize you. Even when the situation should absolutely be serious and real, they are still fake. That is incredibly immature, very childish. I am certainly not like that, although I might stoop to that level temporarily to pay someone back for doing it to me. Let them see how it feels. I like teaching people a lesson, lol. What you see of me online, is the same person you will see in person. Well, except that I express my thoughts far better in written form than spoken, lol. Being fake is the realm of immature teens on 4chan, but you are supposed to grow up. Some people like to say that women mature faster than men, but in my experience, that is absurdly false. And as I have seen plenty of times, having children of your own does not ensure that maturity is reached. In fact, it seems like that is an excuse for some people to remain immature. They relate far more with their own kid than adults, like they are peers, buddies. So yes, if you were fake with me, in what should be a quite serious interaction where people will be really hurt by your lies and deception, then I will be quite disgusted by you. You are quite low in my book. I will have reason to think that you must be a sociopath, for being so disconnected. I am not the only one addressing this phrase either. [A Quick Search Reveals This]

Speaking of not taking things seriously, it is very immature to constantly be making jokes about everything serious and important in the world. I clearly take most things seriously, yet according to Hannah, I am the immature one? It really makes you look foolish, when you try to put someone down with something that is so blatantly false. Humor has its place and I love me some old-school, non-PC humor, but you are part of the problem if you joke about serious stuff.

Speaking of lies and deception, to quote a part that I said in another update: "Blatant, habitual lying is what immature children do. Mature people try very hard not to lie, because they understand the harm that it causes to themselves and others."

Now for the best, or at least most amusing example. After the new nudes were posted, Hannah actually went on my youtube channel, made a fake account and pretended to be a buyer for the thing that I was selling! Now remember again what Hannah said in chat, that she does not make fake accounts, because she has a life. Apparently not, LOL! Hannah then got caught, when one of her kids took over the account and I noticed the avatar and name change on her reply! If that were not bad enough, Hannah then proceeded to make another fake account, "Bruce Wayne", to defend herself and pretend that it did not happen that way! Remember those immature teen days when you got so embarrassed and defensive that you made another account to defend yourself? Yeah, well Hannah did that at 30 years old! Personally, even as a teen, I only did that one time, lol. This whole event is pretty well documented too, since I managed to grab screenshots of the avatar and name change before Google's cache had completely updated. It should be obvious as to why I am not posting that proof though.

I must admit though, that at first I thought it must actually be Hannah's kid doing it, which was quite alarming to me. It was a childish thing to do in the first place, so I did not even think it could be Hannah. Plus I have seen kids that are certainly witty enough to pull something like that off. So since Hannah and I were no longer speaking, with her having made threats if I messaged her again, I informed her ex and showed him the proof. Apparently, that went very badly, due to other lies that I had been told about that whole situation. Hannah then blamed me for trying to hurt her. I mention this, because I want it on the record that I had no such intention and I apologized to Hannah for any harm it did. But, that never would have happened in the first place, if Hannah had not lied, not to mention pretended to be a buyer!

Now that is pretty embarrassing, right? Surely you would not do all of that, then come on here later and bash on me as being immature, right? Whoops! I thought about not adding this on here, but Hannah made my mind up for me with that latest attack. Of course Hannah always takes this stuff as an attack, but I am actually trying to get her to learn and improve herself. Again, I get accused of acting like I was married to Hannah, but she is the one who argues with me at every turn, like a married couple, lol! I never even argued anywhere close to this much with my ex fiancee and she was part Irish! LOL! Seriously though, Hannah clearly has an issue with just admitting that she was wrong and goes to extreme lengths to maintain it, which is actually yet another sign of immaturity. Again, I would not be saying any of this, if Hannah just owned up to me with what she has done. Hannah even accused me of thinking that I am right about everything. Really? I was not right about her age, now was I. I have no problem admitting when I am wrong. Like when the leaker logged in and PMd "time to eat that humble pie", that made me smile, because I was specifically goading them into proving me wrong, lol.

I wonder what kind of payback Hannah thought that she was going to get out of this whole thing though. I was already a little suspicious of this supposed buyer, because the details were lacking. I was not even going to meet with anyone unless they put a deposit down first, so I am guessing that would have spoiled Hannah's plans anyways, lol. It is not like I did not go through plenty of people already, so that wasted time does not bother me either. Maybe Hannah was just trying to track me down and figured I was lying, since she already knew that information anyways. Whatever the reason, once I realized it was Hannah, I just found it all pretty funny. You might then think that Hannah clearly was not behind the nude leak in some way, but that does not convince me. What Hannah was clearly upset by, was me getting the nudes spread around online.

February 26th, 2019 Update: [ I thought I would go ahead and post the [First Email], to show you how I catch onto these little silly games. Any American will see why my suspicion was peaked from this very first email. It is "program" not "programme". No superfluous letters, lol. More of the wording in that email did not sound very American either. I play right along though and usually you will never know that I caught onto you until it is too late, lol. I know that Hannah cannot manage a good fake on her own, because she does not bother to learn basic stuff. Like thinking that I/Americans spell "night" like "nite", just because I have used that spelling when being silly. That is how I knew it was her in chat the one time, when she poked fun at that very thing. I get a real kick out of over using it now. Nighty-nite! LOL! These examples just show why games are immature and lies get you nowhere good. I mean, just look at how fast this little lying game backfired on her! ]

I briefly mentioned another example in the morality section, "If you base your life on what your Mother finds acceptable, then you are one sad, immature individual." and "You are not even your own person if you let your family dictate what you do." This comes from people chatting with me, publicly and privately, who clearly know Hannah personally, or are actually her. I know full well that this mentality exists in oppressive third world countries, but I am surprised that it also exists in Britain. At least, surprised that anyone would still obey it. It is obviously a gut punch to learn that Hannah is treated that way by family, but I will absolutely not enable that continued oppression "for her sake" by caving to it myself too. When I mentioned this to one person who was clearly involved with Hannah somehow, they quit speaking to me, lol. Hannah apparently thinks it is so important, that she has also threatened to talk with my Mother about what I do here. Really? Hannah has also said that she finds that "disgusting" to do, so it is just another bogus threat, but what bearing does that have on an adult to begin with? That speaks volumes about Hannah. That is no different than the guys who go around on young chick's social media, telling their parents about their online exhibitionism. I cannot say that I fully disagree there, but only if the girls are underage. Would I do it even then? No, because while I very much disagree with it, informing them will lead to Hannah's type of situation. There are far better ways to handle that situation, but inevitably some asshat lobs a grenade into the room. I can guarantee you though, that if she actually tracked down my Mother and spoke to her about it, then I would never hear about it. No matter how much my Mother might disagree, she knows that it is none of her business what I do. I can safely say too, after learning what Hannah's family is like, that I would be the one doing the disowning! Robinhood also comes to mind.

Plus, if this whole thing is so important to Hannah, like these people close to her claim, then she sure is doing a piss poor job at trying to resolve things, lol! I mean come on, if a negotiator were acting like Hannah does, then the world would be surviving the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust, lol! And it is so important and such a "burden" to Hannah that she comes by maybe once or twice a year to do it some more? Please. Simply put, if Hannah really cared, then she would actually try.

Make no mistake though, I do fully understand the mentality. I have always been an outsider to most of my own family as well, but you will never catch me conforming in order to be accepted, as that would be plain wrong. As I mentioned in chat, my cousin blew me out of the water by comparison and was totally shunned by the family. I completely agree with their reasons too, that his choices are very morally bankrupt, but they are his choices to make. However, he was also mature enough to stick by his choices and not allow his family to dictate his life to him. His choice meant that we no longer saw him for any family get together. Naturally though, my family is slowly wearing down. He had a kid with the woman we all cannot stand, so that suckers the women back in a bit, lol. At any rate, I can guarantee that his choices will never be accepted by anyone in the family, but the majority of the shunning will eventually wear off. As I say a lot, tolerance is not acceptance. I am sure it sucks for him to not even be tolerated, but that is sometimes the price of being your own person. That kind of oppression needs to be cut out like cancer, not be encouraged to be passed down to the next generation. From an outside view, I would say that Hannah was rebelling against a very stuck-up family, much like my own, but the shunning succeeded on her.

Hannah would no doubt say yet again that I am just trying to get her back into porn, but that is absolutely not it. It is only worth me pointing out the following, because Hannah thinks that way. I do not have that motive and it really offends me that Hannah still thinks that I am like that. As I have said below, my kind of woman would never do porn to begin with, so if I actually did have interest in Hannah like people claim, then I would actually be trying to talk her out of doing porn. I never personally tried getting her to go one way or the other. That does not mean that I think Hannah should not do porn, because that would mean that I am telling her to be my kind of woman, which she just plain is not. As I have stated from the beginning, if Hannah wants to do it, then she will. At least, so I thought, but then I was talking about a mature woman who does as she chooses with her own life.

I no doubt have more examples for this section, but I am not in a hurry to write them up.

About Me

I have managed to go for over a decade without having to write this section. I am writing it now, since certain people are trying to characterize me as being obsessed with Hannah, jealous, acting like I was married to her, etc. I find it all pretty laughable, but those accusations are existing in a vacuum, since I have not explained myself.

In regards to this website, I did not make it because I am a fan of Hannah. I have favorites and preferences, but I am not a fan of anything. Fans are completely taken with the object of their desire. It is idol worship, where the person can pretty much do nothing to turn their fan away from them. Even after everything I have laid out on this site, there are still a few fans that side with her. I am not like that at all. I do not have "brand loyalty". If something or someone turns to garbage, then I dump it/them cold. Personally screw me though and I will make it my mission to expose your fraud. It does not make me a fan, just because I would like to see more nudes. I am a guy, I want to see every woman naked, from average looking to hot, lol. Obviously, everything Hannah has said and done is a huge turn off to me, but on rare occasions, I can still manage to push that out of my mind and focus on those nice big tits, lol.

Why did I build this website then? I am a collector, so in the mid 2000s, I thought that I would take something that I do and see if I could make money at it. After all, porn is the easiest money maker on the internet! However, I also enjoy sharing stuff, so it was never just about money. If it was, then I would have quit years ago, when Megaporn was forcibly closed. I was uploading three personally selected amateur videos per day and making $1,000 per month from the views. Those were awesome win-win days! You got the porn for free and I got paid nicely for my efforts. Hannah's boyfriend at the time, had once asked me how much I made from her content on Megaporn. My best guess, based on the views, was $1,000. Yep, Hannah's content was a minor earner compared to my daily uploads.Hannah's videos were just randomly put in an incorrectly labeled "webcam collection" that I had saved and was uploading. Someone contacted me to let me know who she was, which naturally got my collector side going. The more I searched, the more homeless fans that I found of this very popular, amateur pornstar. They also kept getting suckered into multiple fake scam sites, like Karl's So if you have read my test results in the December 1st, 2017 update, then you will understand why I built this site. It was for the fans, not for myself.

Also, I was engaged to my ex when I started sharing my collection. That is relevant, because I was not actually watching or using porn anymore at that point. Personally, porn is only a necessity of being single, but that is just me and I am not telling you what to do. Obviously, tons of people do that! Sadly, my ex turned into a cheating slut and we split in late 2007. I told the following to the other guy that Hannah says I was jealous of, who said that I should not mention this to her, but yes, that means that I had not fapped even once to Hannah's content by that time! I bet that will blow some minds, lol. In fact, I think the first time I rubbed one out was years later, in 2009 or 2010, after Hannah showed up to do the new paysite! Although, I do not think that I have ever rubbed one out to those three pictures they shared in 2009. Way too much dick and not enough chick!

Simply put, the teasing and personal interaction with Hannah, is what got me interested. But, if you expect that interest to mean that I will put you up above anyone else, then think again. Also, popularity status means nothing to me. I will treat a popular person the same as I treat a "nobody". One of the quickest ways to get on my bad list, is to have that smug superiority complex. It is really funny to me, when my haters tell me that no one likes me, I am a nobody loser, etc. They actually think that I care about status, lol. If you think that way, then you are irrelevant to me. They think that I do not catch when they are intentionally paying me a false compliment, thinking that I eat that up with narcissistic joy, lol. Sure, everyone enjoys a compliment, but I do not need your approval. I think that Hannah keeps putting me down, because she thinks that status matters to me and that her insults will eventually cause me to change. This is also evident by Hannah's latest attempt to publicly get people siding with her, to "prove her point". The fact is, the more people try to change my view through peer or public pressure, the more energy I get to stand my ground. As I have said, I have core values. The entire world could come down on me, but I will not yield. Never yield.

As far as the jealousy of the other dude goes, no. As I recently (2018) told Hannah in chat, I never wanted to be her friend. I find that a bit harsh to say, but Hannah is really annoying me with that crap. Supposedly, things eventually got to a friendship level, as she had repeatedly said, but I disagree. I am very picky about friends, and even before I knew Hannah, she was not even close to being the type that I would consider for friendship. That does not mean that we cannot get along, trust each other and have some laughs though. My problem was with him being manipulative and telling me to lie about things, yet Hannah quickly trusted him and never trusted me. Hannah even thought that he actually did not want to see her nudes anymore, which he absolutely did, because he is not a homosexual, lol. Do you know how much that eats at a person when you are constantly reminded every day of how someone can quickly trust such a person, while they treat you like dirt? I made the mistake of telling Hannah that I did not like him and she would not let it go until I told her why. On one hand, I really did not want to tell Hannah, because I knew that, being a typical woman, she would trivialize it as me being jealous of him. I even pretty much said as much at the time. Maybe he has changed his ways now and hates my guts for outing him, but I could not take it anymore.

Then there is the notion that I act like I was married to Hannah, lol. You need to divorce yourself, pun intended, from the idea of this being a man/woman interaction thing. I really doubt that Hannah bothered to check it out, but I had already explained my personality type to her. I have mentioned it on here now too and no longer care how the callous people view it. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, if I actually let you in and you do what Hannah has done, then I am going to let you have it with both barrels. I take it very personally, because it absolutely is personal. This is why I am very careful with making friends, because I cannot be letting people in who have such unstable moral foundations. It always leads to their betrayal and my misery.

I also have never given much background on myself for you to see exactly where I am coming from, so here are some basics. I did not grow up with the typical '80s lifestyle that you see in TV and Movies all of the time. None of that Spielberg-style of cussing kids, rebelling against parents, porno mags, smoking, etc. In fact, I find all of that to be pretty repulsive. I grew up having movies like: The Sound of Music '65, Marry Poppins '64, Fiddler on the Roof '71 and Man of La Mancha '72, drilled into my head, by my parents watching them repeatedly. There was no cable, no Disney Channel, no MTV, no "A Christmas Story", no "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", to utterly corrupt my youth. I have always been a strong introvert, so I also did not spend much time around other kids, outside of school. I played alone and liked it that way, lol. So my innocence remained pretty well intact for a long time. It is amazing how much different you turn out, when not exposed to all that trash as a kid. If it was not wholesome, I did not see it and never had a desire to rebel to see it anyways. So I grew up on Sesame Street, Lamb Chops, Mr Rogers, etc, with other classic Movies like, An American Tail '86/91, The Great Mouse Detective '86, The Land Before Time '88, The Rescuers Down Under '90, Bedknobs and Broomsticks '71, Escape to Witch Mountain '75, The Shaggy Dog '59, The Snow Queen '57, That Darn Cat '65, etc. As I got older, movies like: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea '54, Five Weeks in a Balloon '62, Journey to the Center of the Earth '59, Mysterious Island '61, The Sinbad Movies - '58/73/77, Swiss Family Robinson '60 and Popeye '80. I also usually saw the cleaned up, edited for TV versions, because the cussing in Popeye would not have been allowed. I saw E.T. '82 edited for TV too, and when I eventually saw the unedited movie, I did not care for it and have not seen it since. Never seen any "Stranger Things" either, as I consider it to be everything that was wrong with the '80s. I see people posting about what the youth did then or does now, in Britain, and my first thought is: "Wow, where on Earth are the parents? Are these kids raised by a pack of wild wolves?". They behave like savages and have no respect whatsoever for other's property. Yikes! On the other hand, now we have my "participation trophy" generation saying "Good Job" to their kids at every turn, which is 100x times worse than the friggin' useless trophies! Tie your shoes, "Good Job!", say thanks to someone, "Good Job!", use the toilet, "Good Job!". Holy cow, these kids are going to be utterly broken when the real world hits them. "You did this wrong" *Mentally implodes, runs to safe space, grabs comfort animal and shakes in the corner* LOL!

Oh and for those of you who say, "You Americans, kids watching violence is fine, but heaven forbid some boobs show up.", when is the last time you saw your kid become a pirate, fire a cannon and kill some people? No matter how "civilized" we get, people usually end up having sex. That is as real, serious and intimate as life gets. So no, of course we are not going to let our kids see that, something they will actually try, end up making underage porn on the internet, have threesomes at 17 and kids by 18. *cough*

Now, about me aligning with Libertarians, you should know that I held most of their views long before I ever heard of them. It is who I am. That is relevant in regards to the previous paragraph. You have no idea how funny it is to me, when people say that I wanted to get with Hannah, or that I am acting like a scorned lover. To be very frank, Hannah has never interested me in that way. Besides a few things that we have in common, she is not even close to being my type of chick. I would never date a pornstar and I do not have casual sex. To me, a dude is pretty weak if he has no more control over himself than some animal does. Although, as Hannah knows, from asking me under fake accounts, she could probably get me to have casual sex if she tried hard enough, lol. Not that she would, but why ask me if I wanted that in the first place? It is like asking if I want to bang Jeri Ryan. Absolutely! Would she want to? Haha, no. Would I do it if she actually did? Not if I had any sense. But come on, I am male after all! Drain enough blood from our brains for long enough and we are like moths to a flame. You would have to drain mine for a long while though, lol. Of course, I would also regret it later. Anyways, I have never drank, smoked, or done drugs and do not like tattoos at all. I am quite happily a square. Like Hannah, one of my good friends likes to get drunk and has tats. We respect each others choices and there is never any shaming from either of us about our choices. I can hang out with him and have fun, while he is getting drunk. It can actually get me to loosen up and be silly to the point that you will think that I am drunk too, lol.

[ Now even if you do not disagree with my standards, you might say that excluding those women is not fair, since people change, etc. Sure, there are pornstars that become very anti-porn and deeply regret what they did, but personally, I do not want someone who was not smart enough to know better. Even in my strict, sheltered home of never any sex talk, I started looking at porn at 13 years old. Never once did I consider it to be something that I should get into. I cannot even fathom not being able to easily see how doing porn will affect the rest of your life. I assumed that Hannah knew and was fine with that life choice, as many pornstars are too. So imagine that, my standards for a woman is that she be intelligent. I am clearly a misogynist like Hannah says, lol! Sorry, I am just not attracted to simple-minded women. Women who fall for all of the latest trending things. Women who become a poser just because they think that being ghetto trash is cool, instead of that being something that is worth rising above, if you were unfortunate enough to be born into it. If you need to be taught those things, then you are not my type. I find it quite funny though, that people like the leaker are shocked to learn that I am not just another typical porn dude, who cares more about the physical than the mental. Like I cannot run a porn site if I do not go around pimping girls, lol. News flash, not everyone is that shallow. That is like saying that you are a hypocrite if you run a fan site for a TV show that you like, but you are not also an actor, lol. ] - Added March 29th, 2019

Then there is the massive narcissistic vanity that these women have, mercy! Plucking, shaving, painting on eyebrows, freakin' fake eyelashes, makeup...caking it on or not, fake nails, tans...fake anything is a huge turn off to me. If her face is a lie, then you can bet that more of her is too. If you are shallow, then that is fine for you. I am an all natural, real dude and that is the kind of chick that I want, not one that is so narcissistic and insecure! That is my personal preference though. One that is completely irrelevant to how you decide to live. For me, porn chicks like Hannah are for fapping to, not for dating. But even then, who wants to see, or get off to, filtered photos and fake tan, where you are even more orange than Donald Trump? Flat out...gross. You do not get to see any skin detail, which is only half of the point of showing skin in the first place! Why do you think guys want high definition pictures and videos? Cellphone cameras are crap enough, without filtering the friggin' pictures on top of it! You might as well just fap to a cartoon, lol. And I can only do so much color correction in Photoshop, for that Orangutan look. But hey, that is one way to make it really easy for me to give you a hard pass now, so kudos for that, lol. At this point, Hannah's old friend [Rebecca] looks way hotter, with that nice pale skin. Also, muscle definition on a woman is no more attractive than seeing bones. Sure, a minority of men find that attractive, but they are a minority for a reason. Most men find soft, curvy women attractive, not wannabe ripped men. It does not matter how strong she is, the key is healthy body fat that hides definition, aka curves.

[ Here is a funny story, or perhaps horrifying if you are a woman, just to illustrate how far back the eyelash thing goes for me. When I was around 7 years old, my parents got a call from the school, because all of the sudden, a lot of the kids were putting scissors up to their eyes, trying to cut their eyelashes! Why? It turns out that I had skillfully, without any mirrors, cut my eyelashes completely off and inspired others to do the same, lol! Why did I do it? Because I was constantly getting comments from women about how beautiful my long eyelashes were and I was sick of it, lol! Yep, you women are so obsessed with the friggin' hairs, that it annoyed me to the point of hacking them off in class! LOL! Thankfully, they did not grow back as long! As I have said, I have never liked the attention, being an introvert, so that embarrassed the heck out of me, every time they went on about them. As a guy, it is an obsession I will never understand. Sometimes I wonder what women would be doing, if we all had hairy faces like monkeys, lol! ] - Added October 21st, 2022

As far as relationships go, Hannah is the exact opposite of my type of chick. In fact, one of the big reasons for the breakup with my fiancee, was her turning into a woman like Hannah. Drinking, smoking and dressing like a hooker, to where when she bent over at the Zoo, her tit flopped out and gave a guy a nice view. That is NOT my kind of woman! She even got embarrassing at family get togethers, especially when my hormonal teen cousin complimented her tits! That is completely unacceptable to me. If being like that is more important than me, then there is the door! Speaking of which, it amuses me that Hannah gets so offended by guys wondering if she is an escort. I cannot imagine where they get that idea, given that she dresses like one, even in front of her kids. Apparently, she even hacks up normal shirts to show off her tits. Seriously, like anyone would be shocked to learn that she did porn, lol. That is not offensive, it is just a fact. As a single guy, I will happily enjoy a woman's choice to pose nude and get pounded on camera for the world to see. Your life is not mine and we are never going to date. Sure, I have flattered Hannah, which she might have mistaken for interest, but it was just the truth. Plus, Hannah prompted it anyways and she knows it.

All of that is what makes me Libertarian, aka Classical Liberal, as far as others are concerned. For another stark contrast, Hannah never even knew that I do not drink. There was no reason for me to tell her and she never asked. I would not even be mentioning it on here, if it were not for people having this false view of me. People tend to be very quick to pass judgment on people who do not drink, so I generally avoid mentioning it. Porn is basically my only vice and even it is quite tame. I only like real amateur chicks, not ones pretending to be pro actors, cannot stand the professional porn world and find much of it to be pretty disgusting and depraved. I do not even like most amateur cam chicks, since they are just as fake, are into all kinds of crap that turns me off and are always surrounded by a ton of betas who happily tolerate it. Chaturbeta, as I call it. Like with Tasha Sky aka Natasha, I like her videos specifically because you could tell that she wanted to get off for the guy and had real interest. Camming, like her friend in the background was trying to coach her on, was not her thing and it showed. Anyways, I was just here to share what I like and to give Hannah's fans a home. Of course, like I have said, I do not consider this to be a fansite anymore.

Frankly, I never thought that this site would have to stay up in this state for as long as it has. I thought that Hannah would get the point, finally understand, make amends with me and I could close this site down, since its purpose would be served. Or carry it on like I had before, returning to a fansite, without all of this hostility. Since Hannah is clearly still open to doing it, despite whatever crap she might tell you. If that never happens, then like Hannah joked about, she can enjoy seeing her pictures on here when she is an old woman, lol. Hannah still does not get it that I do it to reflect her total lack of caring back at her, not because I am obsessed with her. She has lost that charm and desire to please others that she had as a teen and I hope that she can find it again. Just treating people as a means to an end and a bank account, with a fake smile, is horrible. Plus, even if you are low enough to want a "sugar daddy", then you have to be submissive and willing to please.

Since Hannah and others have made comments about this, yes I am single and it is funny how people make assumptions about that. After the train wreck happened with Hannah in 2015, I noticed a sudden push to get me onto those "Incel" boards and the like. I had never even heard of such a thing, but then I do intentionally avoid much of the internet. Maybe that was just a coincidence and those people sought me out, because I seemed to relate to them. No, I am just one of those rare HSP people, like [Alanis Morissette]. You might remember her [One Song] on Hannah's cowgirl video, where she is getting turned on from watching herself bounce up and down on Luke's cock. So it made me wonder, given how Hannah very ignorantly told me that I needed to get help, because "I am so upset over her not giving me nudes". I almost told Hannah that she was the one who needed to get help, if that is why she thought I was so upset! I mean seriously, I have explained it so many times that I think you must be completely mental if you still do not get it by now! Anyways, I feel really sorry for those dudes! I have never felt that way about being single. I would much rather be free and single, than end up stuck with a completely whacked out woman, like so many men are stuck with today. Sure, you can leave them, but the damage is done by then and they are like a wrecking ball when they go. As the saying goes, "Do not stick your dick in crazy!". That is not to say that many men these days are much different. Both sides are full of complete basket cases. But for me, I honestly did not even bother with women for a very long time after my ex fiancée. Even now, I barely ever bother. Just rub one out and get on with your day and life, you will be much happier, lol! Do not get me wrong, I love sex and have a high drive, but I am also not a mindless animal who cannot control themselves. Now if I found the right woman, then awesome! Party time! But otherwise, meh, it is not even worth the time to me. I am an odd one though, there is no denying that, lol! If I can eat the same food every day for years and have a Johnny Cash type of all black, minimalist wardrobe, then I think it is safe to say that I do not really mind being single for any length of time. I would say that it gets me down for maybe two weeks worth of time out of the entire year, because everyone wants to have someone. That is like a blip on my radar though.

Alanis Morissette - Everything


It is also worth noting, that I am an even rarer type of HSP. As I have mentioned, most HSPs are much softer, like prey animals. The HSP side of my family is very much like a rabbit. However, the other side is much more like an easily angered predator. Do not poke the bear! It has been proven that such traits can be an inherited imbalance, which I would say is certainly the case here. So I inherited both of these traits, the overly kind, sheepish side and the rageful, violent side. This is why I have that duality, equally balancing the two sides, depending on whether you are a good, or bad person. You get the good side by default, until you show me your true colors. I was quite the mess, before I learned to balance those sides effectively, but I still never acted as horrible as some of the people that I have dealt with, thanks to running this place! However, had I given into my dark side, I can guarantee you that it would have been a far worse thing. There is a reason that I understand the evil Elitists so well!

For those into Astrology, which I am definitely not, I am an Aries. Hannah is a Cancer, which you can see from the provided Age Proof and the first Myspace screenshot. Not surprisingly, those two Signs do not mix, lol. I find Astrology to be amusing, but also dangerous. No doubt that numbers govern the universe, but the reason that you are supposed to avoid such systems, is because people end up giving their Will over to it, letting it lead or rule their life. Your Will is the one thing that defies the rules. For those who take it seriously, Astrology is effectively a religion without God, taking a truthful foundation and building a bunch of man-made nonsense on top of it. For example, I can read plenty of Sign descriptions of Aries, and they do largely match, with me being blunt, somewhat bold, intense, etc, but they also get some important things very wrong. That is where people so often go wrong, treating Astrology like a Bible, a complete guidebook to humans. You can certainly get a sense of how I am by that Sign, but then you would also need to tie in the HSP personality type, which is pretty contradictory to Aries in some key ways. Astrology is like stereotypes, a cookie cutter that is often accurate on a very basic level. I would only read a horoscope for a good laugh. Anyways, it is pretty amusing how the conflicting Aries and Cancer Signs fit this entire situation rather well. To quote some of the negatives, "Aries’ directness can come across as blunt, harsh, and even cruel if they are not managing their stress levels well." and "The strong matriarchal tendencies of (Cancers) can be overdone, showing up in bossy, smothering, and even manipulative tendencies if they are trying too hard to control their environment." They nailed those well, lol. - Added March 16th, 2023

Based on the threats from the "anon" in the January 5th, 2018 update, there seems to be some confusion as to what type of guy I am. As I am sure they can tell by now, threats do not work on me. I do not have a fear response to threats, it just emboldens me. I have had multiple life threatening events and fear was the last thing on my mind. Multiple car accidents and near misses that had a very high chance of fatality, a couple of near suffocations and drownings, etc. Funny story on the one suffocation. I had a roughhousing High School friend, he later died, who liked to try to get you to fight back. The one day, after his random sucker punching was not working, he decided to choke me while I was sitting at the PC. Pretty extreme, right? I calmly let him do it, still typing away, until everything went black and I was nearly unconscious. He stopped just in time and was dumbfounded, lol. My ex fiancee was there for that one too, not that I want to call her as a witness, lol. It is not that I have a problem with the idea of fighting back either, I am no pacifist, but he was not my enemy and there was no point to fighting him. His views are not mine and I was not going to yield. That is not to say that I do not have fear responses, but in threatening situations, it just shuts off. Fear is the mind killer, lol. So good luck with that silliness! Another funny, no-yield example was years earlier, when I was riding my bike and some random guy decided to play chicken with me. I did not even consider swerving and just braced for it. He swerved too late and I sent him flying over his handlebars, lol. He said something like, "Oh you think you are a big man, huh?" and I said something like, "No, not at all.". I am absolutely not some big hard ass, macho jock dude who only knows how to solve things with violence. I just simply do not yield when threatened. I also only tell these stories to get it through certain people's heads, who think they can bully me into changing, or submitting. All it does is to show me exactly what kind of people you are, proving me right. Speaking of which, I really enjoy the movie [Paparazzi]. I am not sure which death scene I like best, but the look on Bo's face in the baseball bat scene, now that is the look of my dark side. Scumbags dying, like ice cream in July. Love it.

I also never understood how good I am at reading people, until I saw just how incredibly wrong Hannah has gotten me. As I have said, my initial instincts told me to steer clear, but I wanted to be wrong. So Hannah managed to convince me that I was wrong and I used to naively be on her side, but then she shattered the false reality that she had created over our years of interactions and it has all gone to hell from there. Hannah tries to tell me what my motives are, when it is very clear that she does not have the first clue about who I am. It is quite sad that Hannah turned me against her, because I am one of the best people to have on your side, but also the worst to have against you. I quite equally enjoy [Helping Good People] and utterly [Destroying Bad People]. Basically, I am the Yin and Yang. To understand my actions, you need to know about that duality. As Hannah can attest to, whatever level you sink to in order to get your way, I will sink one lower without batting an eye. I could never be good to all people, it would tear me to pieces to allow bad people to constantly abuse me. That is not Hannah though, because she will take abuse from people that I would not feel bad about pushing in front of a bus. I think that is why Hannah decided to leave me alone now, because she cannot face the conflict and figures that one day I will change and come around. Nope, sorry, I have core values that do not change and my view of you will never change until you prove it to the contrary. In 5, 10 or 20 years, this is where we will be. That is not strenuous or obsessive for me either, it is in fact quite effortless. It is also nothing special to do with you in particular, that is what I do with anyone who crosses me. Of course it is a middle finger to Hannah to keep this site up and that will only ever change when she makes up for what she has done. You reap what you sow. You get back what you give. Cause and effect. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That is what this is primarily about. No amount of warped vilification of me will ever change that! Peer pressure does not work on me. I respond to the pressure with an equal amount of stubbornness and resolve.

3 Doors Down - Kryptonite


Korn - Lullaby For A Sadist


[ Speaking of my disdain for scum, I saw a really sick rape/pedo site in the link referrals, where they are trolling me with [Slander]. No, you are clearly evil and devoid of morals. Die in a ditch. Burn in hell. About the slander, while being an obvious lie, I want to take this opportunity to point out that having some underage porn does not make you a pedo. For one thing, that is not what the term means at all. I do not have some exclusive preference for underage chicks, unlike the twisted philes. I really have no preference on age, when it comes to porn, as long as they are obviously developed, aka hot. That could mean a chick like Hannah, or a 50 year old cougar, lol. I only have sympathy for Hebephiles and Ephebophiles, since those girls can have kids, aka hit puberty at a normal age. I do not think that those philes should have their lives ruined like a pedo, but they are still wrong, need help and should never be unstigmatized. There is nothing acceptable about being obsessed with young girls, you have a mental problem. I have made my stance quite clear, when it comes to the modern degeneracy of accepting and normalizing mental illness. I am also not going to feel sorry for you when that girl's father comes along to beat you senseless. Secondly, if you like amateur porn, then you most likely already have underage porn and do not know it. I have found out that several more of the commonly passed around, early 2000s era videos, were also underage chicks. These days, I have no doubt that there are tons more. In fact, a lot of amateur porn is actually outright illegal, since there is no proof of age on file anywhere and these underage chicks clearly lack the morals to not be lying and filming themselves. It is squarely their fault, not the end user, who cannot see a couple of years difference in age. Being a teen is no excuse, they clearly have no consideration for the lives that they can and do ruin, which is frankly when Hannah stopped talking with me. It was the end of the larger conversation though, so I cannot say for sure that is what caused it. I had mentioned how important it was to keep the proof of age up, because Hannah said that she did not understand what the big deal was. I find that baffling. I said that people deserve to know and how that kind of information is always used to ruin the lives of anyone in a sensitive position. Shoot, even guys overseas in the Military were watching Hannah! I also know that some of the guys who paid her back then, will not even acknowledge they did so now, because of their positions. Anyways, I know that I have somewhat covered this age topic before, enough that these philes know to hate me, but now my exact position should be crystal clear. ] -Added August 1st, 2020

Some people have asked if I am on Kik, etc. I am one of those rare people who refuses to own a cellphone, let alone a smartphone. So if you see me on some mobile platform, then it is likely an imposter. Ask them for proof, which I could easily provide through either of my sites. If you need me to get on one of those apps for some reason, then I do have an Android emulator on the PC. And yes, this rather extreme nonconformity is usually why most people hate me, lol. Being a lone wolf is not an easy life, talk about a minority, but I would not trade it for anything! Being a minority might be fine, it depends, but you should never force society to accept you. You are abnormal and will instinctively be rejected. For pedos, that is a very justified rejection! Either own that, if it is not morally reprehensible, or seek the help of others to change. It does not matter how screwed up your wiring is, you can choose to be moral and stay in the light.

If there is anything else that you think I need to clarify, then please let me know.