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This used to be a niche fansite for the famous British teen amateur, Hannah. You probably know her best for the popular pink belt, or hotel threesome videos. It is now the proud home of [Weapons-Grade Autism]. I had completely closed my sites in early 2016, after having run them for nearly a decade, for two reasons. One, Hannah had wanted the site closed and she was supposedly not coming back. Two, after the things that she said to me, I wanted nothing to do with any of this anymore. However, things changed a bit around the 2017 New Year, when someone showed up in chat and dropped these new nudes on us. In short, the site is in an "I do not care" state now. Most of the fans have been kind, generous and all around great, but Hannah...I have never been so insulted. Nothing quite like being trashed by the person you had mistakenly come to admire and respect, so turnabout is fair play. Between Hannah and some other fun personal crap, I had [This Song] on constant repeat for a while and lost my voice for a bit the one day! What kills me is, after everything that Hannah and I had talked about, she should know me by now, but nope, not a clue. Apparently, saying this to explain why the site was closed is "insulting", but comparing me to Karl, a type of person that I would gladly knock their teeth out, that is perfectly fine. Karl was the guy who feverishly laid it into Hannah in the threesome video and later ran the scam site. In short, Karl pretended that Hannah ran the site, made a large sum of money off of doing so, allegedly evaded Hannah's attempts to sick the law on him and even got an unknown chick to make some fake "new" Hannah videos to keep the scam going. No, not even in my youth was I ever that horrible of an individual.

Tantric - Down & Out Directors Cut


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Or forget my lengthy explanations. This song says it all!

Within Temptation - Holy Ground Lyric Video

You are complicit, if you choose to ignore all of the evil in the world for the sake of your own happiness. Rise up, armor up and join the battle!

[ Trump Pushes Young Republicans Away. Abortion Pulls Them Back. ]
[ Millennials and Gen Z More Pro-Life Than Pop Culture Would Have You Believe ] Almost HALF supported banning abortion after a heartbeat detected! (Around 6 weeks - Actual at 18-24 days)
[ Gen Z Is Spreading the Pro-Life Message in a Whole New Way on TikTok ]
[ Bill Maher Shocked to Find Most Pro-Life Advocates Are Women ]

Documentary: Alex's War - 2022

Pedophile Gatekeeper Appointed to the Supreme Court

Fear Is The Mind-killer


Covidland: The Mask

Covidland: The Lockdown

Stick Me Baby 1 More Time

Safety Mask

I Wear My Face Mask in the Car

Why I Wear My Mask | Welcome to the Masquerade

Big Pharma, Forced Vaccinations, And Population Control

Over 2.5 Million Americans Sign for a new Election

What are you? [Take the Survey]

The Right: Let us spread Democracy worldwide, but Globalism is bad!
The Left: America is bad for forcing Democracy worldwide, but Globalism is the future!
Libertarians: You are both hypocritical morons.

DeepNude: Even before computers, people had been making fake nudes, but the control freaks of the world have managed to bully the naive DeepNude programmers into submission. Since I loathe control freaks and scammers, here is the Malware-Free Download! Torrent sites should always be your go-to place for anything that is censored by control freaks, not Youtube videos of scammers selling infected copies.
[Direct Download] | [Torrent]
System Requirements: Windows 10/Linux
Notes: It can be a bit buggy, so if the program fails to load, then run it as Administrator. If it crashes when it goes to make the fake, then use the zoom to slightly crop the top and bottom of the image.

Reminder: [Johnny Depp "Jokes" About Assassinating Trump, Then Gives A Piss Poor Apology] (Corrected the lame Fox headline). Despicable people win despicable prizes. Not to mention that if a Conservative actor had said this about Obama, then they would be immediately blackballed. You also have to laugh at the hypocrisy, when some of the people who are cheering for Depp, are the same people who have also slandered their own exes. You heard me right, plural! [Study: Celebrity-Obsessed People Are Less Intelligent] It's funny when they waste time doing a study to state the obvious, lol! Realizing how lame it is, to be so enamored with celebs, will certainly boost your intelligence.

Ran a twitter account called QueerWrestling, advocated for genderless restrooms, [Turns Out To Be A Pedo.] Imagine my shock. What is surprising, is that this very radical, mental, LibDem sounding degenerate, is supposedly a "Conservative/Tory". What like, infiltrator style or something? lol

Coronavirus: A great example of why Independence and Nationalism are necessities of life. A Dependent, Globalist World, is a dead World.

Speaking of the Kung Flu, you have to love how the libtards in the UK are complaining about kids going hungry. Unless you live in a Socialist Hell, it is never the job of the Government to steal from everyone, for the benefit of others. No, that Charity falls on the People, who have the means, to freely choose to help others less fortunate. Which funny enough, is the lesson that those libtards are learning and starting to carry out, while cursing those who taught them the lesson, lol. [Research Finds Conservatives Are More Happy, Generous, And Purposeful Than Liberals] - Yeah no duh, I already knew that, without all of the research, lol. I mean, who do you think is going to pay for those "free" meals? The Rich? Hahaha! No. You will, whether you can afford it or not. Did you know, the US originally considered Income Tax to be a form of slavery? Once Taxation was introduced, it only affected the Rich and that is how they sold the idea to the People. Of course in time, that original law began to affect more and more people, to where now, only the very poor do not have to pay and the Rich have created plenty of exemptions to get out of paying. Now, the Rich get richer, the Middle Class, who do a lot of the really meaningful Charity, are taxed to death and get poorer and poorer. On the plus side, Trump actually nearly doubled the standard deduction, so that even more Lower Class people do not have to pay the taxes! I know that none of this will reach the libtard's rotted brain, it never does, but there is still hope for some others.
Taxation is theft. Socialism is cancer. To Hell with Socialists.

[Goolag Censorship] is a Badge of Honor!

Parler - They Never Thought We Would Do It

Clip: Andrew Tate On Spirituality

For anyone who is following along, here is an aMuseing bit of history. Har Har. Remember the guy who Hannah said that I am jealous of? Well years ago, he had liked and sent me the song below. Naturally, I agree with the lyrics too, but I had otherwise dismissed the song. Now this year, I learned the [Backstory] on this song, thanks to AJ bringing it up again on his show. As is quite often the case in our modern culture, Alex Jones is responsible for the inspiration behind this very popular song/album and Matt's moment of mental clarity! I say moment, since he has backtracked a bit, no doubt out of fear. Regardless, the impact on hundreds of millions has been made, to the dismay of every Elitist, Globalist, control freak. I found it quite funny though, how that guy was the one to have sent it!

Muse - Uprising

Rockstar Matt Bellamy (Muse): 9/11 and 7/7 Were False Flags!

Ohio Shooter Was An Antifa-Supporting Leftist
Every time that one of these shootings happen, I hear the most idiotic drivel coming out of Leftists mouths about guns. Regardless of the shooter's politics, Leftists are the ones responsible, not the inanimate object. Why? Until Leftists got their way, we used to have Mental Institutions, where nutjobs like these shooters were locked away from society. Thanks to Leftists, Nuthouses are no more, we all live in the nuthouse! All of those mentally unhinged people who believe that they are Elvis, etc, live next door to you now. It is appalling. Taking away guns, aka taking away Freedom, just to stop nutjobs from gunning people down, is equal to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. In the old days, kids took their rifles to school, without any problems. They would go hunting before or after school, sometimes even with their teachers! Also in the old days, when someone started talking completely batshit crazy, they were sent to the loony bin. These days, they just rant on social media for the whole world to see and nothing is done. The gun was never, and never will be, the problem.

Patriots Respond to Nike Canceling Special 4th of July Shoe Because Anti-American Kaepernick Thinks it's Racist

Deranged Men Chop Off Their Own Dick-n-Balls to Become "Nullos"

Lesbians Stab Innocent Nine-Year-Old Son to Death After Forcibly Trying to Make Him “Transgender” by Cutting Off His Genitals a Year Prior
Follow up: If that was not horrible enough, they also scraped the boy's skin off of his face, gouged out his eyes, beheaded and dismembered him, burned some of him on a BBQ, stuffed some of him into a suitcase and dumped him in the sewer, and had more body parts in backpacks!!!
Ghastly New Details Emerge About Lesbian Couple Who Forced ‘Gender Re-Assignment Surgery’ on 9-Year-Old Boy

Watch as all of the big names in the Democrat Party: Obama, the Clintons, Sanders, etc, talk about Illegals and Border Security in the same way as Trump! This shows you what two-faced liars they are, only pandering to the American Public for votes. Neo-Cons do the exact same thing, which is why both Establishment Parties hate Trump, since he actually works hard to keep his Campaign Promises! Democrats and Neo-Cons just change their tune whenever their Globalist Masters tell them to. You might not like Trump, but if you also do not like secure borders and Nationalism, then you are an enemy of every sovereign nation on the planet, including the United States of America!

Democrats Support Trump On Border Security

Jussie Smollett's Hate Crime Hoax Another lying leftist in a long line of lying leftists, who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Charges were dropped, but not because of innocence. The man nearly starts a race war and gets a slap on the wrist. Must have been due to his Half-White Privilege, LOL!
Update: Three years later and he is finally convicted, albeit with another slap on the wrist. Jussie Smollett Sentenced to 150 Days for False Flag Hate Crime Inciting to Riot can get you up to 5 years in prison and this scumbag incited the entire country! Such a worthless justice system.

Rape And Human Trafficking, The Currency Of The Third World
Common Sense decent folk, "Secure Border = Much less rape and trafficking." Emotional crazy leftists, "Racist xenophobe right wingers put kids in cages!" Decent folks, "It's a madhouse!!!"

Wall Update: Part of the Wall from this GoFundMe is now being built!

Mark Dice: They Actually Did It!

Military Veteran - We Build The Wall

Massive support for Tommy Robinson and British soldiers

The "tolerant" Left: 600+ Acts of Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

Antifa Chants Death to America: "No Borders! No Wall! No USA at All!"
These people are traitors and should be treated accordingly. A quick drop and a sudden stop.

[Just Don't: Nike's Favorability Drops Double Digits]
I will never buy anything Nike, because they are a horribly overpriced, garbage, child slavery company. That said, do you actually know why people are outraged now? No, it is not just because Kaepernick disrespects the Military, that is the simplistic answer. It is because Kaepernick is an anti-American piece of crap. For one thing, anyone who aligns with Black Lives Matter is either racist, ignorant, or a guilt tripping white person. The truth is [The Opposite]. If you care about black lives, then [Black on Black] crime and [Abortion] are the highest killers of blacks! Naturally, being the typical BLM moron, Kaepernick bashes on cops with [Pig Socks]. BLM's hero is a [Cop Murdering Lowlife], who is on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists list! Kaepernick's foundation donated $25k to one such pro-Assata group. BLM's idiocy is spinning Martin Luther King Jr in his grave at Mach 10. [Victim Mentality] is what is to blame here and a lack of [Personal Responsibility]. Oh and the term "People of color" is just hilarious! If I said, "American People", that would be the same as saying "People of America". Can you see where I am going? Yes, you brainwashing victims are actually saying "Colored People". LOL! Anyways, despite his kneeling, Kaepernick frequently stands for everything that is anti-American. He wears it openly that he is a Socialist/Communist. Gee, I wonder where he [Learned That Idiocy]. It is no wonder why REAL Americans are beyond pissed off at Nike! In conclusion, I am quite glad that more people are finally dumping garbage Nike!

Racial Crime Statistics


Are The Police Racist?


The Top 5 Issues Facing Black Americans


Playing The Black Card


How American Students React To The U.S. Flag Versus The ISIS Flag


Sanity Prevails: [Supreme Court Upholds Travel Ban, Handing Trump Major Victory] Syrian-born psychiatrist and activist Dr. Wafa Sultan points out the obvious, [Islam Is Incompatible With Western Law].

Wafa Sultan: Islam Is Incompatible with Western Law